Vol 3 No 5        

Victoria Falls


by Drunvalo
There is some old karma around water that needs to be attended to.

Water in its primal form is a mirror to human consciousness and can be whatever the dreamer perceives. It is the medium that Consciousness forms to make the realities we all live. Water is Life itself. Without water, Earth would resemble Mars.

I have been studying water for a long time, not only its possible natures within the human body but also possible applications of water to help heal our planetary situation. Knowing this central position of water to the Mandala of Life, all research was performed with understanding of the sacredness of this medium to All Life Everywhere.

Most of this research has completed itself by a resulting understanding or experience. But some of this research has not completed itself.

So here in this article I will attempt to lay on the table, to the best of my ability, what we have now found and believe to be true about water, and some of the applications that have been suggested. These subjects are the ones you have been asking about.

And although we may be wrong on our conclusions — that is for you to decide — this discussion will hopefully give you a point of reference for your own study of water. And if study is your desire, we suggest that you look to Victor Schauberger and his primary book, Living Waters. His understandings are invaluable to a true exploration of water.

Water Applications

The Water Car

1. Does it work?

The water car, the water car. This has been a tremendous struggle. First of all, I told you that I had seen a water car run, so I knew it was possible. But what I didn't know at the time was that a little bit of gasoline was being used. Not much. The ratio was 93 percent water to 7 percent gasoline.

The inventor of that particular system (we'll call him Inventor A) was the person we were consulting with when the anonymously-sent water-car plans (from Inventor X) were published in the Spirit of Ma'at. These published plans were very similar to what was used in the cars of Inventor A, the ones we'd seen and knew that they worked.

It was our hope that someone out there would find a way to complete a water car using these plans.

Two people in England did claim to have a car running from these plans. If this was true, however, they have not come forward to prove this to us. Also, according to a German magazine that we communicated with, people in the Philippines are creating water cars. So far, however, we have not received proof of this, either.

Inventor A (who has asked that his name be withheld) also believes that a 100-percent water car can be built — but again, he has not yet proved this. As we mentioned, he does have a car running on 93 percent water (one advantage of the 93 percent version is that it does not rust out the motor).

2. How is a water car possible?

There have been many people, and even some scientists, who have tried to tell us that a water-car is impossible, claiming that a small amount of electrical power could never be converted to enough energy to run an automobile.

But their concepts are not sound. Water is like a battery containing a huge amount of energy in potential: namely, the hydrogen and oxygen itself.

So the amount of energy that is contained within water is sufficient. What is involved is solving the problem of simply splitting the water molecule. The two are not mathematically related.

What we believe, from speaking with experts, is that the Holy Grail of this problem will be arrived at in finding the true waveform of water. At that point, a very small amount of energy will split the water molecule into a vastly explosive substance, at a rate that will allow a car to run on ordinary water. We are not ready to give up on this one. Not yet.

3. What about the water-car video?

It was with Inventor A of the 93 percent water car that we believed we would be able to create the video showing how this was done.

However, just as we were preparing to finish the final problem, enabling us to create a video of a true 100-percent water car, a huge investment company out of San Francisco talked the inventor into selling his invention. He was literally bought out.

And so, no video. At least, not for now.

4. What I witnessed in my past

Besides seeing the 93 percent water car actually drive, there was an earlier system shown to me in 1971. I was witness to an interesting invention. It used no power whatsoever.

There were two water-proof cubic boxes, side by side. Inside each of the cubes were hollow spheres made of a catalytic substance. Each sphere was made of a unique material, and as water passed over one sphere it broke water down into hydrogen, which passed into the center of the sphere and created (as I remember) a negative base outside the sphere.

The other sphere broke water down into oxygen, which passed into the center of the sphere and created (as I remember) a positive acid outside the sphere.

When the base and acid recombined they formed water.

But the hydrogen inside one sphere moved up a tube and the oxygen moved up another tube and were combined and ignited. The resultant flame was extremely hot.

I watched this invention working perfectly over a period of time and could see that, theoretically, it would run for as long as water flowed over the spheres. So I know for certain that it's possible to keep a hot flame burning through water alone.

5. An additive to keep the water car from rusting

An interesting side effect of this research into a possible water car has unfolded. It could be significant in the possibilities of healing the Earth's air.

We have been investigating an additive to gasoline and diesel that theoretically makes an internal combustion engine waterproof, so that when the engine was converted to run on 100 percent water, it would not rust.

This additive has never before been sold to the public, although it has been used by big business and governments for about fifteen years.

The test results we have seen should be known by everyone who seeks answers to air pollution. This additive changes the way gasoline and diesel burns so that 96 percent of the nitrates and 36 percent of the hydrocarbons are burned before they go into the atmosphere.

This is truly significant if you live in a polluted city with a high ozone problem. Nitrates are one of the major chemicals creating ozone.

The research data on this product is extensive. First of all, it is completely non-toxic. The FDA says so, and the people who sell it are even ready to drink it on television.

