Vol 3, No 10  

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Spirit of Ma'at  Vol 3 May 2003    "The Dreamtime" Cover
EDITORIAL: The Gathering Dream   The world we truly seek to create cannot be manifested from our intellect. But there is a Sacred Space within the human heart where we can go to dream a new world. It was known to the Ancients — and there are indications that human beings are beginning to remember this space. Drunvalo
Dream Explorations
Seth Dreams     For the Seth of Jane Roberts, the exploration of our dream reality was not only a grand adventure in consciousness, but an actual journey into lands as vivid, as real, and as important to our well being as our own physical bodies and the beds in which they lie sleeping. Seth
Becoming a Dream-Art Scientist     Seth defines Dream-Art Scientists as courageous pioneers who map the worlds that lie within and beyond the physical dimension. In doing this, they take consciousness to new levels of transformation, and help to create the world of the future. Helfrich
Shamanic Conscious Dreaming    Shamans enter the Upper, Lower, and Middle worlds of the dreamtime directly from a waking state, taking their consciousness with them. Siberian shaman Biven Mamonta talks about how this is done and why we might want to learn how to do it ourselves. Mamonta
Collective Dreaming
The Power of Dream Circles     The aboriginals have always considered the "dreamtime" as an area where all meet to help each other and humanity. This fascinating article about Dream Circles shows how you may participate at this level of dreaming in your own life. Kaplan
Amazon Tribes and Collective Dreams     From the tribes of the Amazon to the laboratories of the Institute for Noetic Sciences, the proof exists that the Dreamtime is not a private reality. Schlitz
Jungian Dream Interpretation    Jung is the father of Western dream interpretation. Stressing the importance of recording and sharing our dreams, he saw in them the collective archetypes that reflect our purpose and energize our journeys as individuals and as a society. Nelson
Dream Teachers
Toltec Dreaming with don José Luis     In the Toltec tradition made famous by Carlos Castaneda, there are two disciplines of the warrior: Dreaming, and Stalking. Here, we learn not only about Toltec dreaming, but how stalking can be used "in the dream." Don José
The Four Gateways of Dreaming    In Tibetan Yoga, we pass through Four Gateways of Dreaming in order to fully realize that we are the Dreamer and the Dream, ending forever the illusion of separation that causes all of our pain. With His Eminence Lama Somananda Tantrapa, Tulku. Lama
The Gifts of Dreaming    Dream teacher Robert Moss first learned about the gifts of dreaming through an amazing healing dream he had as a child. Today, he teaches people how to make their dreaming an integral part of a more powerful life. Moss
Courting Our Dreams
Self-Integration Through Lucid Dreaming     Imagine a place where the laws of physics are suspended. Where all of our aspirations may be fully realized and experienced. We visit this place every night in our dreams, and we can learn to "come awake" there. Attasani
Creative Problem-Solving Through Dreams     Well-known Harvard dream expert and author Deirdre Barrett, PhD, talks of how famous people have used dreams for inspiration and solving problems, and how we may incubate our own dreams to do the same. Barrett
Eckankar's Path of Dreaming    Believing that dreams are "sent" to us from Higher Levels of reality, practitioners of Eckankar's dreaming techniques seek to experience God-Realization and Oneness with Source. Roeske and