Vol 1 No. 12

Table of Contents

Spirit of Ma'at  Vol 1 No. 12    "Money and Prosperity Consciousness" Cover
EDITORIAL:  Money As a Flow of Energy    Getting the "energy" off of money may involve being able to see it as a natural force. Drunvalo
Robert Matthews, CPA: Healing Your Relationship With Money    Matthews, author of Money Is Energy, reveals his innovative approach to getting out of debt and into the flow of abundance. Matthews
Klaus Joehle: Living On Love — The Messenger    Klaus Joehle has learned how to create not-working-for-a-living. With irrepresible joy and abiding wisdom, he teaches us how to manifest literally whatever we want. Joehle and
Laurence Boldt: Cultivating a Spirit of Abundance    The bestselling author of Zen and the Art of Making a Living and The Tao of Abundance describes the underlying spiritual values of an abundant life. Boldt
Abraham: The Three Laws of Manifestation    Abraham is a ''group of non-physical teachers'' whose clarity, humor, and eloquence are changing millions of lives. Barber
Drunvalo: How Can You Charge for Spiritual Teachings?    Drunvalo recounts his own experiences of wrestling with the spiritual and practical issues of receiving money for teaching spiritual knowledge. Drunvalo
Phil Laut: Changing Our Negative Programming About Money    For example, we're taught: Don't take money from strangers — or friends! What's left? Is it any wonder the boss is our enemy? Provocative and enlightening! Laut
AA Michael: Creating Your Pyramid of Power    Channeled in March of this year, this powerful meditation can help us to energize all of our inner work. Herman
Orin & DaBen: Spiritual Alchemy — Turning Lack into Cash    From the bestselling book by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman titled Creating Money. Free
The 1 Good Habit of Successful People — And How to Acquire It    It's possible that all the other good habits we've been told about arise out of this one. And most people don't have it. Barber
Maria Nemeth, PhD: Becoming a Conduit of Money    Would it be all right with you if life got easier? That's part of the title of Nemeth's book about ''You and Money'' and the path of abundance as a hero's journey. Nemeth
Lazaris: Working with the Fear of Success    May the incandescent wisdom of Lazaris, channeled by Jach Pursel, help you clear your path to an abundant life. Lazaris
Quan Yin: Releasing Your Vows of Poverty    This eloquent channeled message from Quan Yin pleads with us to realize that our every decree is Law in our world. MacBeth-Louhan
John Cali: Why Do We Create Limitation?    If we create our own reality, why do we create painful things? Cali offers a thoughtful and compelling response to this question. Cali
Edwene Gaines: Vitally Alive!   In interview with this prosperity teacher who for 30 years has been helping people to ''bring spiritual substance into form as matter." Gaines
Recommended Reading    A list of books and tapes on Money & Prosperity Consciousness that we feel our readers might enjoy and profit from. Staff