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Vol 3 No 5

The Water
of Life

    EDITORIAL: Water, Life, and Consciousness    Water is identified with the beginning of all life, not only in spiritual tradition, but scientifically.
    Water Karma   Drunvalo answers readers' many questions about Turkish water, water cars, the water-car video, Slim Spurling devices, water processing, and what kinds of water to drink.

water at dawn

    Water as Creator and Creation
      William Marks, author of the Holy Order of Water, explains how the nature of water is related to Creation and the cosmos.
flowing water

    Viktor Schauberger: The Man Who Gazed at Rivers
      To Schauberger, water was alive. His applications of the dynamics in water flow could solve our energy problems. He was also concerned with the negative energy of the "surface water" we drink.
Dr. Jacques Benveniste

    Digital Biology and the Memory Effect of
      This French doctor's researches may be among the most important projects in the scientific world, proving that water retains properties long after the original "experience" has left.
Patrick Flanagan

    The Watercard: From Russia with Love
    Spirit of Ma'at  exclusive! Our writer got this interview in Moscow last month. Victor Vergun has carried the technology of water to the nth degree. His miracle working WaterCard and ideas are presented here for the first time in the English speaking world.

    Here are excerpts from Vergun's amazing book on water and consciousness:
    Water Laws.

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