Vol 2 Feb 2002       

Dr. Steven Greer's Disclosure Project,
Antigravity, and Zero-Point Technology

One of the most important events of the past year — perhaps of the past decade — was the announcement and publication of the results of Dr. Steven Greer's Disclosure Project.

In 1993, Dr. Greer gave up his private life and a lucrative medical practice in order to bring to the world information that had remained hidden until his courageous efforts brought it to light.

The Project involved gaining the recorded and transcribed testimony of scores of certain scientists, government officials, airline pilots, military personnel, and others who all have one thing in common. They all have first-hand knowledge concerning contacts by the American and other governments with extraterrestrial beings, vehicles (UFOs), and — of particular interest to this month's Spirit of Ma'at — alien technology.

"There have been multiple events," the report reads, "at least a couple of dozen, where objects of extraterrestrial origin have been downed, acquired, and studied.

"We believe that this is something which is of extreme importance because one cannot consider that covert programs — having spent hundreds of billions of dollars over the decades on research and development, so-called "reverse engineering" or "back engineering" extraterrestrial technologies — have not had significant breakthroughs.

"The testimony will show that in fact we have; that we have had breakthroughs that have trickled out to our society in the form of certain advances in electronics, materials, and sciences.

"However, the central breakthrough dealing with the physics of the quantum vacuum space — the so-called "zero-point energy" phenomenon, as well as antigravity and electrogravitic propulsion — has been withheld from our society."

The Spirit of Ma'at published Dr. Greer's information, received in May 2001, in our Announcements section.

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