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Flying Heart and Lottery Tickets

On Love
with Klaus
by Kostya Kovalenko

Kostya KovalenkoKostya Kovalenko, who hails from Kiev, Ukraine, began doing research for the Spirit of Ma'at last fall. Since then, ''Our Man In Kiev'' has contributed several articles and is helping with our Russian translation efforts.

Although the form of what you are about to read is somewhat outside of our magazine guidelines, we have left this article very much in Kostya's own ''voice.'' In working with Klaus Joehle's ideas for two years, he and Klaus have become ''email friends,'' and Klaus has given permission for us to reprint some of their exchanges. More important, what Kostya has to say is valuable in its own right, for he lives in a land of turmoil and change, where the average salary today is $25 per month — where many people drink vodka like water in an attempt to escape the pain of existence. Considering these things, Kostya's own joyous experiences of ''living on Love'' are all the more poignant.

So here — in their own words — are Kostya Kovalenko and Klaus Joehle, who will explain to you what it means to live on Love.

I first read Living on Love: The Messenger on the Internet. The following statement from the book may give you a glimpse as to why, for me, it was the most fascinating read over the last several years. Joehle writes:

Years ago I took some courses. One was a meditation course, another was a mind power course, and a third had to do with utilizing the power of the subconscious. At some point in all three courses one person asked this question: Can I use this to win the lottery or in the stock market? Each time they were told no — in a few different ways. And to be honest, for a while I even believed that myself.

But then I got suspicious, because they tell you that you can do all kinds of incredible things, but not that one. Everybody seems to steer you away from it. . . . What they're telling you is that you are allowed to buy a lottery ticket but not allowed to use all the resources that you have available to you to make that piece of paper worth anything. Winning the lottery has turned out to be my smallest achievement, but my biggest step, because I finally got it through my thick skull that I am not a helpless little thing that God has forgotten about. I can do anything that I believe I can.

Winning the lottery — that doesn't sound very ''spiritual,'' does it? Many of us think that it's bad to use our psychic powers to get money through a lottery. But I believe the deeper reason we react so strongly against this idea is that most of us have actually tried something of the sort at some point in our life, and it didn't work. . .

It All Begins With Love

Klaus was broke and out of work when the secrets of ''living on love'' were given to him. He never did get another job. The sports lottery — he has yet to buy a losing ticket! — enabled him to write his book without having to find a job. Then he graduated to playing the stock market. Today, he lives in a $400,000 home.

Klaus Joehle doesn't stop at telling us what he achieved. He explains to us exactly how he did it, just as it was given to him by his ''angel.'' Not suprisingly, it all begins with love.

I became fascinated with the feeling of personal freedom that I saw in the way Klaus approached the ''money and spirituality'' theme. And I was thrilled, after trying simple exercises like sending love to a glass of juice, to really feel the love energy! But what thrilled me much more was the fact that I learned to fill myself and my surroundings with love to such a degree that I was able to correctly pick a series of bets in roulette. The little money I won proved to me that Klaus's techniques really do work.

Klaus's Story: Searching for Happiness

Living On Love is told as a flashback during a rainstorm one night in ''Neena's Bar.'' Klaus has come in to wait for the rain to stop, and meets Neena and the bartender, Denny, who express great interest in hearing about his life. He has time, and he feels the play of the Universe in the air — so he tells them the amazing story of his discovery of formerly secret aspects of the power of love.

The next night, Klaus returns to the bar, only to find that it does not exist. But he assures me that, like everything else in the book, this night in Neena's Bar really happened to him.

Klaus tells Neena and Denny how his discovery of the secret power of love began with his unsuccessful search for happiness. He tried everything that seemed to make other people happy. He bought new cars and sat in them, waiting for the feeling of happiness to come. He changed houses. Nothing seemed to work for him. ''I had put a lot of effort in it,'' Klaus says, ''but had zero results. I felt like it was getting worse rather than better.''