Even if it were not non-toxic, it burns very close to 100 percent efficiently (99.99 plus).

Also of interest to automobile owners is the possibility that this additive may cut down significantly on maintenance costs and hugely prolong the life of the engine.

The Spirit of Ma'at is still observing due diligence on this research. At the moment, the additive is being tested in a foreign country. And in the near future, if everything falls in place, we will be writing a special article about this substance, and doing everything we can to make it available to you.

We will report on this more in the future.

Slim Spurling's Devices

Hardly a day goes by without someone's asking us about Slim Spurlings rings, coils, and harmonizers. All I am able to do is give my experience on this subject. I am not an expert on these devices, but I have been experimenting with them now for many years.

What I have found is that some of these devices are psychotronic and some are not — psychotronic meaning that they work in harmony with human consciousness. The psychotronic effects explain why some of these devices, such as the Harmonizer (both personal and environmental), work better with some people than others.

But I have found that the AcuVac coil and the rings work simply by their design. They do not seem to rely upon consciousness for their effects.

When used for structuring water, the rings do appear to change the quality for the better, not just of water itself but also of other substances, such as wine and foods.

I was in Japan with several expert and professional wine tasters who all agreed: The wine that sat in a Slim Spurling ring for a few seconds was dramatically changed. They told me that even cheap wines were changed into fine wines by this process.

Some of the tasters also were wine sellers, and they purchased big rings in order to run their cases of wine through them, believing they would thereby make a fortune. However, after a few months they removed the rings, because they found that they were beginning to lose money on their expensive wines.

Why? Because the people they sold to could tell the difference. Their customers had begun to purchase only the cheap wines. Human nature.

If for no other reason, these devices are exceptional for learning how energy moves and how it can be changed.

I have rings on all the outlets of water in my house, because they structure water, and I can taste the difference. It's also important to place them on outlets to your bath or shower. Remember, when you take a bath, within twenty minutes sixteen ounces of water will pass through your skin into the interior of your body. So the water you bathe in is just as important as the water you drink!

Using Magnets to Structure Water

Magnetic Water Softening: Does It Work?

Magnetic research for applications with water has evolved to everyday applications. You can go down and buy water softening systems that use only magnets — usually hexagonal — instead of salt to soften the water.

But there is a problem with magnetic water softening. The magnetic field that suspends molecules in the water with other molecules is destroyed as the water moves through pipes. I have witnessed how magnets clamped on the water pipes at the water heater worked perfectly — there was no calcium build-up on the electrical coils — but then as the water moved away from the source, through a pressurized pipe, it became became harder and harder.

After traveling through about 20 feet of pressurized pipe, the magnetically softened water I observed had lost roughly half of its softness, and after about 50 feet, the calcium buildup was the same as when there was no softening device in the system.

So in order to work, magnets need to be on each and every outlet, which is an expensive proposition.

Magnetic Treatment: Is It Good for You?

Is magnetic water good for you? From everything I have seen so far, the answer is no. The one exception that I am aware of is products made by the Nikken, a company that seems to understand the relationship of magnetic fields to the human body. But still, I am not yet certain.

Turkish Water to Heal the Environment

As simply as it may have seemed to use this water to heal the rivers, lakes, and even oceans of the world, it has become clear from my interaction with the Turkish water that this will probably never happen, at least not coming out of Turkey.

There has been deception here, and so my suggestion is to be very careful, especially if you are thinking about investing money or energy.

Water and Zero Point Technologies

This one is for the future, but so many of you have asked about this information that I want to say something here.

Perhaps one of the greatest uses I have seen of water is its ability to tap into zero-point energy. With water and water alone, I believe it is possible to tap into a near-infinite source of energy.

It's worth your while to study carefully the free-energy water machine of Victor Schauberger. During World War II, Schauberger invented a machine containing only water that was not only reused indefinitely to produce free energy, but that opened the real possibility for space travel.

I have seen enough to know that the Schauberger device is real and that Schauberger's technology will probably someday be the rule. A small model, only 9 inches high and 18 inches wide, produces 2,000 horsepower — forever!

Our government has the plans and has even patented essential parts of the invention to keep it out of our hands. But it is inevitable, because it is so simple, that one day Schauberger's technology will belong to the world.

The best part of this machine is that it seems alive, and everything near this machine when it is operating becomes healthy and feels complete and whole. It operates only from the movement of water moving through Sacred Geometrical chambers.

A Galaxy of New Waters

Dr. Lorenzen's Clustered Water

Dr. Lee Lorenzen discovered how to make a type of primal water that is necessary, as I see it, for life to emerge for one level to another. It is called clustered water, and is being studied all over the world.

When a baby is born, its body is filled with clustered water. It must be important and primal, for this is the water that is present at our beginning. Further, the DNA molecule, down the center of its core, also is filled with clustered water. Again, we are looking at primal source.

