Vol 3, No 9       

Shamanic drum / mandala
A Siberian Shaman in America
interview with Biven Mamonta
by Emma Rigge

When the heart of Russia unites with the intelligence of America, America will change the world.
—Bogomudr Altai Kagan, Siberian
shaman, Biven Mamonta's teacher

Biven MamontaSiberian shaman Biven Mamonta is a man with a big mission: to use the vehicle of ancient Slavic wisdom to awaken human consciousness globally and usher in a new epoch. Biven Mamonta means "mammoth tusk," and Biven's approach to his work is evocative of the power and seriousness of his name.

At the behest of his teacher, Bogomudr Altai Kagan, Biven Mamonta has been upon a profoundly joyful mission for the past decade, healing, teaching seminars, and organizing festivals throughout the world, and establishing centers in many countries, including Greece, Holland, and Brazil.

Now, as the culmination of all his years of teaching and traveling, he has come to the United States.

I have experienced the depth and power of his work first-hand. My healing journey is described below: Invoking the Divine. Here is what Biven wanted to to say to our readers.

Emma: Why here, and why now?

Biven Mamonta: Everything in life occurs under the influence of the stars. With the beginning of the third millennium, Spirits specified that the U.S.A. will become the new center of the world.

The individual who was assigned this world vision and the ability to direct and implement it lives in Russia. He is the well-known mystic Bogomudr Altai Kagan. Through him, spirituality is awakening in Russia.

In Russia, there is a high level of spirituality. Respectively, in the U.S., there is a high level of economic development. Bogomudr Altai Kagan predicted: "When the heart of Russia unites with the intelligence of America, America will change the world."

For this reason, with the approach of a new epoch, our mission may become necessary for humanity: to unite heart with intelligence — the spiritual with the material. We may help each other in this, and at the same time, help the whole Earth.

The ancient Slavic methodologies have different forms of knowledge which can be transferred to people at many different levels:

  • Teachers of kindergarten, schools, institutes, and universities
  • Psychologists
  • Doctors
  • Housewives
  • Actors, and other categories of artists
  • Businessmen
  • Politicians
  • Religious figures and representatives of various spiritual traditions and groups

Many other categories of people can be trained individually as well as in groups, thus uniting all the above in seminars. Cooperating and uniting our efforts, we can help two countries and all the world.

Emma: What is the core of your teaching?

Biven Mamonta: To make people happy. To give people the knowledge that will enable them to attain happiness and health.

Emma: What is the source of your power?

Biven Mamonta: Ancient shamanic knowledge was given by the Spirit of Siberia. For a long time, Russia has been the one unsullied place — the "white stain" — left on the Earth.

After Perestroika, the Iron Curtain opened slightly, but the threat of a Third World War remains. In order to prevent the approaching tragedy for mankind and the whole Earth, we must apply all our forces, through prayer and correct viewpoint, toward world peace and goodwill.

The needed spirituality has arisen in Siberia, and it now begins to waken the light of consciousness of people on Earth.

Emma: What is your spiritual lineage?

Biven Mamonta: I am a shaman of the tenth generation, inherited from my grandfather, who was killed during the War. Bogomudr Altai Kagan has helped me to restore the experience of my ancestors and develop many abilities and opportunities. With all love and fidelity, I consider him my spiritual Teacher.

Emma: How do you see your work in the U.S. in terms of its impact on the world?

Biven Mamonta: The American people, using their rich intellectual experience, will be able to restore harmony on the Earth in a peaceful way, with the help of the ancient knowledge of priests. We already have experience of restoring harmony in families with the help of the ancient Slavic methods.

Emma: What would you like the readers of Spirit of Ma'at to know?

Biven Mamonta: Readers of the magazine may join our daily prayers for the world and every family all over the world at 18:00 Moscow time — 7:00 a.m. Pacific Time. Please join us.

Invoking the Divine

healing ceremony

It was a sacred shamanic ritual of invocation to find and connect with our Spirit-helper, Ayami.

Out of this physical space in which I felt so well versed — the four walls, the sense of containment, my sense of size within it, the sense of self as clearly demarcated within the body — Siberian shaman Biven Mamonta began to shift the dimensions.

Through voice and drumming, everything started to be eased out of its physical body-suit. Another world was being conjured out of this one. A reality of Spirit was waking up, and outlines began to blur.

To the searching, searing power of the shaman's drumming and speaking with Spirits, I entered into a deep state of trance. My body started to move to a rhythm that was beyond me.

I was dancing. And surprising myself. I experienced every moment as being completely spontaneous and independent of myself. It felt for the first time as though I were really living.

I started moving up in a kind of vortex of energy, rising up and up, with a flurry of noises and vibrations and sensations of expansion: liberation from my mind.

Suddenly, I was very big — without border or boundary, watching, a witness with no feeling of identity. I became aware that a big smile was blossoming wider and wider across my face.

A luminous sparkling light came closer, separate and yet already a part of myself. We merged, and an unearthly wholeness and completeness filled me.

Experiencing through every part of myself a real connection with Spirit, I found that in the healing practices that came afterwards, I was able to will myself into a state of healer, to stand aside and become a pure translucent channel for the Divine Light. I felt the power move through me and flow into my partner, who shuddered dramatically and released great waves of tension through voice and movement.

The force of Biven Mamonta's plea to Divine Power to come down to us will remain with me forever — the most primal state of being human, reaching up to the limitless, fathomless sky in complete recognition of our own emptiness and our absolute desire to be reconnected with Source, to be a channel and bring down the Power of God for the good of all.

In that moment, I understood the power of prayer, and the absolute necessity to bring it down into the heart of my life.

For the next month, Biven Mamonta will be in the United States, giving seminars and talks, discussion groups, and healings, and would like to meet with representatives of other groups working toward global peace and spiritual awakening. A festival is being planned for June 2003, to bring together a broad spectrum of people.

Biven Mamonta invites contact from readers of Spirit of Ma'at. He may be reached by email at zoodiak@hotbox.ru. Information about global programs of the Russian Esoteric Center of Bogomudr Altai Kagan — including seminars, books, sacred music, and esoteric tours — is available in English at Bogomudr.org.

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