Things began to move after an unsuccessful suicide attempt, when his car kept refusing to run just at the point where he was getting ready to drive it over a cliff. He would coast down the mountain, apparently out of gas, and as he approached the all-night gas station, the car would sputter to life again. So he would turn around and try again. After driving around in circles in this way for most of one night, Klaus finally had to give up and go home.

Enter the ''Angel''

Having tried almost everything else to get happy, including the spiritual books and workshops that claimed you could not use psychic power for personal gain, Klaus decided to go ahead anyway and try to marry psychic-power stuff with winning the sports lottery.

Things were not going well in this direction until one day an ''angel'' (complete with wings) materialized in Klaus's living room, and. . . I won't spoil the story for you. It is enough to say that Klaus began to make enough money to pay the bills that were piled up on his table.

The key is simply that we have to totally become love before we can do these kinds of things. Klaus shares the exact steps his ''Angel'' visitor gave to him. He was required to master these before he would be allowed to go further and use psychic power to make his living — because Love itself is the essence of that power. And it takes a lot of Love to triumph over our feelings that we do not ''deserve'' to receive God's bounty with such ease.

Speaking of gambling, Klaus writes that, although the house he was living in while writing his book was broken into and robbed five times during the seven years the previous tenants lived there, he never locks it, and no one has ever disturbed so much as a ''blade of grass'':
I have no alarms, my doors and windows are never locked. . . . I have not even seen the keys for this house since I moved in. Most would agree that this is being foolish and just waiting for trouble. Normally I would agree, but you have not seen the information in this book in action, or what it is capable of.

Living in Ukraine, I find this even more incredible than winning the lottery.

It's the Content that Counts

There is a very unusual thing about Klaus as a writer: He can't spell. ''O'ya I had bad grades in scool but years later I tock a grade 12 test and it was multable chyos and I goot A and Bs and even a C for english yust because I did not need to right the ansers aut.'' (Klaus was born in Germany right after World War II, but he moved to Canada when he was nine. You can see the German influence in some of this.)

So when Living On Love first appeared on the Internet, the text was full of strange spellings. I liked this a lot because it was very human and very alive, there was some mystery in it. It seemed to say that content counts much more than form. Later, to my personal disappointment, the spelling was corrected.

The Dark Side

In addition to correcting the spelling, the editors removed from the first edition of the Internet book many passages describing alcohol and tobacco consumption. I myself was actually shocked to realize that Klaus smokes cigarettes and drinks alcohol.

I was even more shocked to learn of another side to this man who had written such a lovely book about love — a series of past lives involving a great deal of violence. This other side, Klaus says, will be shown in his upcoming second book. Where the first book deals with love, Book Two will deal with the other powerful forces in our life that block love's flow: hate, and fear. In Book Two, Klaus opens up and shares with the reader powerful memories of these past lives.

He wrote to me that this book will appeal to those who are deeply entrenched in the perils of this world. Klaus said:
The first book is about Love, and it's a little wishy-washy. . . . Because there are a lot of people walking around carrying anger and hate inside them. They won't read that book no matter what. It's just too lovey-dovey for them. . . . The second book is the opposite, because it's got a lot of anger, hate, fear in it. . . . So we will bring them back around to the same thing — we will bring them back towards love, but in a different method.

Using Love to Save a Business

In one instance he describes, Klaus spent three months teaching the employees at his friend's failing company how to open their hearts and send love.
At first, the only thing we noticed was that everybody seemed happier. Everybody seemed to really be enjoying themselves. But nothing happened as far as business was concerned. It took roughly about six weeks and then suddenly business started to increase, very slowly at first. Then it just seemed to take off, and he ended up having to turn business down because he just couldn't handle it all. The other thing that was really interesting which came up in several meetings we had with the employees and himself and his wife who was also working in the business is that everybody was saying that it had an effect on their lives at home.

This happened because people are attracted to love. Klaus describes spending several days filling himself with love one time, then going to the supermarket and people kept ''accidentally'' trying to touch him.

Can We Do This All the Time?

