Vol. 2 No. 9

Table of Contents

Spirit of Ma'at  Vol. 2 No. 9    "Living Off the Grid"   Cover illustration: treehouse model (miniature); photo and design by John O'Melveney Woods. Cover
EDITORIAL:  Living Naturally    We've got to do this, but it's not supposed to be work, it's fun. It's an adventure. And in some small way, each one of us can start right now. Drunvalo
The Meaning
The Vision of Buckminster Fuller    Buckminster Fuller prefigured everything we are doing today to create sustainable lifestyles and change our planet. We owe so much to this man who dedicated his life to the service of spaceship earth. He knew we would succeed. And we will. Adams
Becoming Your Own Power Company: Are You Ready for This?    Ron LaPlace talks about the change in human awareness that underlies independence from governmental/industrial power and water. LaPlace
The Homes
The EarthShip: A Living Vessel Sailing the Seas of Tomorrow    Homes constructed out of tires and beercans? Mansions so palatial that millionnaires are beginning to build them in Teluride. Are we talking about the same thing, here? You bet! Reynolds
Living and Building with Straw and Clay    Athena Steen grew up in homes her family built themselves. Continuing the tradition, she teaches how to make incredibly comfortable, affordable houses with your own hands — out of adobe-covered bales of straw. A really fascinating article. Steen
Dome Homes and Communities: Moving Beyond the Box    Celeste Adams takes us on a tour of the amazing world of "dome"-a-ciles — from Bucky Fuller's geodesics to fantastical floating cities of the future. Adams
Growing Your Own Food    Four basic approaches, and a wealth of techniques and expert advice, for high-yield, low-maintenance gardens that can produce your family's food even in small spaces or on city rooftops! Griffin
Year-'Round Vegetables: Growing Your Food in an Earthship    What's it like to live in a year-'round underground garden, growing bananas when it's fifteen below, picking tomatoes in December? Julia Griffin interviewed a couple who are doing just that. Derrick
Preparing Food for Home Storage    An overview of food storage options and techniques, including a recipe and instructions for making beef jerky. Rands
Water and Power
Living in Relationship with the Earth    Rae Shuford interviews FOL facilitator Ron LaPlace, an alternative-energy consultant who has been living off the grid for twenty-five years. Shuford
It's the Water    Collecting and recycling water is a major issue of a sustainable lifestyle. Writer Vicki Barg should know: she has been living off the grid for many years in the desert state of Arizona. Barg
Energy-Saving Hot Water Systems    Suggestions for higher-efficiency and lower-cost ways of heating water off-the-grid. Rands
Heat Pumps 101    These overunity systems are now widely available to heat and cool your home — and for many other applications — at an energy savings of 400%. Hiltner
The "Blackwater" Question: Septic Treatment Systems    Everything you never wanted to know about sewage treatment — well, not quite, but it's a start, and if you're going to live "off the grid," you need to learn about this. Barg
Just for Fun
Cave Dwellers: The Magic of Living in the Earth    People — a writer in Malibu, for one! — still live in caves. The word for them is "troglodytes," and writer Celeste Adams finds their lifestyle strangely satisfying. Or perhaps it's not so strange. . . Adams
Returning to the Trees    Born of a thwarted childhood dream, videographer John O'Melveney Woods is designing octagonal do-it-yourself treehouse kits. Woods
Learning How
A School for Off-the-Gridders    The Solar Living Institute teaches the skills you need for creating a sustainable lifestyle, from budgeting for commercial photovoltaics to hands-on adobe workshops, and most everything in between. Staff