September 1, 2002

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EDITORIAL by Drunvalo

George Bush Pulls the Plug
on the World Environment Summit

If you view our article on Bush's Good Deeds, you will see that President Bush singlehandedly has achieved more damage to the world's environmental concerns (and other problems) than all the presidents that have ever lived combined.

Because of his personal actions, which are indisputable, the world community has lost all respect for the United States in trying to save the world's environment.

Today, at the newly formed World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa (taking place August 26 through September 4, 2002), President Bush, like a little bully, has not sent a representative or even entered into honest communication. Even though the United States creates 25 percent of the world's pollution problems, Bush is going to take his bat and stop the game. Because without our cooperation, the world can't solve the problems, and everyone is going to lose. (See our companion article on the Johannesburg Summit.)

It's clear that Mr. Bush's only interest is to protect big corporations and big money. Cooperation with the world body is something that he feels is simply not important to his agenda. He actually seems to believe that he knows more about this subject than all the informed scientists alive.

Your life and your children's lives, and definitely their children's lives, are at stake. We need to elect a president that understands the dangerous environmental situation we live with and cares more about human values than money. Money will not buy a new planet, and this is definitely the only chance we will ever get to save our world.

In love and service,


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