Vol 2 Feb 2002       

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Calling For
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Free Energy

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This issue on "Free Energy and Alternative Energy — Part I" is possibly the most crucial information that we have offered so far in terms of the survival of our dear planet and ourselves.

On one level, even our spiritual growth is at stake. Either we rise in consciousness and accept free energy, or eventually our beautiful Earth and our children will experience an environmental catastrophe where life, if it survives at all, will never be the same again.

Free energy and alternative energy is such a huge topic, in fact, that we have had to split this issue into two parts. This month we will focus primarily on Zero Point theory and overunity technology ("overunity" simply means getting more energy out than you put in to run a specific device). Imagine an airplane that could fly around the world a thousand times without "refueling" and you are beginning to get the picture of what this might mean to us.

Next month, we will branch out into other areas of alternative energy, and start taking a look at how Consciousness fits into our equations.

Is the Earth Really in This Much Trouble?

As we said in our first issue, there is a document that was written by 1,700 of the world's greatest scientists, including 50 percent of the Nobel Prize laureates, saying that if the world continued in the way it was going (and it is!), we would have only "one to three generations" before this environmental catastrophe would happen.

This document was given to all of us by the most advanced minds on the planet. No one can say that it lacks credibility.

We must change this situation ourselves. And free energy is one of the most important ways to do that, especially on a grassroots level.

Politically, there are other reasons that we must change the way we use energy.

Those Who Control Our Energy Control Our Society

According to Albert Einstein's E=mc2, everything is energy. We live in a world that is powered by energy in all its forms. And since the "accepted" forms of energy — such as oil, coal, propane, natural gas, and hot fusion — are all controlled by corporations and governments, We the People have little ability to govern its flow, how much it will cost, or how it will affect our lives.

We are in the same position as the heroin addict who needs a destructive substance in order to go on. We must have energy to live, to heat and light our homes, to drive our cars — and so we will pay whatever the price. We have no choice.

Or do we?

Fueling Wars

How many wars have been fought just over oil?

The latest one actually began on January 15, 1991, with "Desert Storm" — but it still is continuing until this day in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Not only is this black energy contributing to world destabilization, but also it is the primary source of pollution that is causing the earth herself to be on the verge of a biological disaster.

How did we ever get into this position?

Oil is only one source of energy that we might use to fuel our cars, planes, and so on. It is far from being the only possible source.

The Rise and Fall of Nikola Tesla

Finding alternatives began with Nikola Tesla, who wanted to provide electrical energy free (or extremely inexpensively) to the world. He was stopped by J.P. Morgan, who saw that his own financial empire could be increased if the new electricity could be fed through copper wires and metered so that people would have to pay for it.

Of course, this was especially appealing to Morgan because he owned the copper mines that made the wires.

Morgan won the fight (some say by having Tesla "terminated"), and to this day we all get our electricity through wires with meters on the end. Too bad for us.

Really this was a spiritual dispute between these two men. Tesla was thinking of the good of the whole world, and Morgan was thinking only of himself.

Today, nothing has changed. The wealthiest people in the world are still thinking only of themselves, while people like you and me are trying to turn this unfair situation around so that people everywhere can live and have abundance in their lives instead of hard work, war, disease, and poverty.

Free energy would change the world forever. Not only would it help us to return to a healthy environment, but it has interesting side effects.

To see what the Disclosure Project's Dr. Steven Greer has to say about the possibilities, click here (see also Secrets from the Stars in this issue). Dr. Greer, in just one example, shows how worldwide desalination of the oceans, which is not financially feasible under the present energy conditions, would turn deserts into farmlands supplying food to the world's needy and hungry.

The more you study the changes that free energy would contribute to the world, the more you realize that the release of free energy is about more than just "energy."

Alternative versus Zero Point Energy

There is a vast difference between alternative energy and Zero Point Energy. Alternative energy uses sources like solar power, wind, falling water, geothermal, thermo-electric, steam, air power, magnetic power, water (hydrogen, Brown's gas and Fuel Cells), and cold fusion, among others.

But Zero Point Energy is based on the scientific theory that energy is contained within the vacuum, or Zero Point.

In all of the alternative energy sources, energy is derived from within this dimension — it is based upon considering the universe as a closed system. And since energy cannot be added to or increased within a closed system, the amount of energy we can tap is limited to what is physically available.

