The Spirit of Ma'at
Vol 1 August 2000

When the Three Become One

The Spirit of Ma'at interviews Gregg Braden on the
technology of human feeling, and how we can use the Lost Mode of Prayer to heal our Mother Earth.
with Diane M. Cooper

    DIANE: You say that the lost mode of prayer is the "fifth mode" -- what are the other four modes of prayer?

GREGG: One researcher, Margaret Poloma, a sociology professor at the University of Akron, Ohio, identifies four modalities of prayer typically used in the West today: colloquial, petitionary, ritualistic and meditative prayer.[1]

Colloquial prayer is when we speak to God in our own words. For example, "Dear God, please, if you'll just give me this job, I promise I'll always be to work on time."

Petitionary prayer is when we claim our good from the creative forces in our world. "Mighty I AM presence, I claim the right to heal."

Ritualistic prayer is when we repeat words that are predetermined and sequential, like the bedtime prayer "Now I lay me down to sleep..." and the mealtime prayer "Bless this food, oh Lord, and us to they service..." This also includes written prayers or prayers passed from generation to generation.

Meditative prayer is the style of prayer beyond words. We may sit silent, open and still, aware of the presence of the creative forces within our world.

    DIANE: How is the Fifth Mode of Prayer different?

GREGG: The Fifth Mode of Prayer is an active form of prayer, based in the technology of human feeling. Rather than thinking "please let this prayer be answered," this fifth type of prayer invites us to feel as if the prayer has already been answered.

    DIANE: What is the "technology of human feeling." Are you saying that we can learn to use feeling in a purposeful way?

GREGG: Yes. The authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls -- the ancient Essenes -- were very clear that the world around us mirrors the feelings, emotions, and perceptions we hold inside our bodies. Today, it is common knowledge that feelings affect our immune system. And quantum physicists are saying that those effects extend to the world around us.[2] Emotion is the power source, but it is scattered until thought gives it direction.

Feeling is the power of emotion merged with the guidance of human thought. It is this language of feeling that Creation responds to. In this feeling state we have the ability to touch Creation and the world around us through prayer. As it says in the Essene manuscripts, "when these three become one then you say to the mountain, move, and the mountain moves."[3]

    DIANE: In your book, you talked of how several hundred thousand people in 86 nations chose peace using this mode of prayer. Outward expressions of this prayer were mirrored in the choices of consciousness made that night. One such example was the reversal of the order to bomb Baghdad.[4] However, later on the bombing happened anyway. Could you tell us how that was possible?

GREGG: What happened was that the people stopped their prayers.

Most people view prayer as something we "do" on occasion when we think we need God's help. We set a moment aside, sit down and say a prayer asking for circumstances or events to change. Then we stop our prayer, get up, and go about our business.

In The Fifth Mode of Prayer, the prayer -- our heart's desire -- becomes a consciousness embodied, rather than just an action performed on occasion. The author Neville terms it "living in the wish fulfilled." We hold the feeling of our heart's desire day in and day out, rather than simply praying for a moment when we'd like to see a change and then leaving the state of prayer to go on with our daily lives. As we are surrounded and enveloped by the feeling of our wish fulfilled, we are actually living in a state of compassion, gratitude, and appreciation.

    DIANE: You say that "quantum science" is showing us how the Fifth Mode of Prayer affects ourselves and the world around us. Can you explain what you mean by "quantum science" in this context?

GREGG: One of the ways we can define quantum physics is "the study of the non-physical forces affecting our physical world." From that perspective, when we are dealing with feeling-based prayer we are dealing with quantum science.

Quantum physicists keep finding that certain kinds of feeling affect their own experiments. It is, of course, known and accepted by quantum physicists that the observer of the experiment affects the experiment. This is a basic law of Quantum Mechanics. How much it affects the experiment is the key we are talking about here.

