Spirit of Ma'at: "Connecting with Inner Guidance" — Vol 3 June 2003

Receiving Simple Answers

by Larry Kiser

Larry Kiser, the source of this article, is a powerful healer. Many of us at the Spirit of Ma'at watched him work his miracles during our pilgrimage to the Four Corners last summer.

Larry's healings depend upon many, many small corrections, all of which add up to a major shift. And he bases these small corrections on answers to small questions — answers that he obtains from his own inner guidance and that of his client. He's so good at getting answers that his friends call him up from all over the world with simple little questions like "Should I buy a new car?" or "Can I stop taking this medication?" And he's always happy to help. But he also wants us to learn how to do these things for ourselves. He knows that if he learned to do it, we can, too.

Larry's explanations of kinesiology and other techniques makes them seem very simple — and they are. But getting results is not necessarily easy. It's a little bit like playing the piano. Anyone can pick out a tune, but as he points out, if we seek mastery, we're probably going to have to practice.

Connecting with guidance from the Higher Self is something that anyone can do. In fact, we often do this without even realizing it. Inner guidance is often happening when we just strongly feel that a certain course of action is right, although we cannot say why.

And our guidance often leads us in directions that are important or interesting. For example, we may have the sense that we should call a certain person immediately — and find out when we do so that the timing of our call was highly significant. We may obey a sudden impulse to go to the store or for a walk, and encounter "by chance" someone we have been wanting to connect with. We may decline an invitation because we just "don't feel like it," only to find that by staying home we receive an important visit we would have missed if we'd accepted.

But inner guidance also can be used intentionally and with great precision. In fact, from eighteen years of working with energy, I know that it is possible, using our guidance, to clear any mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological, psychic, or spiritual issue.

Like most of us, I started out knowing nothing. In fact, I was practicing law when I began to study healing, and I think it would be difficult to a imagine a less intuitive profession than the legal one. But as I began to contact my guidance, the process became easier and the answers more precise, until today I no longer resort to my conscious mind for decision making.

The Body Knows

There are many techniques for getting complex instructions and insight from the Higher Self. But for purposes of this article, we will look at ways in which we can obtain immediate answers to fairly simple questions (e.g., "Is this herbal tincture good for my body?" or "Do I really want to go on this trip?").

The technique I most often use is called "kinesiology" — an approach in which our own bodies pick up answers from our energetic field. My healing practice involves working daily with the tools of kinesiology to reveal what my clients' and my own energetic fields are saying.[1]

How does this work? The answer to this can be found in our everyday experience. In fact, most of us are aware of "body language." We sense that another's body is probably telling the truth, even though his or her mind may believe something quite the opposite. For example, if a man whose hands and jaw are tightly clenched is saying, "I feel fine," we normally believe the body posture, not the words.

Our own bodies also tell the truth, and we may decide to listen to them instead of to our often-conflicting beliefs. If we usually feel tense and angry around certain people, for example, we might want to acknowledge that love is not what we are feeling toward those people — no matter how deeply we may believe otherwise. This is "inner guidance" at its most elementary level. Our bodies are always giving us signals, if we can only learn to sense them.

However, we can take body language one step farther and actually ask the body to give us yes-or-no answers to specific questions. The underlying rationale here is that the body will experience strength in the presence of a positive response and weakness toward the negative.

Below are ways to develop your ability to use kinesiology — body responses — to contact your inner guidance. I've also touched upon a few other methods that make use of different sensory systems. When you can obtain results with the system that is easiest for you, the others will often become easier, as well.

Please note that these suggestions are just a beginning. Once you start, your own guidance will teach you how to proceed. You will never stop learning.

Preliminary Considerations

You have often heard, "Ask and ye shall receive," "Seek and ye shall find," or "Knock and the door shall be opened to you." These are not empty phrases. But here, the important thing to realize is that the one you are asking is your Higher Self — not someone outside. Our desire and intent to receive answers from within ourselves is critical. Yes, for most of us it does seem easier to ask someone else for guidance — but even when we do that, we still have to ask ourselves who else to ask!

Secondly, whatever technique we use, the first thing we must do is to clarify the questions or issues for which we seek answers. And it works best if we keep this very simple. An issue can be anything that is troubling us, anything we are undecided about or want to make up our minds about — even something as simple as whether to go to a movie, and if so, when.

"What is it I really want to know?" will start the mind in the right direction of thinking about our issues.

Finally, we may have difficulty receiving answers from our own senses. In most cases, the main thing is to simply assume that we can do it, and to begin by practicing with small things. Also, of course, it often helps in the beginning to find a teacher, or to study books on the subject.

If no matter what we do we cannot get results using these simple yes-or-no techniques, it may be that we have a block of some kind. If this seems true for you, I suggest you ask your inner guidance to have the block removed! This could happen right after you ask for it. Or if it seems more comfortable to allow time for this to happen, you could ask your Higher Self before you go to sleep to remove this block while you sleep.

If nothing else works, you can seek assistance.

Below are some common methods that anyone can use.


You can buy pendulums in many bookstores and spiritually oriented shops. To make your own, get a chain about four inches long, and attach a crystal, a ring, or some other object to its end.

In using the pendulum, hold the top of the chain between the thumb and forefinger of your dominant hand (i.e., the right hand if you are right-handed). Give the instruction, aloud or within your mind, that the pendulum will move from side-to-side for no, and forward-and-backward (toward and away from your body) for yes.[2]

Now hold the arm so that the elbow is steady and the hand does not move, and think "yes." The pendulum should move forward-and-backward. You may have to practice this for a while until you get the hang of it.

