Volume 2, Number 8

Table of Contents

Spirit of Ma'at  Vol 2 Mar 2002    "Free Energy & Alternative Energy, Part II" Cover
EDITORIAL:  What's Consciousness Got to Do With It?    In this issue, along with much new free-energy information, we explore the relationship of consciousness to zero-point energy. Drunvalo
A Realm Beyond Free Energy
Taming the Fierce Energy of the Vacuum: Part II    The continuation of Bearden's article talks about consciousness and the void — the quantum physical basis for the power of thought. Bearden
William Tiller: The Conscious Creation of a New Paradigm    William Tiller, Stanford emeritus professor and scientist, has just published his book proving scientifically that thought imprints the physical universe. Here, he shares with Celeste Adams his spiritual vision and the meaning of his findings. Tiller
Antigravity: Space & Energy Technologies for the 21st Century    Disclosure Project scientist Theodore Loder demonstrates that antigravity technology, though classified, has existed for decades and will dramatically alter technology and physics in the coming millennium. Loder
Free Energy Implications
Free Energy and Spiritual Responsibility    Jeane Manning, author of The Coming Energy Revolution, thinks that the apparent hold on new energy technology is more than just an issue of giant cartels and the fossil fuels industries. It also has a spiritual basis. Manning
Free Energy: Getting There, Being There    What are the future scenarios for converting to free energy? And what does our world look like when we do? Hiltner
Free Energy Patents and Technology
High-Density Charge Clusters and Other New Energy Devices    Hal Fox is one of the giants in the new-energy field. This article of his may be of interest mainly to "techies" — but it's really very readable, and gives us a clear picture of sober, hard science at work to change our world. Fox
Rotating Overunity Asymmetrical Devices, or R O A D s    Student Ryan Hopkins gives us the theory behind one type of magnetic overunity generator, showing why it's capable of producing more then ten times the energy that it takes in. Readable and fascinating, even if you can't do the math! Hopkins
Cold Fusion: Not Just a Dream    Despite establishment derision, US Patents exist. The latest patent breakthrough could lead to the availability of home units in the foreseeable future. Staff
Free Energy Patents Are Finally Being Issued    There seems to have been a change in policy. Suddenly, a wide range of free-energy patents have begun to appear, and more are on the horizon. Barg
Alternative Ideas and Solutions
Introduction to a New Science   Light-Life Rings, Coils, and Harmonizers — these psychotronic devices have not yet been engineered to generate energy, but they use free-energy principles. Drunvalo
Amazing Stories of Light-Life Technology   Cities cleared of pollution in hours, lessening of crime rates, abatement of earthquakes, control of agricultural pests. Light-Life devices co-inventor Slim Spurling documents all of this and more.
Geobiology: Earth Energies That Affect Our Lives   Bill Reid, co-inventor with Slim Spurling, tells us how this revolutionary new science got started, and describes practical applications we can use in our own lives, especially in dealing with negative earth energies.
Is the Energy Answer Blowin' in the Wind?    Ireland and the UK have started a new program to end dependence on fossil fuels. It's not zero-point. There's no complicated math. It's . . . windmills! Staff
Off-Topic: Startling New Discoveries from Siberia
Off-Topic Article   Cosmic Changes    Dr. Dmitriev and the Russian National Academy of Science are discovering recent massive and incomprehensible changes in our solar system, the sun itself, the planets, and our own Earth. Drunvalo