Researchers in microbiology have found, for example, that human feeling either tightens or loosens the stranding of human DNA on a microscopic slide outside the body. In other words, researchers would be looking through a microscope at DNA, and the quality of the feeling in the room, the observers' feelings, would wind that DNA tighter, or would unwind it to a looser state.[5]

Quantum science is beginning to bear out, through study and experimentation, this relationship between human emotion and feelings and the outer world. For example, recent research says the magnetic nature of human emotion is directly linked to weather patterns and the barometric pressure.[6] I am aware that these are outrageous statements to make, because there is nothing in my formal academic background preparing me for these kinds of relationships. On the other hand, they are showing up and are being recorded in our world today. Examples are the studies by Roger D. Nelson at Princeton Universe in his paper called, "Wishing for Good Weather: A Natural Experiment in Group Consciousness," and also Lauri J. Robinson's work at Franklin Pierce College, showing that human interaction with cloud formation/dissipation indicated results that were "significantly greater" than those predicted by chance. [7]

    DIANE: You say that the effectiveness of the Lost Mode of Prayer has been proven. Could you give us some examples?

GREGG: The Israelis were some of the first to demonstrate how human feeling and focused prayer affects human behavior. In September 1983, studies were conducted in Jerusalem to explore the relationship between prayer, meditation and violence. The Israeli researchers chose specific individuals who were trained in what we call today "emotional self management." They were very much in touch with their emotional and feeling world and were using a modality of prayer based in peace and compassion. While those people were in prayer in Israel, the terrorist activities and the crimes against people stopped. Traffic accidents declined rapidly and the stock market soared. When the prayers ended the statistics reversed.[8]

In 1972, the Transcendental Meditation (TM) Society conducted similar demonstrations in 24 U.S. cities with comparable results. It was called "the Maharishi Effect" and is well documented in the psychological literature and open research.[9] These studies have been influential in showing us that when prayer practitioners gather together, their focused prayers are carried through the "quantum soup" of consciousness affecting events at great distances.

Another proof was the prayer vigil that occurred on the eve of the bombing of Baghdad. Rather than passively asking for peace to come to our world, this was a prayer vigil where consciousness chose to feel the feelings of peace, and to give thanks for the peace already existing in our world. In the presence of several hundred thousand people from 86 nations feeling this feeling, all that could happen was peace.

Deceptively simple? Perhaps... However, I believe that these kinds of prayers are what the people in a remote village in Southern Peru called upon in 1998 to change weather patterns and douse the fires that modern technology couldn't reach.

I believe these kinds of prayers saved the peace talks in Belfast, Northern Ireland, when they broke down because the words for the peace treaty could not be found. Not only were the words found, but the peace treaties were signed three days early.

And I further believe that when a hurricane was hurling itself toward the coast of South Florida in 1999, it was this mode of prayer that helped to shift the hurricane system and change its course at the last minute.

    DIANE: Since this issue of the Spirit of Ma'at is about healing our environment, could you tell us something about how you feel we can do this?

GREGG: The best minds of our day have warned us, in no uncertain terms, of the imminent collapse of earth's life-giving systems within our lifetime. Many people say to me, "Prayer is great, but what are we really going to do?"

While I believe it is important to take action -- to do something to address these conditions through legislation or activism, education or awareness -- I also believe that each time we do so, we only create a Band-Aid -- a temporary patch. While we may choose to take such action in the near term, what we're really doing is buying ourselves time.

I feel strongly that to truly change those conditions we have to change the thinking allowing those conditions to be present. The question is, within the window of time we buy for ourselves by using Band-Aids, do we have the wisdom to know what to do? Will we change the thinking which led to those situations in the first place?

What I come back to again and again is that the people who are making the power- and money-driven choices are tapped into the same Consciousness we are. And as a certain critical number of these individuals choose to change, natural conditions will respond.

According to statisticians the square root of one percent of the population is all that is required for the threshold of a choice to be felt.[10] In a city of 1 million people, for example, 100 people trained in "emotional self-management" and using the Fifth Mode of Prayer can affect all levels of community and government. In a world of 6 billion people, it would take only 8,000 people gathering and connecting to make consciousness felt. And gathering 8,000 people is certainly easier today through the Internet.

Obviously the more people who choose to participate, the more accelerated the effect. As enough individuals choose life -- choose to honor and respect the interrelated nature of all life, feeling Earth as a living system -- the consciousness of our world must mirror this new choice.

The Fifth Mode of Prayer empowers us to choose life in the presence of suffering, by shifting the thinking which leads us to suffering in the first place. Decisions of policy may be viewed as a barometer of consciousness. Mass prayer is the technology that touches that consciousness. The inner technology of the Lost Mode of Prayer is perhaps the single most powerful force in Creation.

Each moment in our life we are feeling. Our feelings either affirm or deny life in our bodies and our world. The question is, Do we recognize our feelings? Do we recognize the power we hold within us?

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