As soon as the pendulum moves forward-and-backward when you are thinking "yes," bring it to rest with your other hand, and then think "no." Now the pendulm should swing side-to-side.

When you have established the motions for "yes" and "no," begin to make declaratory statements to which you already know the answer. For example: "My name is Larry." (Or you can use questions: "Is my name Larry?" The declaratory statement works best in most cases.)

When you are receiving correct answers, you can then begin to request information you don't already have. For example: "It would be valuable for me to attend this conference" (or "Should I attend this conference?").

If the pendulum does not seem responsive, ask your Higher Self to assist you. And please, do give yourself time to learn to trust it. This may not happen immediately, but eventually you should receive reliable answers.

The pendulum works for almost everyone, but it's a little slower than the methods I've covered below.

The Finger-Thumb Test

Using your non-dominant hand (for most of us, this is the left) make a circle with the thumb and forefinger.

Place your right-hand thumb within the circle, and move it against the left thumb. The tension should seem fairly light, not as though you are holding your fingers together for dear life.

To begin testing, place your attention at the Third Eye (the point between your eyebrows) and make a declaration or ask a question, such as, "My name is Mary." While making this declaration, move your right thumb (the one that's in the circle) into the juncture of the left thumb and forefinger. The reason for the attention at the point between the eyebrows is that there is an energetic or meridian connection between the thumbs and the point of intuition at the spiritual eye.

If the answer to your question or declaration is yes, the juncture will be "strong" and your right thumb will not break through it. If the answer is no, the juncture will be "weak," and your right thumb will break out of the circle.

For any question or declaration, the break will happen when a negative answer is the correct response.

If you practice this with an open mind you will find that the body responds naturally and easily.

Moving Your Hands Together

This one requires a little visualization.

Extend your arms in front of you about heart-high, with the palms of your hands about three inches apart.

Without holding any particular thoughts, gently let your hands come toward each other. You can move them gently back and forth in a kind of bouncing motion until they touch. When they touch, the tips of the fingers of one hand should be just about even with the tips of the fingers of the other hand.

Moving your palms gently toward and away from each other, say the word, "yes." When the hands touch, the dominant hand should now be forward of the non-dominant one. In other words, if you are right-handed, the tips of the fingers on your right hand will be farther out than the left. There may be an inch or more of difference, or even several inches.

Now, say the word, "no," again moving your palms toward and away from each other. When the hands touch this time, the non-dominant hand should be farther forward.

As you practice this, the difference between the tips of your fingers will be greater.

The body is made so that it stretches out at the feet and hands depending upon whether a positive or negative response is called for.

If you think your mind is controlling the response, then do this one with your hands above your head, where you cannot see them. Once the hands have touched, bring them down to see what the answer is.

Hearing an Inner Voice

By this, we do not mean a booming voice declaring it is the Almighty. Instead, we simply receive an answer as a word in our minds. Again, this works best if we keep our questions simple. It also is useful for questions where the answers are multiple choice rather than yes-or-no.

For example, when I want to know how many issues are involved with some pain or other problem, I might ask, "How many related issues are there?" And the number will come into my mind.

Assuming that the main source of a problem is going to be mental, physical, emotional, psychological, psychic, or spiritual, I might ask "What is the main source of this problem?"

The answer I hear is in my own voice, and sometimes it comes while I am asking, or even before I have verbalized the question.

It took some time before I learned to trust that these inner-voice responses were not just something I was making up. The key is to start with small things. Later, you will find that you can trust answers to more important questions.

Seeing Images

If you can visualize well, this technique may be the easiest one for you. If not, practicing this technique can develop your power of vizualization (also, as you practice one technique, the others will develop, as well).

Simply imagine an inner screen in your mind. Then when you ask the question, let the answer appear upon the screen. It may appear in words or as a picture.

You can also ask to see the color green for yes and red for no. Then you ask a question or make a declaration you already know the answer to, and wait for the color to appear on your inner screen. You would develop this technique by practicing in the same way that you practiced using the side-to-side and forward-and-backward movement of the pendulum.


Although inner guidance is natural to all of us, using these kinds of specific techniques may take practice.

The more you practice, the more precise and reliable will be the answers you receive.

It's well worth the effort!

Larry Kiser is a certified Master Practicioner of Chinese Energetic medicine. He studies with Dr. Kam Yuen, a 35th generation Shoalin and Kung Fu master. He also is schooled in Attunement (a method of energetic balance of the endocrine glands), Light Therapy, and Huna Healing.

Realizing that time and space are only apparent, Larry has found that his work is just as effective at a distance, so he does most of his healings by telephone throughout the United States and Europe. He also works extensively with horses and cats, and teaches clinics and seminars.

Larry makes his home in Grass Valley, California. He can be contacted by phone at 530-432-9096, or by email at LLKiser@jps.net.


  1. In his book Power vs. Force, David Hawkins describes the scientific basis and accuracy of nerve/muscle testing, or kinesiology, in receiving responses to declaratory statements. These tests have proved that the body knows what the mind does not.
  2. If you prefer, you can use clockwise for "yes" and counter-clockwise for "no." Or you can ask your body what it wants to use for "yes" and "no," and accept the answers. In this case, every time you use the pendulum you might want to ask again, "What's 'no'?" and "what's 'yes'?" before you begin.

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