Vol 1 Aug 2000

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WorldPuja and the Spirit of Ma'at Join Hands     As of August 2001, the Spirit of Ma'at has become the sponsor of our new Partner, WorldPuja. Together, we will continue to create live Internet broadcasts for peace and world healing. Staff
Spirit of Ma'at  Vol 1 Aug 2000      "Mother Earth & Her Environment" Cover
EDITORIAL:  The Tradition of the Seven Generations      Can science cure the environmental problems we face? Drunvalo
The Inner World of the Spirit Changing the Outer World of Everyday
   The who, what, where, and why of our theme.  
Conscious Water Crystals — The Power of Prayer Made Visible     Masaru Emoto searches for meaning in frozen crystals of water. Barber
The Isaiah Effect: A Message of Hope and Possibility      From Gregg Braden's book The Isaiah Effect: Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy. Braden
When the Three Become One      An interview with Gregg Braden by staff writer Diane M. Cooper Braden
Gregg Braden Compares Two Modes of Prayer      This article shows us by comparison what is distinctive about the kinds of prayers that manifest our dreams. Adapted from Gregg's website. Braden
Praying Peace      An introduction to the Seven Pathways to conscious change. Twyman
"The First Pathway"      Advance Preview chapter from Twyman's new book. Exclusive! Twyman
Shapeshifting the Environment Into a World of Peace      A shaman's-eye-view of creating change in our world. Perkins
Shapeshifting      What is shapeshifting. How does it work?   Perkins
Psychic Research: You'd Better Believe It!      Yesterday's miracles have become today's science. In changing our world, it's important to understand that we truly have this power.   Barber
A World That Prays Together Stays Together     "Millions of people praying together is beautiful," Drunvalo says. "But it's not enough!" We need to know HOW to pray. Drunvalo
WorldPuja: Where the World Meets for Peace     The co-founder of World Puja talks about the power of online live prayer and the work that we are doing in the world to bring peace. Karl
How Much Time Do We Have?     Experts agree that it could all end in our lifetimes. Realizing that change is crucial is the important first step. Drunvalo
Who Doesn't Want Us to Know the Truth?     Here at the Spirit of Ma'at we had some strange experiences. But perhaps as a result, the Earth Day Special is now online! See   Time Magazine . Staff
Guest Writer Biographies    Biographical information about Gregg Braden, James Twyman, and JohnPerkins   Bios
Coming . . .   A preview of our next issue, on "Mother Earth's New Children."   Staff