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spinning star tetrahedron
Volume 4 January 2004

Sacred Geometry
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We the People
  Feature Articles
platonic solids
DRUNVALO'S EDITORIAL: An Ending and a Beginning   The Sacred Geometry Conference in Sedona prompted this issue of our magazine, which also will be the last in a series of thematic volumes of The Spirit of Ma'at

Madonna Rock

Ra mandala

from Venus and Mercury
by Bruce Rawles

The Sacred Pentagram of Sedona  Author and artist Nicholas R. Mann describes the naturally occurring formations that form the Sedona pentagram.

Sacred Geometry and Sound  Healer/musician Ani Williams returns to our pages to talk about the physics and metaphysics of sacred sound.

Walking the Mandala Path   Becoming one with Sacred Geometry is a pathway to becoming One with All That Is. Aya offers us guidance on this hands-on, eyes-on, hearts-on journey.

Sacred Geometry: Designs for the Soul  Rowena Kryder, author of books, movies, and the "Co-Creation Code Deck," explains the 12 basic Sacred Geometry patterns of Creation.

Starting With Nothing and Ending Up With Everything  Bruce Rawles, in his profoundly irreverent style, helps us to take our first baby steps into the geometry of consciousness.

from an
Orpheus painting
by Corot

images from Kryder's
Co-Creation Codes Deck

octahedral bubble
  Off-Topic Articles
spirit dancing
Sacred Dancers & Shamanic Transformation  Jade Wah'oo speaks of the life-positive and life-negative archetypes within our psyches, and how we can move our energy into that which affirms life.

The Shadow as Ally  Another take on the archetypes of the inner self. A new oracular Animal deck, like the Medicine Cards but based upon Aztec symbology, teaches us how to become friends with the Shadow.

"We seek the truth and integrity of spiritual wisdom and human potential to co-create a healthy and peaceful world."

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