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A Deva
painting by
Carol Hiltner
Earth Meridians and the Coming Changes
with Li Lan Chan
by Julia Griffin

For this article, we wanted to know about the Earth's meridians, the axiatonal lines, as described in the Keys of Enoch, and how they are changing in this time of general upheaval.

After our questions had been answered, we unexpectedly received a spontaneous transmission through Li Lan from the Overlighting Devas of the Earth, explaining what is needed from mankind in the coming Earth Changes.

This was one of several "messages" that we received in the process of collecting our articles for this magazine. It seems that there are many things the Earth wants us — and especially, the readers of this magazine — to know about.

Some of the information we were given could not be divulged. The message here was, "Wait. Within three months' time, you'll know."

Julia: Could you explain to me how our bodies are connected to the energies of the Earth?

Li Lan: The earth has meridians that are grids or matrices. There is a vibratory grid, and there are both Light and Consciousness grids.

The Light grids govern the Earth's etheric body.

An example of a Consciousness grid is the Christ Grid (see The Christ Grid).

The vibratory grid relates to the meridian system of the Earth, and includes both ley lines and meridians.

The axiatonal lines are what connect our bodies to the Earth grid and to the stellar and intergalactic grids.[1]

There are different levels and types of connections in the human body. Axiatonal lines, when interconnected in the human body, connect to different Earth grids depending on the person's evolution and which chakras that person is focused on. For example, a person who is focused on the first or root chakra would be connected to the physical element energies. As a person moves up and evolves, he or she connects to the axiatonal lines and the higher vibratory and Consciousness grids.

In other times, priests and priestesses could consciously connect through the axiatonal lines in order to communicate over long distances. Some people today can connect to earthquakes or tectonic plates, and tap into information stored in the Earth.

There is much information stored in the Earth. The Earth's memories are imprints and impressions of the past, and they are intense. The Earth does not judge or store imprints by their nature of good or negative; they are just simply imprints of intense energy that was imparted to a rock or location where the event occurred. Those who are connected through the axiatonal lines can much more easily access or experience these impressions or imprints.

Julia: Can you tell me about the grids on Earth?

Li Lan: If we talk about the Earth grid, then we are actually speaking of the physical Earth grids. The Earth is a body, and the grids are formed of gold channels, crystal channels, volcanic channels, and special channels for different types of resonance and function.

Some of the grids developed here on Earth for our use, and others were implanted. For example, all of the gold channels actually form a grid, and this grid is the lymphatic or immune system of the Earth. Gold is of the highest healing energy. And yet there is a great karmic residue associated with gold. Through the ages, gold has been mined out of greed, ambition, and lust for power. Beings from other planets have also come to mine it. We must become conscious that when we take it from the Earth, we are taking the healing energy out of the Earth as well as energizing the karmic residue.

Gold may be used for healing, but we should ask the Earth for permission, and then we should cleanse the energy before using it.

Julia: How are the Earth's chakras and meridians being affected in this time of Earth Changes?

Li Lan: There were huge wars, approximately two-to-three-thousand years ago, and humanity was separated from the grids, with the exception of the Native Americans and Aborigines, who had maintained their connection with the Earth. Of our 12 potential DNA strands, we now have only two strands. That connection was severed, and the Earth was disconnected from the Galactic Grid.

Now, the Elohim have activated a new grid.

Normally, energy in a galaxy is sent to the Galactic Central Sun, and the energy then downshifts to local suns to reach local planets. Instead, we have recently been receiving pulsations directly from our Galactic Central Sun. The Earth is ascending, not in the physical sense, but as a dimensional vibratory star known as the Earth Star. The Earth is reconnected now in a way that is totally overwhelming.

There is a problem with this new connection, in that humans are aligned with the Earth and were not designed with these kinds of pulsations in mind. A good analogy would be a computer that had inadequate hardware and software for the task at hand. So we've essentially been upgraded for the task. The upgrade occurred through sound activations. We all received this activation from whatever was being played and whatever we were guided to hear. The sounds have changed how our bodies deal with the new pulsations from the new Central Sun.

