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Vissarion and the One Faith
Spiritual Movement
by Alex Sparkey


The One Faith movement is one of the most important spiritual phenomena in Russia right now, and perhaps in the world.

For although the One Faith arose in Russia, its adherents come from many religions and countries and speak many languages. Thousands of its members have picked up and moved their entire families to live in a huge intentional community that reflects the ecological and spiritual faith of Vissarion's Last Testament.

But unlike many of the much smaller intentional communities of the West, such as Lama Foundation or even Findhorn, this one is well known to the Russian man-on-the-street, and is attracting a myriad of mainstream artists, teachers, scientists, executives, and scholars.

You, too. Be ready. For a Son of Man is coming at an hour that you do not expect.
Luke, 12:40

The One Faith spiritual movement began in 1991 in the town of Minousinsk, situated in the South of the Krasnoyarsk region in Russia. In August 1991, for the first time the Prophecy was delivered: the Word of Vissarion, presenting to humanity the fundamentals of the One Faith Teaching, or The Last Testament.

This teaching of Light defines the One Faith as a path of spiritual development of man at the last stage of transition to the Kingdom of Souls. This teaching was designed to unify all people who aspire to Love, Kindness, Truth, and Joy, regardless of faith, nationality, color, or language.

The One Faith Teaching holds that Man was created in order to manifest love, kindness, mercy, compassion, and creativity in the World by working toward the good of All and learning never to express a negative attitude toward one's environment on any account — no matter what pain the outer world may bring. According to this teaching, diffusion of the Laws of Love throughout the Universe is the highest goal of humanity.

In 1992, many followers of Vissarion and his teaching began to arrive in Minousinsk. The settlements of these newly arrived people gradually spread east of the town into nearby areas.

The newcomers to the New Promised Land were there to demonstrate by their own lives that it is possible to live not for ourselves but for others, sharing our hearts with brothers and sisters — with all that surrounds us — and demanding nothing in return.

In September 1995, the One Faith Community, organized a year before that, was reorganized into the Church of the Last Testament, with Vissarion as its founder.


At first glance, Vissarion's life looks like the life of an ordinary man. He was born into a family of builders. When he was seven, he went to Siberia with his parents. They settled in Minousinsk and he finished school there. His schooling was followed by service in the army, and then the mastering of various professions.

Afterward, in order to be able to explain the Word in a way that would be acceptable to each individual, he entered various strata of society. At the same time, needing to study the inner world of Man — the different aspects of the human being — he was drawn to experience family life — having children and bringing them up.

Then, although he had never studied art, Vissarion created a series of paintings called "The Vices and Virtues of Man." This was the last of his "earthly" activities, for in May 1990, the "veil" that had previously obscured connection with his Higher Self fell from his eyes, and he realized himself at last.

The first open Sermons of the Teacher began in 1991. From that time on, the Word has been spreading round the Earth.

Eco-Settlement at Tiberkul

In late 1994, a group of Vissarion's initiates and followers proposed to establish an Eco-Noospheric settlement in the Taiga (Siberian forests) near Lake Tiberkul ("God's lake" in the local native language). A portion of land the size of 250 hectares [about 600 acres] was reserved for the creation of this eco-settlement in the Kouraginsky district of the Krasnoyarsky territory.

The task of this community was to demonstrate in practical terms a new path of development. An alternative to the path that the rest of the world is following, this community's path would be one in which reasonable human activity would not interfere with the ecological balance of the Earth.

So the purpose of the people who have gone to live there is to learn to live on Earth without causing harm to Her. And the principles of life in this communal settlement are based on the One Spiritual Truth of Vissarion's Last Testament.

Many different sources of energy are being used at Lake Tiburkul, energy sources that do not harm the environment. New technologies of water purification and recycling of waste are being introduced, and people are establishing new relationships with Mother Nature: not rough consumption and interference, but careful cooperation.

The followers of the Teaching are vegetarians, so there is no cattle-breeding, hunting, or fishing. Waste disposal is through a very simple and non-polluting method. The community's economic activities include folk and art trades, the gathering of herbs, berries, nuts, and mushrooms in the Taiga, gardening, horse-breeding, and bee-keeping. A community building project is being financed from personal funds of the settlers.

The settlement has a three-level structure: the town itself, known as the Community of the Dawn, plus the Celestial Abode, and the Temple Summit.

The Community of the Dawn

Lake TiburkulIn April 1995, the town was founded and consecrated near Lake Tiburkul, at the foot of the Taiga mountain, Sukhaya ("Holy mountain" in the native language). At first, the settlement was known by several names, including Town of Masters, Town of the Sun, and the New Jerusalem. In August 1998 it received its official name: Community of the Dawn.

