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The Astronomer
painting by
Myles Pinkney
Using Divination for Guidance
including Drunvalo's Triple Numbers system
by Susan Barber

Divining means asking the external Universe to answer our questions through the patterns of seemingly chance events. In this article, we will present an overview of what divining is and how it's used, and then share with you a couple of the tools we have found to be the most powerful and reliable.

One of the tools we'll explain will be Drunvalo's Triple Numbers system.

Three Divination Categories

The practice of divination is as old as mankind, and is certainly not confined to uneducated, superstitious peoples, as we were all taught in grade school. For example, the sophisticated ancient Romans sought answers by examining the entrails of chickens killed for the purpose. And while modern divining tools — like Tarot, I-Ching, and even tea leaves — are usually kinder and more sanitary than that, the principle is the same: Answers are read in the patterns that show up when the divination tools are "cast."

Another method of seeking answers, and probably the most reliable one, is that of looking for meaningful coincidences. This approach, which we'll explain further on in this article, is examined in James Redfield's Celestine Prophecy and subsequent books in that series. The Knock of the Spirit in Castaneda's book The Power of Silence also belongs in this category, and is defined as the First Abstract Core of sorcery.

Methods that combine aspects of divination and meaningful coincidence include Drunvalo's Triple Numbers system (which we also will explain further on), and interpretation of the kinds of animals that appear around us. Margaret Craven's haunting book I Heard the Owl Cry My Name describes how a priest living among the Northwest Indians comes to understand that the Universe really does communicate with us in these ways. The beautiful book that goes with David Carson's Medicine Cards is a good source for the divinatory meanings of the animals that may show up in our environment.

Does Divination Really Work?

More than thirty years ago, before I believed in "any of this stuff," a friend challenged me to try an experiment. I was to put out a request to the Universe, and then watch for unusual feelings and signs.

In those days, I was mainly interested in men. So I asked the Universe to help me meet and get to know this gorgeous guy I was intrigued with but had been too shy to approach. As instructed, I wrote the request down on five index cards, along with a declaration of what my friend called the Five Criteria of a Well-Formed Intent: that I really wanted it, could imagine it, deserved to have it happen, and was willing to take responsibility for it; and that everyone involved would benefit.

The next day, when I was halfway home from playing tennis, I had a strong impulse to walk back and take a strange and much longer route. Realizing that this crazy impulse might be an answer to my request, I obeyed it. In doing so, I ran into my friend Max. He was on the porch of his home, barbecuing chicken — and talking with the man I wanted to meet (I hadn't known where Max lived, or that they knew each other). Max introduced us and invited me to have dinner with them.

That delicious happening pretty much changed my entire theory of the nature of the Universe. Later, I practiced for months with dice-throwing experiments until I was totally convinced that random events are not, in fact, random. Science was just plain wrong about everything that really mattered.

Does this mean you should believe in divination? No, not at all. What it does suggest is that it might be worth your time to do what I did: Try it and see what happens.

Using Divination Tools

Tarot, Medicine Cards, and the I-Ching are probably the most popular divination tools. There are many books about what the various hexagrams, cards, and layouts mean, and there are both online and CD-ROM software programs that will do the shuffing, selecting, and interpreting for you. Here, we will address more general concerns.

The first thing to know about divination tools is that any future events they seem to predict are not set in stone. They are possibilities, or even opportunities. Spirit has no interest in scaring us or giving us negative ideas, and everything that happens to us has a positive purpose.

So it follows that if we are shown something that appears negative, we are being told either that something needs to change, or that if we just "hang in there" this seemingly negative event will turn out just fine. Then we can look to other parts of the reading for clues as to what needs changing or what the meaning is. In doing this, we will find out how to cultivate (or avoid) any outcome that's shown, or at least understand the positive underlying reason behind any temporarily negative manifestation.

James Redfield gives a really good example in the Celestine Prophecy of how this works. One day, while seeking the answer to a particular question, the protagonist finds himself having to choose between two roads. He takes the one that seems brighter — he just "knows" it's the correct path — and is immediately arrested and thrown in jail! This looks very bad for his theories about how to decide which road to take — until he finds out that the man who is sharing his cell has the answer to his question! As soon as he receives this information, the police turn him loose.

Secondly, it's important not to become "hooked." In my experience, people who seem to be addicted to card readings and such are actually people who don't believe the answers they've already received. So they keep asking essentially the same question over and over, hoping for a different answer (or for confirmation of the first one). If you find yourself doing this, just sit down and write out what the answers are that you have been getting to your big question. Then don't ask about that again until the situation makes some kind of major shift.

Also, it's important to be thoughtful about framing our questions. I have found that it works best to ask something like, "What does my Highest Guidance want me to know right now?" If we seek answers in a particular area, we can say, "What does my Highest Guidance want me to know right now about ___________?"

I think it's also important to request answers of our Guidance that will help us energetically. This overcomes any tendency toward the doom-and-gloom kinds of readings that we so often subconsciously expect and thus create.

Then, we have to be intuitive about interpreting the results. This takes a lot of practice, but it's fun. You can study books about whatever tool you are using. Also, you can learn a lot by doing readings for others.

Finally, if we try to use these tools as a substitute for the inner work that needs doing, we'll find ourselves going around in circles. Divination tools can help us choose the path our Higher Self wants us to walk. But the choosing and the walking are both up to us.

Meaningful Coincidences

For the most part, this is an easy one. The important aspect is that we have made our list of questions. We know what it is we are seeking. This is what makes the coincidence meaningful!

