Vol 2, No 5

Table of Contents

Spirit of Ma'at  Vol 2, No 5    "Crop Circles"   Cover photo and all other crop circle photos in this issue, unless otherwise noted, are by Lucy Pringle. Cover
EDITORIAL:  Crop Circles    Did Doug and Dave really do all this? Drunvalo
Freddy Silva: Crop Circles and the Music of the Spheres   Were crop circles created by sound? Articulate and fascinating article excerpted from an as-yet unpublished book presents the most lucid theory to date on crop circle formation. Silva
Crop Circles: A Teaching from Merlin   Ever wonder what crop circles might have to do with King Arthur, Druids, and the roots of early Christianity? For one thing, they are all centered in the same area of Britain! A fascinating story. Drunvalo
Chet Snow: Hopi Prophecies – and – Messages from the Stars   Chet Snow's encounter with the Hopis launched his 10-year study of crop circles and their spiritual connection to our world. A two-part interview about how crop circles originated and what they mean. Snow
Linda Howe: Symbolism in Crop Formations   Esoteric meanings of crop circle designs, shared with us by one of the world's top researchers, writers and documentary filmographers on Earth mysteries. Howe
Lucy Pringle: Crop Circles – A Moving Phenomenon    On of Crop Circles' most prestigious researchers explains how crop circles affect visitors with hormonal changes, healing, and spiritual responses. Pringle
Ed and Kris Sherwood: Recoding the Meaning of Crop Circles    Ed and Kris Sherwood has been studying and decoding crop circles, independently and together, for two decades. And they have come to some definite and potentially important conclusions. Sherwood
George Bishop: A Crop Circle Creation Theory    A thoughtful scientific hypotheses as to ways in which genuine crop circles might appear, and new ways in which they might be distinguished from the hoax variety. Bishop
Robert Boerman: The Milk Hill Scripture    Just a coincidence? Or was the Milk Hill scripture an actual response to a manmade formation that pleaded, simply, "Talk to us!" Boerman
Dirk Laskowski: Memoirs of a Crop Circle Enthusiast    A whimsical look at the fascination of crop circles. What is it like to spend five years following and studying these messages in the grain? Laskowski
Colin Andrews: Media Mockery    Colin Andrews discusses two television documentaries that used classic "disinformation" techniques to misrepresent the crop circle phenomenon with a "skeptical slant." Andrews