In closing, here is an excerpt from an email exchange I had with Klaus:

Kostya: ''Also, I thought that when you feel neither love nor hate to things in your life, you just accept everything as it is. Your heart is open and in oneness with All That Is. You feel that you are part of the Universe.''

Klaus: ''That is and will be the result of becoming Love. But . . . even the best masters have only been able to hold this for very short periods of time in the 3rd and 4th dimension. The physical 3rd and 4th dimensions do not allow it to hold for long because it would affect the reality we live in and would break it down; also the physical mind cannot sustain it and still experience the physical reality. . . .

''[But] if you were in this state fifty percent of the time it would feel like you were there all the time. . . . That is why if you send and surround yourself with love several times a day it will feel like it all the time.''

[To read more about how to live on love, you may read Klaus's book on the Internet at iuniverse.com, or purchase it in printed form. (When you get to the link, it says "Book Not Found," but the first page of the book is on that page and you can read it.) The paperback version is available there or through our supplier at the Products link.

Below are two essays that Klaus sent as exclusives to the Spirit of Ma'at. They shed some light on how to frame our affirmations, and what is going on with things we cannot seem to create.—ed.

Beliefs that create reality

Klaus JoehleI prefer to call the beliefs that create the reality that I experience ''Quantum Thoughts.'' That is because the word belief has so many meanings, and because beliefs are layered, one over the other. The concept of a Quantum Thought allows me to separate from other beliefs the exact process of thought that is creating the reality I am experiencing.

There are also Dual Quantum Thoughts: one thought represents the experience itself, and the second thought represents how it will be experienced. For example, if a man has multiple sclerosis, then he has a Quantum Thought that could be stated as ''I have multiple sclerosis.'' But then there is a second Quantum Thought that creates how the disease is experienced — how it will affect his life. Such a thought might be: ''M.S. will not stop me from doing the things I want to do.'' With this set of Dual Quantum Thoughts, the man would have the disease, but would not necessarily spend his life in the hospital or in a wheelchair.

The core quality of Quantum Thoughts is that they keep on continuously playing, over and over, recreating reality in every experienced moment. They must do this, because there is no movement in the ''stuff'' of the universe, only in consciousness. The instants of experience are like tiny snapshots, all strung together, that give the illusion of movement from the perspective of someone who is viewing them in a particular sequence. So if someone has a Quantum Thought that says ''I have multiple sclerosis,'' then in order for the disease to manifest, that thought must be maintained. It must play continually in order to create and recreate that reality.

In other words, this is what makes the Quantum Thought so special: It is not just a random thought or casual belief, but one that creates.

Quantum Thoughts are distinguished in other ways. For instance, they are projected out from zero-time to our time continuum. In other words, it takes zero amount of time to think the thought. It occurs ''in no time.''

For example, the thought ''I am in the park'' is a long thought. It has a beginning and an end. But if you are now in the park, then that thought represents the reality that is being created, and in this case the thought has no beginning and no end. Its time span is zero. Even though it is possible for you to be in the park and still think the thought ''I am in the park'' as a long, time-sequenced thought, the Quantum Thought — which occurs in zero time — is already creating itself in physical reality. We experience the park because the Quantum Thought is already playing in zero time, and thus we believe we are in a park.

Further, we will experience the park in whatever matter our second Quantum Thought creates, e.g.: ''I am in the park, I am alone.''

So although Quantum Thoughts are not in our time continuum, which is just an illusion anyway, they create thoughts in our time continuum. In other words, Quantum Thoughts give rise to thoughts in our physical experience. This is how the plot keeps going. Quantum Thought creates reality, and also creates itself in the physical form of thought, which then allows the loop to continue and allows the reality to keep on creating itself continuously in what appears to us, in physical reality, as one moment connecting to the next.

Now, going back to our example of multiple sclerosis, if the Quantum Thought is not allowed to manifest as a physical thought for a short time, then the disease disappears for that time. Because the loop is broken.

