Spirit of Ma'at: "Free Energy & Alternative Energy - Part I" — Vol 2 February 2002

Free Energy
The Race to Zero Point

video review

The video "Free Energy — The Race to Zero Point" is an eye-opening account of free energy technology — why we don't have it yet, and what is being done about that.

First, this video gives us a brief history of the scientists, like Tesla and Schauberger, who have pioneered free energy and alternative energy, and describes their persecution by those who seek to control the world's energy resources.

Then we are presented with a series of first-person interviews with several of the thousands of today's inventors who have braved the possibility of imprisonment or worse to create their machines.

We enter into their laboratories, hear their descriptions of how the inventions work, and see these inventions in operation. Antigravity effects — heavy objects floating around! — are among the many wonders on view.

Our reviewer, James Graham, gave us these four examples:

  • Utah's Paul Pantone has developed the GEET fuel processor, a plasma generator with a super carburettor that runs on 80 percent water and is none polluting. The engine he has designed can run on anything from oil to water. It transmutes elements through a form of plasma discharge, and produces no carbon in the exhaust. He has run this engine since 1983, and never needed to clean the engine. A full-scale Ford 2600cc 4-ocylinder prototype engine is shown working, achieving efficiencies of 300 percent (that is, if the original was getting 20 mpg, this one gets 60), with no carbon coming out of exhaust.

  • Despite the bogus claims of government scientists regarding cold fusion, the Patterson Power Cell designed by Dr. James Patterson is one of the most spectacular devices in the cold energy field. His cell uses tiny coated metal beads and ordinary water and produces a flowing stream of spectacular energy. Even when switched off, it produces 20W energy for many days.

    The cell has achieved over one thousand watts output with just one watt of input. Patterson explains how he managed to get a patent for this device "by accident." The byproduct and exhaust produces hydrogen and oxygen, which could be used to fuel hydrogen vehicles.

  • Joseph Newman, whose claims that his patents have been denied since the 1970s, is fascinated by the laws of the gyroscope and how the energy matches the conductor in a magnetic field. He has manufactured a motor that works on these principles and produces a running river of energy. The system flows so that you get more energy output than you put in, and has been ratified, he tells us, by 30 scientists around the world.

  • Canadian inventor John Hutchinson uses ultra-high electromagnetic frequencies to transform matter in interesting ways. The "Hutchinson effect" is a form of levitation by translational movements, where objects become lighter and move around.

    Applications make use of zero point energy to power propulsion-type technologies. For example, a crystal energy converter interfaces with the jittering of zero point energy, powering motors that can scale up to many horsepower. Also, simple batteries that border on the paranormal are shown. Through harnessing electromagnetic frequencies, metals levitate and transmute into unknown metal types.

    This is very much on the outer edge of science, where a type of dimension shift is created at the subatomic level by conventional electrostatic, RF fields and Tesla waves which open up a keyway into time and space.

    Through the activated zero point energy fields and interdimentional gravitational waves, Hutchinson shows us stainless steel bars falling apart and transmuting into unknown metals and objects (we see a 70-lb. cannon ball becoming weightless and floating).

Many more inventors are interviewed and their machines shown in operation. Besides the four listed above, they include Tom Bearden*, Dr. Dennis Cravens, Hal Fox*, Dr. Shiuji Inomata, Moray King, Eugene Mallove, Jeane Manning*, Joseph Newman, Dr. Brian O'Leary, Dave Porter, Troy Reed, Roy Thornson, Paramahamsa Tewari, and Tom Valone. *(Asterisks indicate scientists whose articles appear in this issue of the Spirit of Ma'at.)

When we are through viewing this presentation, we are fully aware that a world of free energy is a matter of priorities, not technology. If we all decide to have this, we will. Global communication is bringing the truth into general awareness.

And, at least at the grassroots level, free and alternative energy devices are gradually becoming available. This technology can no longer be stopped.

"Free Energy — The Race to Zero Point" was written and directed by Christopher Toussaint, and producted by Harry DeLigter of Lightworks Audio & Video.

For those who are interested in viewing it, Spirit of Ma'at is making this video available. To learn more please click here.

Floyd "Sparky" Sweet was one of the most important free-energy inventors since Nikola Tesla. He said that he received his information "from God." It came to him in dreams.

Despite numerous threats of death throughout his career, Floyd Sweet died of natural causes when, on July 5, 1995, at the age of eighty-three, he suffered a fatal heart attack.

"Free Energy — The Race to Zero Point" was dedicated to his memory, and also to the memory of all those who have died in the pursuit of truth.

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