And although science itself has advanced far beyond this parochial view, most scientists themselves still believe that the universe is a closed system, and therefore that perpetual motion and overunity energy generation are impossible.

This all changes with the theories of Zero Point, which see the universe as a "multiverse" with dimensional levels that contain energy above and beyond our known universe.

The Mysterious Power of the Void

Zero Point theory is fully based upon known and accepted physical equations. But still, many physicists today are unaware of it and believe that Zero Point is a fantasy.

To appreciate and understand the truth, and how scientists went wrong, we highly recommend that you read Part I of the article by free-energy expert Col. Tom Bearden, Ph.D., Taming the Fierce Energy of the Vacuum (Part II will be in our next issue).

This science of Zero Point, which has been approved by the United States Department of Energy, states that based upon the equation E=mc2, there is enough energy in one cubic centimeter of empty space — even the cubic centimeter just now in front of you on this page — to create the equivalent mass of the entire "visible universe" to the distance we can see with the strongest telescopes.

Although it is actually beyond our ability to imagine how much energy this is, let's try to get an idea of it. The energy of an atomic bomb, for example, is released from an amount of matter so small you could hold it in your hands. So imagine how much atomic energy would be released if a bomb the size of the entire earth were to explode. And then, imagine how big the explosion would be if the entire visible universe were to release its energy. That last explosion represents the amount of energy that could be released from a single cubic centimeter of the vacuum.

So while we are all running around looking for energy inside the earth — oil, coal, natural gas — and worrying about its running out, we live within a sea of endless energy everywhere. And because of human greed for power and control, we refuse to use it. Ironic, isn't it?

Does this not make you wonder if indeed humans are not one of the lowest lifeforms on earth, instead of the highest, as we see ourselves.

The wealthiest people in the world still want the copper wire with the meter on the end.

Will you change this?

For it is beginning to become clear that only you can make this change.

Here's Something That You Can Do Right Now

It is my belief that when the hearts of humanity evolve to care about all the people, then free energy will come of its own.

But we don't have to wait until the whole world changes. If just a few of us change, we can begin to use this energy.

I have a friend who converted his old truck to run on water. Yes, water (alternative energy). It is the perfect fuel for the "gasoline" engine. He drove his truck from Colorado to Arizona, about 1,200 miles, on a small amount of ordinary water. How?

Water can be broken down into hydrogen and oxygen, both of which are incredibly flammable and can be made to form what is called "Brown's gas." Brown's gas has been determined to be the best fuel ever found to run a car. Better than gasoline, propane, natural gas, or hydrogen alone. In the video "Free Energy, The Race to Zero Point" (see Zero Point Video), "gasoline" engines are shown that have run for 100,000 miles on water. And when the motors were taken apart, they still looked brand new, because there was no carbon buildup.

With Brown's gas, you have more power, your motor will run tens of thousands of miles longer, and the only thing coming out of the tailpipe is oxygen and water vapor. You could actually breathe what is coming out of the tail pipe. It is cleaner than the air.

And so, by driving such a car, you could be helping to heal the Earth, instead of adding to her troubles.

This is not the best answer, for there are better motor systems that have been created, but it is an answer we can use today. We don't have to create new motors or equipment, we can simply use what we now have. Perhaps this can give us time to put into worldwide use some of the Zero Point energy machines that have already been created.

Here's the Gift We Promised You

This gift is to you and all the world. Free of charge, we are offering plans and instructions that you can use to convert your car to run on water.

If I were you, I would download these plans immediately, and ask questions later. They are in both zip (PC) and stuffit (MAC) file format, with a text file explanation and graphic diagrams.

You do need to be (or find) a mechanic who is capable of putting these plans into effect.

We suggest you start out with an old car, just so you can get this working. And you do need to know that once you've made the adaptation to Brown's gas, there is one more step, which involves ceramicizing (rust-proofing) the exhaust system, the cylinders, and the valves. Otherwise, when a car is running on water, these elements will rust out fairly quickly.

But the basic technology is here. If nothing else, this will prove to the world that it is possible for a gasoline engine to work perfectly on ordinary tap water. See Car Plans.

May the revolution begin!!!

In Love and Service,


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