The Earth chakra energies bring in or receive on a very large scale, in a way that is similar to how we receive energy from the Sun. But the chakra energy is from the Galactic Sun. You have to expand yourself to receive it, and that expansion takes place in your own chakras, auric field, and physical vibration. You can't handle it unless you expand and receive a finer, faster vibration.

The meridians also are changing at this time.

Julia: How might we determine the meridians in the area in which we live, or find them in the Earth?

Li Lan: You can't, because the meridians are all changing now. Everything is shifting, and this shifting will become more intense during the next six to twelve months. The physical grids are all being tuned to a different level, and this makes living on the Earth an intense experience.

The meridians will probably become stable in the next two years, after the upheaval. This will bring about changes in location for many people — ordinary people, not Lightworkers.

The vibrations will change so much that many people will move. Everyone will become sensitive to the tuning of their bodies in relationship to the Earth's body. People will become ill if they don't move, if their body energies are not compatible to the place where they live.

Understand that everything is changing very quickly. For example, The Keys of Enoch is a pretty enlightened book with new ideas, but it's already almost past its time. We're experiencing that kind of drastic change — like moving from paper to hi-tech overnight. It's that type of evolution. You have to learn change quickly and be flexible.

Learn a new way of tuning in. Realize what has shifted, and act appropriately. Be aware of how you can move through life, and how everything is vibrating differently.

Julia: What effects might the Earth Changes have on our health?

Li Lan: There have been many symptoms that have reflected the Earth Changes during the past two years. Many older bodies experienced intense strain, heart-attack symptoms, flu-like symptoms, and hot flashes (not menopausal).

The sensation of heart-attack symptoms was actually the expansion of the Heart Chakra. The flu-like symptoms were to detoxify and move the lower density out of the body. And the hot flashes reflected the new energy that was coming into the planet. The younger bodies didn't experience these problems. We are receiving a new etheric-body program that alters our physical program.

Julia: I read on your website that sound activation can help with physical symptoms and changes in consciousness. How does this work?

Li Lan: Musicians and sound technicians are being guided to create recordings that will reach the masses to activate the upgrades that have been given them. They will be exposed to certain sound-wave frequencies that are in the general environment, through radio, music, and television.

Lightworkers will require more precise calibration of the sound. Toning is helpful. Practicing sounds for yourself will help to vibrate and align your bodies with the changes occurring. This also helps to build up Prana or Life Force in the body. You may need to ask for guidance for someone trained in sound modalities, and this will occur if you ask for it.[2]

Julia: How can we help the Earth? Is there anything we can do at this time?

Li Lan: Connecting to the Earth through the heart is appropriate. You can visualize Gaia standing in front of you in a human or goddess form and merge your heart with hers.

When you do this, feel the alignment of the Earth through feet and body. Let everything become one with Gaia, and feel the resonance. Feel all of the emotion of the Earth as it courses through your body.

And as you tune into that awareness, become aware of the strangeness, the wildness, the dangerous edge of nature. This "edge" of nature is something that everyone was once aware of — people respected the Earth and were aware of her power.

I do want to warn you that this exercise may not feel "good." The Earth doesn't feel good at this point. The energy can feel uncomfortable or heavy. The energy doesn't necessarily conform to our ideas of a nurturing, energizing Earth. Everything is in an uproar. We are coming out of a period of three-to-four-hundred years of materialistic, paternalistic patterns, and the Earth is not happy about this. We have a history of taking what we want without giving back and without asking permission. The Earth is weary of being "tamed."

One act you can do to help is to make love with your partner "for the Earth." I don't know how many people would be willing to do this — Lightworkers, who are sensitive, can feel the energy of the Earth build within their own bodies — this is particularly true in certain areas. Mt Shasta is one area like that.

In making love "for the Earth," you connect with your partner and bring up the energy through the crown chakra, refine the energy, and bring it back down to the root chakra. This orgasmic energy helps to relieve the pressure that is building in the Earth.

