Vol 3, No 9     

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Spirit of Ma'at  Vol 3, No 9    "Russia - Land of Living Mysticism" Cover
Does Shambhala Beckon?    Join the American Expedition to Altai! Worldviewz and Spirit of Ma'at in collaboration with Altai Books. Trek with us to Mt. Belukha, the sacred centerpiece of the mysterious Altai Mountains of southern Siberia.
Russia, Siberia July 14 31, 2006
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EDITORIAL: The Heart of the Russian People   Despite the years under Communism, the Russian soul has emerged even brighter than before. Being with Russian people, you can feel the heart-light leaping from soul to soul. And in her love and wisdom, she wants to share this light with us. Drunvalo
The Heart Connection
Russian Heart, American Mind     Staff writer Carol Hiltner has been to Russia ten times in the past decade. Without her dedication and the contacts and friends she has made there, this issue would not exist. Here, she explains to us why Russian spiritual consciousness is so important to Americans. Hiltner
The Lure of Russia    Ma'at staffer and writer Carol Hiltner has had some pretty incredible experiences in Russia that help explain why she feels so passionately about this issue of our magazine. Rigge
An American Reiki Teacher in Russia     Pat Warren had a longing to return to her roots in the Russias. Once there, her life was forever altered by her Russian students and their even deeper longing for spiritual knowledge. This is a humbling and incredibly touching story. Warren
Sages, Shamans, and Teachers
Bread in the Palm of Your Hand     Dr. Victor Vergun, a Russian medical doctor and inventor of the water card, believes that we can restore youth, health, and connection with our Soul through a few very simple exercises that tune us in to the "unified field" of Universal Consciousness. Vergun
Vissarion and the One Faith Spiritual Movement     Thousands of people from all religions and walks of life have flocked to live near Lake Tiburkul in harmony with each other and Master Vissarion's Last Testament. Is Vissarion the Second Coming? His followers think so. You decide... Sparkey
Zolotov's Birthday Party    Well, it was supposed to be an interview. But with superpsychic guru Boris Zolotov, nothing is ever what you expect! At the 10 a.m. culmination of an all-night birthday party, he sat our writer down in front of more than two hundred celebrants, and... Hiltner
A Siberian Shaman in America    Biven Mamonta's teacher is the Siberian shaman who predicted that the world would be saved through unity of Russian heart and American mind. Biven Mamonta's world mission has finally brought him to the United States, and he wants to hear from you. Mamonta
Anastasia     She lives at one with the Siberian Taiga and receives wisdom from animals, birds, and insects. Through her biographer, she offers spiritual guidance for businessmen, parents, and the future of the world, and has inspired spiritual commitment throughout the Russias. Is she real? Does it matter? Sutokskaya
The Soul Is Always Free    Father Yaroslav Levko is a courageous priest who has ministered under both Communism and Perestroika. He speaks to us from his heart of the changes he has seen, and the task we face today. Levko
The Russian Sacred Tradition
Belovodye: The Search for Shambhala     What the Grail Quest is in the West, the Legend of Belovodye is to the Russians. Belovodye is Shambhala — transdimensional earthly home of the Ascended Masters — and its legend is replete with hermetic symbolism and esoteric instruction upon the Path. Reshetov
The Ancient Land of Arkaim     What the Great Pyramid or Stonehenge are to Egypt and England, the ancient land of Arkaim is to Russia's spiritual heritage and her pride. Dating back to the Stone Age, many believe that Arkaim is a portal to Other Worlds. Sparkey
The Tarot Arcana: Humanity's Horoscope     From Valentin Sidorov's famous account of how the mystical traditions have been preserved throughout the ages — even under Soviet oppression. It's not an easy read, but stick with it. When you finally realize where Sidorov is going with this, you will get goose-bumps! Sidorov
Love, Beauty, and Action: Nicholas and Helena Roerich     The Roerichs were messengers of the Ascended Masters. Early 20th century painters, writers, philosophers, and cultural iconoclasts, they are revered in Russia as harbingers of global spirituality. Entin and