Vol 2, No 5       

Snowflake & Silbury Hill


Memoirs of a Crop
Circle Enthusiast

by Dirk Laskowski

What I learned from the crop circle phenomenon is to expect nothing. The opposite will happen!

When I came to England for the first time, in the summer of 1997, I was expecting to find UFO's behind the crop circle phenomenon. But I never encountered anything like that. After five years of research, I still have absolutely no idea what is creating the genuine crop circles — the ones that are absolutely not made by man.

There are a lot of genuine crop circles. And I think the nature of the phenomenon that creates them is that it tries to give anyone who is interested whatever he is looking for. And partly, of course, the exact opposite of what he is looking for.

As you read my story, you will understand what I mean.

Contradictory Evidence

I look for evidence in crop circles to prove whether or not they were made by some unknown force and not by human beings. And every time I find things showing me that the circle must be genuine, I also find things in the same crop circle that show me it must be man-made.

The more spectacular the evidence there is for a genuine formation, it seems, the more things I find in the same formation that say to expect a hoax.

So, to begin with, I want to tell you why I am personally certain that we have a real phenomenon behind the crop circles.

Messages in Dreams

These two events I will discuss happened to me in my first year with the crop circles, in the summer of 1997.

In the first instance, I was driving around Wiltshire on July 24 with Frank Laumen, a popular crop circle photographer.

The night before, I had dreamed that we went up a road leading to the top of a hill. And there, we saw a new crop circle, right in front of us.

That day I thought about the dream. But so far, all the crop circles we had seen were old formations, whereas the one I'd seen in the dream had been brand new. So I had decided that the dream was just wishful thinking.

Toward the end of this day, we decided to drive up to Avebury, to see if we might find a little better campsite than what we were accustomed to. On the way, we passed Silbury Hill, and I asked Frank to stop for a break at the parking lot there. Then, once we were there, Frank asked me to walk with him up to the top of Silbury Hill, to enjoy the view — and of course so that he could take pictures.

Photo by Steve AlexanderAnd that was how we came upon the brand new formation called the Snowflake (click on photo at right for larger view — see also photo at top of page, which includes Silbury Hill). It was right on top of Silbury Hill, and it was brand new. It had just appeared the night before.

Absolutely happy and fascinated, we made our research observations and measurements and documented them.

Then a couple weeks later, on August 7, I had another dream. In this one, I saw myself standing on top of a hill, looking down into the valley. A helicopter came by with a very strong light. And while the helicopter was directing its searchlight into the field in the valley, a crop circle came into being. I was not able to see much about what the crop circle looked like because there was a kind of fog everywhere.

When I woke up that morning, August 8, I was able to remember this dream. I also thought about the dream I'd had 13 days before, and realized that this new dream might actually happen, since the one before it had come true.

So I tried to imagine where this hill might be, and what direction I had been facing in the dream.

That evening, I decided that the hill in my dream must have been Milk Hill, and I told this to Frank. So we decided to have a nightwatch on Milk Hill. The night was cold and rainy, and we stayed in our van in the parking lot at nearby Knap Hill, a steep hill just north of Alton Barnes. The cows and sheep were very noisy that night, and we kept joking, "Something will happen!" But nothing did.

Or so it seemed.

Snowflake formationThe next morning, we headed back to the Barge-Inn — the pub where we had left our tents. Halfway there, a man was standing near a phone booth in Alton Barnes, looking at a point on Milk Hill. We stopped, turned our heads back, took our binoculars — and saw the formation that was later called Snowflake II! It had appeared the night before.

From that moment on, I have been certain that something special is going on with crop circles. It feels as though the force or phenomenon behind them finds some way to contact every single person who is interested.

rendering of snowflake designIn my case, there was no possibility of coincidence, because the shape of the two formations was more directly related to the one I'd seen in my first dream than any other formations that happened that summer. I tried to find a systematic way of drawing these figures, and this was successful.

No More Dreams

I expected that more dreams would come in the following years, but learned that this is not the nature of the crop circle experience.

Rather, "it" — whatever force or phenomenon is creating them — seems to want to get our attention, keep us close, make us believe — and then, just when we are totally convinced, create a complete reversal.

There is always a time when researchers get very good results, leading to good theories that they can prove in some formations. But then later, this hint, this aspect that at first seemed measurable, totally disappears.

Most researchers get very depressed when this happens. Some are so disappointed that they stop their research and never come back.

But some keep going — trying to understand. They stop measuring, knowing that they won't find anything. They stop trying to prove or expect something.

And these, I believe — the people without expectations — are the people who will someday see what the real nature of the crop circles is, and what is behind them.

The Writing on the Wall

There is, for sure, a connection between crop circles and ancient sites — like Silbury Hill, Stonehenge, the long Barrows, and the Avebury stone circle, in England.

And some people believe, as I do, that these ancient sites mark energy lines going across the country through the Earth. Along these lines we find structures like stone circles and churches built by the ancient citizens of this land. And nobody knows why they did that.

Some years ago I heared a wonderful comparison.

Imagine that a flying hand comes by and writes something on a wall with a pencil.

All the people who saw this hand flying by are interested in finding out how this hand was able to fly through the room without anybody attached to it. It goes against every physical law.

But only a few care about reading the words that the hand writes on the wall.

I think that this is exactly what is happening with the crop circles.

The public and the media all want to know how they appear. And in the beginning, that was true for me.

But today, I am only interested in "reading the words."

So, I will keep on.

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