WorldPuja and the Spirit of Ma'at Join Hands

WorldPuja logoAs of now, September 28, 2001, Spirit of Ma'at has become the sponsor of WorldPuja, a worldwide internet prayer circle specializing in live broadcast presentations for healing the environment and creating peace.

Through our mutual cooperation, WorldPuja and the Spirit of Ma'at will now be able to reach the world in programs of greater magnitude than ever before.

Also, World Puja has become a partner in the new Spirit of Ma'at  Partner Program. This means that when people subscribe to the Spirit of Ma'at webzine from WorldPuja's website, WorldPuja will receive 40 percent of all the monies taken in from these subscriptions. This money, and any donations to the Spirit of Ma'at that are earmarked for the purpose, will be used to bring live webcasts and prayer vigils to the world for peace and healing.

Isn't life wonderful!

You can read about WorldPuja in our August 2000 issue at World Puja: Where the World Meets for Peace. Also, please visit their website at worldpuja.com.

In love and service,

Drunvalo and the staff
at the Spirit of Ma'at

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