Spirit of Ma'at: "Free Energy & Alternative Energy, Part II" — Vol 2 No 8

Amazing Stories of Light-Life Technology

by Slim Spurling

Origin of the Technology

The discovery of the principle of the Light-Life Ring in the winter of 1991 involved a synchronistic coming together of five researchers in the area of subtle energy. These researchers also were specialized in a very wide range of highly technical science areas, and two of them were clairvoyants and psychics who were well known in the Denver area.

The discovery event was followed by three years of intense research. Besides physics, quantum physics, chemistry, magnetics, and mathematical constants, the research involved a wide variety of lesser-known scientific disciplines, including sacred geometry, world grid harmonics, and geodetic measurement. It also entailed nonstop, hands-on, real-life experiments and observations.

All of this eventually resulted in the Grand Experiment, which, on March 18, 1994, eliminated the "brown cloud" in Denver.

In this experiment, audio frequencies were broadcast throughout the Denver area through what we call a Harmonizer (see picture at left). Public agencies in Denver were not notified of this experiment.

In subsequent experiments, some of them in cooperation with civic agencies, all reports showed a net decline in monitored pollutants after the Harmonizer and audio frequency program was started. The decline continued as long as the Harmonizer field was active and was being maintained by our associates.

A Global Vision

With that first success, the vision was born to eliminate air pollution globally, one city at a time.

Since then, successful tests have been conducted in several major cities in the United States, Egypt, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Canada, Brazil, Israel, South Africa, and Venezuela.

Today, pollution levels remain low in those cities where a strong network of a dozen or so private citizens continue to operate their own Harmonizers.

The cost/benefit ratio is enormous. The public service/environmental benefit is incalculable.

It now seems to be a real probability that an array of some 700 properly spaced units, provided with solar, battery backup, and conventional 110-V residential power sources utilizing a compact, computer-chip-driven frequency generator (already designed) could, in only 30 days, drastically reduce the entire global pollution load of the entire atmosphere as it circulates naturally through a North-South line.

Unfortunately, It's Not Enough

But even with a 90 percent reduction of the global pollution load, continuing for a year, the daily influx of unburned hydrocarbon vapors still will pose a threat to life on our planet, through several related scenarios:

  • the reduction of atmospheric oxygen due to die-off of aquatic and oceanic phyto-plankton as a result of downshifted solar spectrum frequencies
  • clogging of stomata in terrestrial vegetation
  • build up of hydrocarbon vapors to the flash point and subsequent ignition
  • rapid acceleration of desertification due to global warming (or the alternative, sudden onset of an ice age)

Until an alternate fuel source is adopted globally, Harmonizer clearing of the environment will provide only a window of opportunity for change — albeit a much more economically feasible and publicly acceptable method than some of those being proposed by various regulatory agencies and environmental groups.

Implementing the worldwide Harmonizer program would of necessity have to be funded, either by a philanthropic group or by an individual with great resources as well as a great vision for the true future of humanity.

Possible Protection from Bioterrorist Attacks

In the present climate of concern with bioterrorism, it is useful to know that experiments have shown the Harmonizer field of energy significantly reduces the ability of infectious organisms to grow in the vicinity of the unit.

In making use of Harmonizers for protecting one's living space, it appears that the Harmonizer can be activated by many natural substances, and not just through the use of audio- or electronically-generated frequencies.

Fresh herbs or a cotton ball with a few drops of colloidal silver or other remedy (even homeopathic) may be used. Even the extremely weak frequencies of herbs and other natural remedies are sufficient to activate the Harmonizer technology and offset the perceived threat.

The puffball mushroom is one of natural remedy that I have worked with and that has proved particularly effective.

The use of the puffball — those fungus balloons that appear on trees and wood — comes to us through the Native Americans, who used it as a broad-spectrum antibiotic against the entire range of infections encountered in the dangerous conditions inherent in their nomadic lifestyle.

Puffball was used for every type of bacterial infection, from diaper rash to deep penetrating wounds such as bites from animals or battle wounds.

A Puffball Case History

In my own experience with this remedy, I was called in on a case in Denver in which a home had been seeded with anthrax. The intent was to silence an author who possessed damning evidence in a sensitive political scandal. His information would have rocked the political, social, and financial foundations of the state.

Before visiting this author, I gave the name and address to a practitioner in a subtle-energy research group (radionics), with the request to check the name and location for the suspected anthrax organism. The report came back that a very high reading for the presence of the anthrax organism had been found.

Then I visited the author, and after hearing his story and conceding that much of it was plausible, I tucked a small puffball mushroom inside an Environmental Harmonizer and left it on the living room coffee table.

Two hours after I left the premises, the subtle-energy practitioner found that the indications for anthrax for this name and location were now zero — the lowest reading for any organism the practitioner had ever seen in over 30 years of research.

(The author did eventually die of a stroke some several years later — but neither the author nor any of the investigating parties contracted anthrax.)

Of course, the foregoing does not constitute scientific proof. But it does confirm a trend of experimental evidence, engaged in on a case-by-case basis. This evidence has accumulated, event by event, in a long series of experiments, most of which are one-of-a-kind and highly unlikely to be duplicated in the conduct of the type of day-to-day research we have been called upon to do.

However, even one experimental event of this nature is reason enough to take mental notes and file it in the Priority Drawer, in case a similar situation should arise (as it has now, since the events of September 11).

A Harmonizer activated by a puffball is certainly a simple and logical first-line of experimental defense.

Detoxifying Air, Water, and Soil

A volunteer grassroots network on five continents has proved over the past seven years that audio-frequency-driven Harmonizers significantly reduce city and regional air and water pollution, and also significantly reduce crop damage from certain types of moth/miller insect pests.