And either one of the Dual Quantum Thoughts — the reality itself or how it will be experienced — can be temporarily suspended or even changed. If the Quantum Thought ''I have multiple sclerosis'' is suspended for even a moment, the disease disappears for that length of time. If the thought of how the disease will be experienced changes, the new Quantum Thought will create new possibilities as to what the disease will be like or how it will affect our life.

So. To consciously create something, we first need to create the thought, and then we need to turn this thought into a Quantum Thought which will manifest itself in our physical reality as a physical thought, creating a loop and therefore instantly creating and recreating the reality that we will experience.

It is easier to create instantly the physical experience we want if we use Dual Quantum Thought. In other words, we ask ourselves not only ''What will I create,'' but also, ''How will this affect my life?''

For example, here's a Dual Quantum Thought that I used to create my present circumstances of abundance. ''Every time I buy a lottery ticket, it is a winning ticket, and I always have a large supply of money.''

Here's another Dual Quantum Thought that worked for me: ''I will take one year off from work to write my book, and during that time I will be financially wealthy.''

So the first part of the Quantum Thought represents what we want or will create, and the second part represents how this will affect our life and how we will experience it.

Consciously creating in this manner is extremely important, because if we create something, then we need to also make sure we create how it will affect us and our lives as we see them.

There are also triple Quantum Thoughts. These work on exactly the same principle, but define the physical experience more precisely with less variants and fluctuations but at the same time with more possibilities and probabilities.

For example: ''I do not have a job, money flows to me in continuous abundance, I do not need a job to be wealthy.''

* * *

Life Dreams — Dreams of the Heart

There are all kinds of dreams.

But what sets them apart are the degree at which we set them.

Or whether we even believe they're realistic.

Unfortunately it's often the dreams that sit deepest in our hearts that we decide are not realistic. We decide that they are like a fantasy.

I believe what makes our Dreams of the Heart seem so unrealistic, so like a fantasy, is that we fear them to the same degree we want them.

What a rotten trick!

But what do we fear? Is it getting them? Living them? Or the fact that maybe we don't want them!

Perhaps we're not 100 percent sure we want them.

Questions question question! Where are the answers?

I have two dreams that leave me with these questions.

The first one is that I have always wanted to make a difference in this world. At first, I did not know how. Now I do. But something in me is resisting. What the resistance is I'm not sure yet, but I know it's there.

Perhaps it's fear? Perhaps it's fear of failure. Or perhaps it's the responsibility that goes with creating any dream and making it real. After all, first we need to look inside and ask the question: Do we want this dream and all that comes with it? Then there will be answers. But not always the answers we want.

Deep in my heart there lies another dream that my intellect says is unreasonable. It is a simple dream, where two people are so connected that they are one.

I know how to create this connection. But do I want this? I believe so, but there are fears. Can two people be united into one. What would happen to them? Can they be connected that closely and still be individuals? Or would individuality be combined into one but still having two separate bodies?

It kind of reminds me of two people dancing completely together, completely in sync — two bodies, two minds, but totally in sync, totally connected. It would take two very dedicated and trusting and loving people to achieve this.

It's hard to say how many people exist in the world that we could do this with or if there is only one.

I'm not even sure where this dream came from. Or even why I know how to create this kind of a connection.

Will I achieve it? Maybe. Do I want to really experience that kind of connection? Yes. If I don't ever experience it will I feel that I have missed something? Yes.

Will it ruin my life if I don't experience it? No. It will just mean that perhaps my heart was not ruling my life. But my fear was.

Perhaps if my heart were more defined, and turned away from all but its desire and its dreams, perhaps then I would already have it.

I hope these words of my fears, doubts, dreams, love, desires, have touched you in some way, that perhaps brings you closer to your own dreams.

There is another dream I have had for a long time. I have always wanted a large boat that I could sail around on and live on. You can imagine what a shock it was when I found out that I get seasick very easily.

Sometimes, dealing with all the things that come with fulfilling dreams can be more difficult than making a dream come true.

All my love to you on your journey.

Klaus Joehle

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