Vol 2 Feb 2002

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Water Car Update: Upcoming Video
and "Is It Safe for the Ecology?"

World Puja and the Spirit of Ma'at have joined hands  . . . so that we all may come together in our prayers for peace. Story
Spirit of Ma'at  Vol 2 Feb 2002    "Free Energy & Alternative Energy, Part I" Cover
EDITORIAL:  Calling for a Grassroots Free Energy Revolution    And below, we are offering you a free gift to get you started. Drunvalo
    Free Plans & Instructions to Run Your Car on Water    You can print the instructions and diagrams right from the website or download them as a ZIP file. These plans were sent to us "anonymously" and are offered into the public domain free of charge.    UPDATE 2/8/02: Four additional diagrams!
    UPDATE December 1, 2002 Water Karma    Update on the water car plans and video, as well as answers to many readers' questions about the different kinds of water, including Turkish or "Sufi" water.   
    UPDATE June 26, 2003 Running a Gasoline Engine on Hydrogen Using Water    This article reports on two new inventions for running a combustion engine using (1) hydrogen dioxide and (2) Brown's gas, as fuel, both generated directly from water. Included is an online video demo, attended and narrated by Drunvalo, of a generator actually being started and running using water as the fuel source.   
Free Energy Theory — Why and How It Works
Taming the Fierce Energy of the Vacuum    The eminent physicist and zero-point authority Tom Bearden shows why "clean energy from the active vacuum" is legitimate physics — essentially no more esoteric than a windmill. And it's written in English, not Greek! You will find this not only fascinating, but also very easy to understand. Bearden
Theory of Free Energy Suppression
The World of Free Energy    Dr. Peter Lindemann is one of the most articulate and knowledgeable people alive on the subject of free energy — and why we still can't buy it at Wal-Mart. Lindemann
Realities of Free Energy Suppression
The Truth About Zero Point Technology: A Wake-Up Call to the American People    Adam Trombly is one scientist who knows the full truth of what is happening, in our government and the world, around the issue of ZP Technology. And in this interview, he decided to tell this truth to us without reservation. Trombly
Action to Declassify Secret Energy Patents    Gary Vesperman reports on his efforts toward releasing to the public thousands of devices that would potentially make the dream of "free energy" a reality. Vesperman
Energy Suppression: An Invisible Galaxy of Inventions    Do you think there have been only a handful of suggestions to improve the internal combustion engine, never produced because none of them really work very well? Think again! Bird
A Community Using Free Energy
Methernitha: A Community that Runs on Free Energy and Spiritual Values    Nestled in Switzerland's Emmental region, a group of people have been sharing lifestyle and free energy for over 30 years. Here is their story, as told to us by Carolina Hehenkamp. Hehenkamp
An Energy Source that Solves the Problem of Nuclear Waste
Nuclear Waste May Become a Safe Energy Source    Nuclear Solutions, Inc., has announced a new process to decontaminate nuclear waste — and at the same time create a new source of energy! Staff
Free Energy — Hope for the Future
Secrets from the Stars: Dr. Steven Greer's Disclosure Project, Antigravity, and Zero-Point Technology    The Disclosure Project has testimony from scores of scientists, government officials, and military personnel proving that our governments already possess these technologies. Staff
Miracle in the Void: The New Energy Revolution    Some people believe that the powers that be will not allow us to have free energy. But Stephen Kaplan thinks it's going to happen — and soon. Kaplan
"Free Energy — The Race to Zero Point"    Review of a video that outlines the history of free energy, interviews inventors in their own laboratories, and shows their devices (including antigravity!) in operation. Staff