Additionally, a number of unexpected effects have been widely noted in the field reports from active lay and professional researchers. Among these are a steady drop in crime rates within the Harmonizer energy field radius!

Other effects include enhanced plant growth, and the reduction of Red Tide and other toxic algae and bacterial blooms in rivers, estuaries, and ocean shore waters.

Here are a few field reports that substantiate these statements:

From Mexico City:

Dear Slim,

I apologize for taking so long to send this to you. . .

I want to tell you how fascinating our trip to Mexico was this time. Usually, we can't stay in the city for more than 3 or 4 days at a time because of the pollution. I always start to get sick. But I have never seen the sky so clear, so blue there before. And the rain, in May, day after day was extraordinary. The temperatures were much cooler than we had experienced at that time of the year. We could see so much further than we were accustomed to seeing. Sometimes we could even see the mountains. I experienced far more discomfort from the pollution the day we spent in Cuernavaca. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience and I sincerely hope that the work will continue in Mexico City. It is much needed. Bless you for doing what you do and being who you are.

Rita A., San Antonio, Texas, June 22, 1997
From the McCurry Farm, in Iowa

Insect Control using Tensor Fields, 1995 Growing Season, June through November

Report on Insect Control Using Sound (Audio) Powered Tensor Field, Modulated by Natural Frequency Algorithm of Water Molecule; Location: McCurry farm, Humboldt County, North Central Iowa; Principal Crop: Field Corn; Problem: Severe corn borer outbreak in four-county area.

Experimental Proposal: To determine whether small scale observations of reduced insect pest activity and increased plant vigor resulting from application of tensor field modulation can be applied successfully to larger farm operations.

Event Sequence: In late June of 1995, McCurry received the device called the "Agricultural Harmonizer," a tensor field device with an audio tape recording of modified water frequencies. Application began on July 3, 1995. McCurry applied the field modulation unit for 1-2 hours morning and evening.

He noted that the numbers of corn borer millers attracted to outside lighting on the house in the evening declined rapidly from approximately 100-150 millers on the window screens to "maybe" 3-6. This happened in about 48 hours.

During a short absence the unit was not operated. On his return, McCurry noted that the miller population density had returned to 100-150 insects visible on the screens.

Upon re-instituting the tensor field program (being operated 1 to 2 hours, morning and evening), the miller population again declined to 3-6 per screen area. Another short trip away from the farm later in the season and subsequent non-operation and restart of operation had the same effects noted above.

Just prior to harvest, McCurry made a field survey inspection, finding only 1 borer per stalk. Neighbors at some distance reported 8-12 borers per stalk.

Results: McCurry was able to harvest the normal ripening and field drying conditions, whereas other operations in the area were obliged to harvest early and bear the expense of spraying during the growing season and costs of drying the wetter corn in their fields.

Late Season Observations: In McCurry's area there was observed, for the first time, an out-of-season hatch of the current year's offspring of corn borers. This occurred just as frost season was beginning. McCurry noted also, as an aside, that lady bugs appeared in the area in great numbers, literally covering the side of his house.

This was the side of the house that had the Harmonizer device operating. Lady bugs had been absent or scarce during the preceding 30 years.

Conclusions: Use of the Agricultural Harmonizer Device with the audio frequencies of water for short periods during the day in the growing season can dramatically reduce certain insect pest populations. As an additional factor, beneficial insects appear to reproduce better and/or are attracted to the area.

Cost savings are significant. Possible pest species population for the '96 season are yet to be determined. Crop yield figures are not available for the '95 season.
Here are some prior observations related to control of pest and insect populations of different species:

  • Water treated with tensor field device eliminated aphids on roses in two days when sprayed lightly on a hedge of the plants.
  • Same water liberally applied to soil in a small area in two applications produced a 5-foot difference in a few stems of a bluebell ornamental species. This is compared to "normal" growth in untreated watered areas. Deeper colors in specially treated plants were noted, both in leaf color and bloom color. This was for the 1993 season.
  • Application of water frequency modulated tensor field broadcast during the 1994-95 seasons resulted in intensified colors and plant vigor in local ornamental and wildflowers. Noted out-of-season hatch of houseflies in '94 and significant reduction of fly population in '95 season.
  • Leaf miners and an unidentified species attacking local Siberian elms, causing sap to drip on cars in street, was practically absent in the '95 season in contrast to the previous 5 years without broadcast.

Conclusion: Tensor field modulation by audio in molecular water frequency range appears to very significantly reduce pest insect damage across a range of pest insect species and plant host species. Plant species increase in vitality may account for the effect. Exact mechanism is not well defined; however, net results are positive.[Note]
Earthquake Decline

Besides cutting down human negative energy, it seems that the tools can also reduce destructive earth energies, as well.

As noted above, the first air pollution control studies, involving a few tens of Harmonizers placed in widely scattered areas of the United States, Canada, and Mexico, began on March 18, 1994.

From that date to March 10, 1997, we noted a significant reduction in the number and severity of earthquakes!

The majority of Harmonizer units were concentrated along the western coast of the North American continent, and several news articles and science reports showed that the earthquake frequency in that area during that time period was running counter to predictions (based on quake frequency related to solar activity and other astronomical correlations).

So it is possible that air pollution and other lesser-known atmospheric stresses may be related to quake occurrences and their magnitude.

In Summary:

Effectively, it appears that we are at the beginning of a new branch of science, and one which can yield tremendous future benefits to mankind.

The light-life rings, coils, harmonizers and other geobiology tools and accessories are available from the Spirit of Ma'at through our Products section.


Please visit
this link to review other supporting documentation, including a long report from R. C. Hari & Sons, Ltd., of New Zealand, commenting upon agricultural improvements attained through the use of the Light-Life Rings and Harmonizers, implemented through the services of geobiologist Philip Gray — plus Gray's own comments.

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