At the very least, meaningful coincidences let us know that the Universe is not a mechanical, cause-and-effect system, as we have been taught to believe. If we telepathically send a message to our partner to stop off and pick up a head of lettuce on the way home from work, and it happens, we can't prove anything scientifically, but we know.

Here are two divination systems that rely upon meaningful coincidence.

The Knock of the Spirit

In the Power of Silence, Don Juan teaches Carlos that when Spirit has something extremely important to communicate with us, it will "knock" three times. In other words, we will receive three clear, unambiguous "meaningful coincidences" to let us know that some decision we need to make is correct. What makes the coincidence meaningful is that it comes in conjunction with our thoughts.

The Knock of the Spirit is our guidance sending us a message. We don't need to be psychic or have any particular abilities to perceive and interpret these messages. We simply need to be aware.

Here's an example from my own experience.

When I first knew inside that I wanted to help Drunvalo, I also got, "You and about ten thousand other people." So I told my guidance that if this was my path I needed to receive three signs, and that I needed to receive the first sign during my upcoming seminar with Drunvalo at the Omega Institute.

I drove the 200 or so miles to that seminar on a beautiful summer's day. It would be my first experience of Drunvalo's work except for his lectures at Wesak. As I approached the Institute, I was so happy that I started singing — joyfully, at the top of my lungs — an old Girl Scout camp song I hadn't thought of in decades.

On the last day of the seminar, Drunvalo told us the story of the Japanese Sun Goddess, Amaterasu, and her children. At the end of that story, Amaterasu's children appear as a group of Australian laughing birds — they're called Kookaburras. And the song I'd been singing? "Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree..."

Drunvalo says that he guides many of his major decisions by the Knock of the Spirit. He was urged by others to do the workshop in Japan, where he brought Amaterasu out of the Earth after centuries of darkness, but he agreed to this only after receiving three clear, unambiguous signs.

Drunvalo's Triple Numbers System

As Drunvalo explains it, one of the ways Spirit communicates with us is by means of triple — or even quadruple or larger — numbers that appear around us — license plates, clocks, airline flight numbers, street addresses, and so on.

It's clear that numbers are basic to the way the Universe works. From Sacred Geometry, the Golden Mean, and the Fibonacci spiral to the harmonics of music, numerical relationships underlie the Reality.

In this case, this system is based on music. In the Chromatic scale of music, as the notes go up the scale, C, C#, D etc. the cycles per second increase by eleven cycles per second on each note. Therefore all increases are multiples of eleven. So the notes increase relative to each other by 11, 22, 33, etc.

Since all of nature is also based on vibration and the harmony of music, whenever you see double numbers or double anything, it is a "harmonic" moment. But it is normal. However, when you see triple numbers, 111, 222, 333, etc., then it is a very harmonic moment. If you see 1111, 2222, 3333, etc. then it is extremely harmonic.

So in this system, each number has its own meaning, and the more numbers there are together, or the more often we see them, the more powerful the sign. For example, 1111 is a much stronger and more significant sign than 111 — and if you see it twice or more in a row, this means you should really pay attention.

Further, it does not have to be just numbers. It can be, for example, three black birds in a row followed by three more black birds, followed by three more black birds. This sequence equals 333.

The system also works for letters. A, J, and S=1, B, K, and T=2, and so on (CLU=3, DMV=4, ENW=5, FOX=6, GPY=7, HQZ=8, IR=9). So if you see 11A, then it also equals 111, and M4D equals 444 — but these forms mean that what's going on is slightly hidden. If you see AAA (or DMV), then it is even more hidden. But AAA and 111 still carry the same inner meaning.

The way we would interpret the numbers for ourselves has to do with whatever we are thinking or doing, or the nature of our circumstances, at the time that the number appears. Sometimes we then have to use our intuition and/or wait to see other triple numbers for further information.

For example, if we were thinking of starting a new business and we saw triple ones, this might indicate that there was a lot of energy available for that endeavor.

The power of triple numbers comes not only from the "harmonics" of the moment itself, but also from the fact that it is sourced in the outside reality and therefore is not affected by our ego.

Drunvalo says that triple numbers are God speaking to us.

Here are what the nine possibilities mean:

111 — Energy flow. Money, sexual energy, movement of energy from one place to another. If we are thinking about something important to us when we see triple ones, this indicates that energy is moving or being gathered related to that subject.

222 — The beginning of a new cycle. We do not know the nature of the cycle until the next triple number shows up.

333 — We are being faced with a decision. Triple threes also means that there may be a lesson here. Depending on your decesion, it will move to 666 or 999. If you see 666 next, then the lesson will be given to you again, either in the same manner or in some other way. When it moves to 999, then this lesson is complete for you.

444 — Triple fours indicates study related to the Mystery School. Depending upon what's happening, events may be presenting us with Mystery School lessons and information.

555 — This is the number of Christ Consciousness. It means that we have mastered a lesson in Life in our spiritual path and are now living it.

666 — We tend to think of 666 as evil, but it's not, except in extreme cases. Actually, it's the number of the human being, and it means density — the physical plane. Carbon, which is what organic life is based upon, has 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. In divinatory terms, triple sixes ask us to pay attention, be aware, slow down, look around. If we see more than one instance of 666, we might want to consider being very careful.

777 — This is like 444, except it is a higher level of the Mystery School. Instead of studying, we are practicing, even playing. We are making our knowledge real in the world.

888 — Triple eights means that we have completed something in the Mystery School, whether we were at the four level or the seven level. We have mastered something.

999 — This means completion on all levels.

000 — This is the void and does not relate to this world. It is the pause between the notes of music.

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