Spirit of Ma'at: "The Water of Life" — Vol 3 No 5

Translated excerpts from Victor Vergun's book Fundamental Laws of Existence and Survival of the Human Being.

The first part of this book is a thorough description of his "10 Exercises," which represent ten fundamental laws of existence and survivial of humanity. The exercises are very briefly listed below, and then discussed in these excerpts.

The Ten Exercises

  1. Listen to the light through the lens of your face with the back of your head.

  2. Listen to the light through the lens of your chest with your back.

  3. Listen through the lens of your belly with the sacrum.

  4. Hear the sky in the chalice of the hips through the hair.

  5. Hear the earth with the diaphragm through the feet.

  6. Develop the coccyx.

  7. Learn to walk on the ground.

  8. Mask of the dragon.

  9. Learn to perceive words, their images, the real deep meanings of the words you pronounce — their essences.

  10. Learn to say and to hear prayer.

The second part of the book is a saga about water:
  • a description of water from the point of science and technology;

  • qualitative characteristics of conditions water can have; and

  • quantitative characteristics of water and some formulas.

He considers water as an open system, as is a human being, as is our environment. He describes it as a system in mathematical terms.

Theory behind the "10 Exercises"

The human being is an open, self-regulating and self-organized system. As an open system, a human being knows everything that is happening in space and time. The soul has complete and whole knowledge in God, because God has no secrets from the soul.

We can listen to our souls with our bodies. What we can hear depends on how pure our body is, and whether we can be obedient to God.

The reason we meet with evil and stupidity and nonsense is not a matter of evil will, because evil, per se, has no will and no ability to choose a path. The reason is that we have no ability to be aware about an event with Love, and to obey the law of sense, Love, and event.

We need to obey the laws of Creation. For this purpose, we need to learn how to use the three lenses of face, chest, and belly, which respectively perceive, transform, and organize the beginning of the flow of the futures — like yin/yang.

The human being lives at the same time in the past, present, and future. Future is located just in front of us. We perceive/receive it first with our faces, which act as lenses.

The lens of chest distributes flow, and forms our fate or destiny. Especially when we move, we need to always listen to the golden beam of destiny which comes out from the center of the lens of the chest and goes far into the future, shining somewhere in infinity.

Looking every day from the lens of your chest through the golden beam of your destiny, you can see where — at what part of this ray or beam — there are dark spots. These dark spots indicate unpleasant events in the future.

If you don't want those to happen, you need to be more attentive and look at these dark places with the light of your soul. And the spot will flash, and will be transformed into the light, and that unpleasant event will not happen.

We have a custom in our country that, before we travel, we sit for a moment to look through our path; and the dark spots, if we can find them, disappear. But now, very often when we sit down before going, we forget what to do. We forget to look through our destiny.

The third lens of the belly also organizes and distributes its own flows. Women, in particular, should pay more attention to that lens. You should learn how to gain and distribute energy in your body in the lower tantien (in the area of the navel). We need to feel the presence of the energetic ball in the lower tantien.

As we receive the flows of future using this lens to form and distribute the flows inside our body, we live in the present. The quality of our present depends on the quality of our inner organs.

The knowledge and experience of our past is in matrices of consciousness located in the back part of the head, the back, and sacrum. If you want to have a good orientation in surrounding space in all complicated or difficult situations — if you want to evolve and to live according to the law of creation and happiness — you need to learn how to continuously receive the beams or rays that flow through the lenses of the face, chest, and belly with the back matrices — the back part of your head, the back, and the sacrum.

Additionally, there exist two powerful horizontal matrices which affect the vertical channels, providing stability to vital processes, interaction, and synthesis of upper flows (sky and stars) with lower flows (the earth and the core of the earth).

The human body is composed of light. And at first, we receive light waves which have a wide spectrum of frequencies and rhythms.

The upper flows we perceive with the help of hair, and the roots of our hair are directly connected with the lower horizontal matrix at our large intestines, the so-called "chalice of the hips."

That's why any medicine which stimulates growth of hair, even if it has a natural base, destroys this connection, influences events, and destroys the aura. The center of the aura is in the large intestines, which is why enemas cause one to feel bad, lack power or strength, and be sleepy.

The matrix of the hips redistributes upper flows, directing them down along your legs to the ground. To provide good functioning of vertical channels, it is necessary to continuously perceive the light through your hair with the matrix (chalice) of the hips.

The flow of light perceived with the hair has a more definite name: the sky. The lower border of the sky is the ground. Through your hair, you listen to how the sky is filling the chalice of the hips. And when it is filled, then it overflows and trickles down to the ground.

The other horizontal matrix is the diaphragm, which has two lenses — the two feet — which perceive the vibrations of the earth.

To summarize the fundamental law of being: Your continuous proceedings of life have a physical base and concrete physical exercises. To learn this fundamental law and fulfill it, you need, first of all, to learn how to use all lenses simultaneously.

Finally, about prayer: Everything that exists can pray — only human beings have forgotten.

If you read this attentively, and you are ready to begin new life without diseases and problems and to rise to the new level of your being, then you need to learn each element of this system.

But first, I want to tell you that the cells of your body will resist. In this case, be patient, and have the power and will to do this. Do the exercises exactly as recommended. It is necessary to respect and be precise in understanding what I am speaking about. Many of you have only a small perception of the real information in the meanings of words, and even more, images (because everybody just reacts to familiar sounds).

The criterion on which to judge any system, environment, body, organ, way of existing, or water is its ability to have a positive influence on any system or any environment, providing consistent existence in balance, to enable survival and evolution of a whole system and all its parts.

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