The Spirit of Ma'at
Vol 1 August 2000

    James Twyman Praying Peace

    by James F. Twyman
    (see biography)


    Over the last few years I have had the pleasure of working closely with two dear friends, people who have helped focus the prayers of the world and begin creating a world based upon the reality of love: Gregg Braden and Doreen Virtue. I met them a month after I had returned from Iraq (on invitation by Saddam Hussein to perform The Peace Concert). While I was there, millions of people from around the world stopped to "Pray Peace" in order to bring a peaceful conclusion to that conflict. And it worked. Within three days the peace accord was signed and - at least for a moment - war was avoided.

    When I met Gregg and Doreen, it was clear that we were focusing on the same thing, something we are convinced is the most powerful force in the universe: prayer. A month later we sponsored "The Great Experiment," which brought millions of people together for a fifteen-minute prayer vigil. The results were astounding, and it led to more vigils, all of which supported our conviction.

    This October, Findhorn Press will release a book called Praying Peace, which brings the insights of a scientist, a psychologist, and a mystic together and examines how we can use the force of prayer to change the world. Gregg, Doreen and I took what we called "The Seven Pathways to Peace," and elaborated on them, each from our own perspectives. What follows is a chapter from that book, a discussion of the First Pathway. I hope that it will open a possibility in your mind: the possibility that you already have everything you need to change yourself and therefore to change the world.

    Twyman continued: The First Pathway

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