So what is clustered water?

Under certain conditions, water can form awesomely beautiful six-sided crystals. Water that has these crystals, according to Dr. Lorenzen, is alive. And so you can buy these crystals — usually frozen and concentrated — from his company. The only problem is that they are very expensive. It would cost you al least $50.00 US a month just for your drinking water for each person.

Dr. Flanagan's MicroCrystals

Dr. Flanagan is an extraordinary scientist and a man who should be listened to. His work in energy fields opened the world to new ways of seeing. And his work in understanding water has been impressive.

But we spent three years studying Dr. Lorenzen's water, and so we still have not had enough time to do the actual "street work" for studying Dr. Flanagan's work. However, I have listened to more than fifty people who have tried Dr. Flanagan's Micro-Crystal water and who tell me it is excellent. I doubt if you will have a problem with this one.

The Pi Machine

Dr. Lorenzen's water was imported into Japan by Nikken, the magnet company, for many years. Then they decided to create a machine that would cluster water that could be drunk immediately.

This solved one of the constant problems that Dr. Lorenzen experienced in the beginning: How to ship frozen clustered water without destroying the product from over heating.

And so the machine was called the Pi machine and now sells for about $800.00 US. However, this is another product we have not yet tested. If someone wants to donate one, we will test it. Again, there have been no negative reports, but the clustering is achieved, as we understand it, through the use of magnets.

Prill Water

This is another water that we have not yet tested, but you keep asking about it. I do feel that it has real promise, because so many people are reporting that it has really helped them heal their diseases and make them feel and look younger.

Also, Prill water is not expensive. Once you make your first gallon, you can siphon off 3/4 of the water for drinking, and then fill up the old bottle full again and have another 3/4 gallon the next day. It becomes free.

Turkish Water for Drinking

In the Turkish Water, I saw the possibility of the Earth's being able to heal herself from the poisons that have plagued her. The initial tests I saw in Washington, DC, appeared amazing and showed incredible promise. But it was very clear that this promise applied only to environmental applications. At no time have I ever felt that this was a water that people should actually drink. It does not make sense to drink this water, since it breaks down hydrocarbons, which is what the human body is made of.

People have taken my words out of context and falsely claimed, on many Internet sites, that I am in favor of drinking this water. I feel that these sites are using these distortions of my words to make money for themselves, without caring about people.

To be clear, I ask that you do not drink this Turkish water until there has been very careful, long-term testing by the FDA. I have reason to believe that it could be dangerous to your health. Let's get it out into the open, and have this Turkish water tested. Let's know the truth.

Magnetic Water for Drinking

As mentioned above, I have seen too many negative reports to suggest even trying magnetic water for drinking. If you have something positive for me, let me see it. Again, the only possible exception is Nikken magnetic water coming from the Pi machine, but still, the results are not yet known.

Other Waters

We have tested over 40 waters, each one making outrageous claims. Sometimes they are what they say, but most of the time they are not.

Here are two that I've experienced:

Walter Baumgartner's egg shaped water vortex machine. The water can be felt immediately when it enters the body. There is no doubt that something is going on. Under the vision of the Kirlian photograph, Walter's water has a prana field that extends from the glass of water out about eight inches. It is worth a try.

A strange double-vortex machine Two men in Arizona created a double vortex machine to enhance water. It was impressive and was about the size of a small writing desk. Each vortex rotated in opposite directions and then combined the water. There were several different other functions taking place only fractions of a second apart from each other within the vortexes. The result was a water that was similar to Walter Baumgartner's in its pranic field. And you would feel this one, too.

But when we sent this Arizona water to our lab in Canada, the results were startling. The water was filled with lead! The inventors could hardly believe the results since there was no lead anywhere in the entire device. It was checked a second time and the results were the same. They finally decided to stop selling the devices because they never could figure out where the lead was coming from.

A Philosophy of Water

People in the world of water are great thinkers, and they have devised some outstanding and unique methods to alter water in ways they would like to see. Water will cooperate. For it really is a mirror.

The bottom line is that most of the world's researchers who are searching for the reality that lies behind water see it as being either alive or dead. When water is alive, so is everything in and around it. And dead water leads directly to death. So what is it that makes water alive?

Remember when Genesis says, "And the spirit of God moved over the waters"? From everything I have understood from all my teachers, water's deepest secret is found in its movement. The way water moves. There are movements that water can make that energize it to a point of consciousness. And there are some that de-active the water, leaving it as just a molecule, without life. The spirit of God does not "move over" it any longer.

The subject of water is one of the most immense in all the universe, and one of the most important. So if you are becoming fascinated by the Source of Life, you are not alone. And for some reason, this moment in history appears to be the moment of limelight for water. I'm sure there is a good reason.

The work of men like Dr. Emoto from Japan is proving that water is a mirror of human consciousness.

Let us, each in our own way, become researchers of water. And may it lead us to a long and healthy life.

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