You can also talk to the devas and love them. You can recognize that each species of plant has an Overlighting Deva and each rock has a nature spirit connected to it. You can make contact with individual devas or with the Overlighting Deva of the area in which you live. Send them love, and they will be happy to communicate with you.

Recently, I was in Flagstaff, Arizona, and I noticed that the trees were not looking well. As I looked at them, I felt that the trees were not receiving something that they needed in order to be healthy. They were pale in color, no longer the vibrant green that I had in my memory.

This loss of color is a phenomenon that we noticed in our travels across the USA last year.

I was prompted to connect to the Overlighting Devas of the trees, and I asked to know what it was that they were missing. The answer that came back was, "Love and respect from the Humans." It brought tears to my eyes.

The trees remember the days when many of them were regarded as sacred, and the wisdom of the trees was valued. They remember the days when priests and priestesses made love and sent that love energy into the land, feeding the Earth and all who grew and lived on it.

There is sadness that, even with all the Light energy bombarding the Earth, there is still so little Love energy to go around.

I asked what we could do, and they showed me that the Earth needed to be infused with Love — Divine, Unconditional Love — and that we needed to direct that love to all beings, not just humans.[3]

Many species of trees, plants, and animals are leaving the planet at this time, but the loss of species is also an act of Co-Creation. These species are leaving the planet to show us about our destruction and to give us the opportunity for change.

The ozone hole is another example of Co-Creation. It's negative in many ways, but it also allows more energy to descend into our atmosphere.

Julia: Many people have used crystals, ceremonies, and labyrinths to merge their energy with the Earth. How effective are these tools? Do they help in healing the Earth?

Li Lan: The Earth does not need ceremonies, labyrinths, and crystals. At one time, ceremonies were important, not only in a social context, but also to generate energy.

The Native Americans have used ceremony for a very long time, and it's interesting that they never clear the energy afterward. I've been called to clear the energy at the sites of Native American ceremonial grounds. They perform the ceremony, but then they don't ever clear the Earth.

The ceremonies are a distraction to the Earth. A good analogy is a teenager who has discovered new interests, and his little brother asks him to play a game, like Candyland or Monopoly. But the teenager doesn't want to play any more.

The Earth feels the same way. She's changing.

All that is necessary now is to use intention, integrity, and discernment. It's important to connect with the Earth and ask if what you are doing is appropriate and if you have permission.

Julia: Is there anything that you would like to add in closing?

Li Lan: Yes, I have a message from the Overlighting Devas of the planet.

[Here, Li Lan apparently went into trace. After a few moments, I received the following message:]

We are the Overlighting Devas of the all the grids and matrices. We wish humans to know how much they contribute to our energy, health, and balance, and how much they can disrupt it. It is time for people to realize that they are one part of the whole — not the center. That all species input to the grids of the planet.

We have tried to maintain the balance of the planet for a long time. It has been offset. The auric field of the Earth is composed of the morphogenic field of every species, as well as the etheric field. Humans can do so much more and regain so much more if they would open themselves and feel. Those who are connected to the Earth are connected to everything that is the Earth and everything that affects the Earth.

There are intergalactic spheres, other spheres, and humans are only a small part — a part that has played a large role. We are moving into our ascension, and you are moving with us. It is no longer a matter of individual ascension. Now is the time for all of us to connect to the whole. We are all a part of a great team that must step forward to take its place again. We are joyful for it. It has been a long time.

Li Lan ChanLi Lan Chan is a consecrated minister and a channel who has been working extensively with the Spiritual Hierarchy. She also is the author of Tools for the Next Step on the Ascension Path, a manual of guided meditations and processes.

Li Lan lives in Sedona, Arizona, and can be reached by email at StarOrchid@earthlink.net or by phone at 928-300-5619. For more information, please visit her website at StarOrchid.net.


  1. The Keys of Enoch, 3:17, describes the axiatonal lines as "vibratory lines, which connect levels of human electrochemical activity with astrobiological circuits that span the solar system and are connected with resonating star systems. The axiatonal lines connect the acupuncture mapping of the human biological system with superior astrological analogs."
  2. See StarOrchid.net.
  3. Ibid.

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