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Drunvalo and friends

Introductory Statement

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Introductory Statement

Dear Ones,

Often, when I am "on stage," I offer an idea out to the world that is on the cutting edge of human consciousness to explore, and I am then held accountable for its being without error. But the idea that everything I believe at any given time must be true is neither my position nor my passion. I would rather offer to you a concept that appears to me to be emerging in the world, and then allow all of us, together, to find out the facts and the truth and how human consciousness can find this new information useful for this world we live in. Sometimes the nail is hit on the head, and sometimes it is not. If it is not, then we go on, but if it is, then we find ways of using the information for the greater good.

So in these letters to you, my words will be offered only as possibilities, not as absolutes. In other words, I will give you the best information that I am aware of at the time, but it may not always be perfect. It is my opinion and what I believe at the time. But no matter what I say, do not accept it as fact until you take the time to find out for yourself if it is real or not. You must be responsible unto yourself, not only with me, but in all of Life. If you can accept that, then we are in alignment.

In most of these letters, all of which were written during the year 2003, I describe two sacred journeys I made, together with international groups of lightworkers, in the summer of 2002 and the spring of 2003.

May these accounts of our journeys be a blessing in your life.

In Love and Service