The settlement with its radial-circular structure was planned for 120 households. Fourteen streets lead, like the rays of the Sun, outward from the center. Near the center of town are schools, monasteries, and numerous workshops of folk and art trades. The houses of the people are surrounded by orchards and gardens growing both vegetables and flowers.

The Celestial Abode

On top of Mt. Sukhaya ("holy mountain"), overlooking the Community of the Dawn and Lake Tiberkul, is a house where the Teacher lives. Here also are houses for five of his disciplies. At the Celestial Abode there is a large rock in the form of an open human heart whose sides are oriented to the four directions. A House of Blessing has been built over this rock, and there the Master meets with those who come to see him.

The Temple Summit

In January 1998, a temple was built on a peak a half-hour's walk from the Celestial Abode. Called the Altar of the Earth, its foundation is a special rock shaped like a reclining mother bear. The rock was found there.

Inside the Altar is the Symbol of Love: a statue cast in bronze of five child-angels reaching for the Star of Bethlehem. The Altar bell, called the Glory of God, sounds three times a day. Pilgrimage to the Temple Summit is open to all.

The Hand of the Master

Stake out your path with great way-marks, created for the Glory of the Lord! For only by your hands the Name of the Father will be praised.
— Vissarion

By creating things with his own hands, Vissarion teaches, man transforms the Love that was sent to him by the Father into beautiful and useful forms for the use of the people. In harmony with this teaching, Vissarion's followers aim to becoming master craftsmen, in order thereby to spread Love, Beauty, and Light in the World through wonderful works of Art created with their own hands. This creating of works must be done in a way that does not upset the natural balance of our Mother Earth, and heals, instead, those wounds that humanity's unwise deeds have already caused Her.

Many people that come to the community master new professions and handicrafts. There are joiners', weavers', and potters' workshops, and forges. Crafts like basket making and the spinning of thread have been resurrected and renewed. Many sculptors and artists work in the settlement, and are beginning to make use of old traditions and knowledge.

There also are many professional musicians, actors, singers, composers, and choreographers among the settlers. The joy of the realization of Truth is expressed in art, festivals, and celebrations.

The flag of this Land will be a banner of Mankind. On it will will be pictured a hand — the hand of the Master. For only by our hands may we worthily fulfill what God has predetermined for us.
— Vissarion

Children Are Our Future!

Remember! You teach the Future of the World, the Future of the Universe!
— Vissarion

Children should be introduced to the concept of the Man of the Future. You must to do your utmost now to build just a little basis for the new society, so that it will begin to manifest in a practical way and allow people to see that it is both possible and beautiful... We should build new schools and try to introduce them into the general society. Children must be taken away from the atmosphere of sick, abnormal society and shown a completely different world.
— Vissarion

Many educational centers for children have been created in the villages of the community. A new school was built with the settlers' money and by their own efforts.

A specific feature of education in the community is the harmonious combination of common subjects with the mastery of arts and crafts and the development of the children's creative abilities. Through their own works of art, the teachers show the children how to create beautiful things and share them with others, expecting no reward.

The will of God is Life. God predetermined to live this life in Love — selfless Love. And if the possibility of fulfilling God's will is given to you, then you are already one of the happiest people in the Universe. And you should accept this happiness in a good way. Then, by your smiles, you will help those who have lost it for a while... In order to help others, just keep smiling. A smile is like eternal spring.
— Vissarion

A New Model for Society

The Tiberkul community is only one example of many ecological settlements that are being formed today in different parts of the world. The purpose of such communities is to practically demonstrate the reality of ecological and noospheric ways of human development, achieving true harmony between Man, Society and Nature.

The main purpose of communal living is to build, by one's own labor, a model of the New Society in which all can embody in their lives the spiritual and moral principles that were laid down for Man by God.

One essential of this new society is the development of nontraditional approaches to education. Blueprints for the new schools are being created at the Tiberkul community. Here teachers aspire to embody the natural virtues common to all mankind and the vision of a society where children can grow without aggression, fear, hatred, or lies.

So a new culture is being born here, with new traditions and a new way of life that has no national, language, or religious limitations. A new attitude to medicine and agrotechnics is being formed that does not disturb Nature's harmony or the ecological balance of the Earth.

Whatever is built and created here follows one main principle: "Do not do harm" — not to Mother Nature, not to your brother — not to yourself.

Now, the One Family is being formed here, promoting the rapid realization of the ideas and purposes of creation: a real Brotherhood on Earth.

The Path of Light is aspiration for opening of one's Soul and infinitely giving the warmth of Soul to everybody, wanting nothing in return. You are called to be happy — happy for no other reason than that you live on this Earth. Everything else is secondary. Life was given to you that you might give your heart to others. In order to be happy, nothing else than this is required.
— Vissarion

For more information about the Last Testament Church and Community of One Faith, visit Vissarion.ru, where you will find a downloadable, ZIP format translation of his book The Last Hope: An Appeal to Modern Humankind.

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