Vol 1 November 2000

Catherine Shainberg, PhD

Since moving to the States, Dr. Shainberg has founded the School of Images, a wisdom school dedicated to the development and practice of dreaming and Active Imagination. Her forthcoming book, Re-Inventing Imagination, is due to be published next year.

She may be contacted at schoolofimages@aol.com

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Jo Dunning

Jo Dunning is a spiritual teacher and healer who lives in Tucson, Arizona. She travels nationally and internationally offering workshops, retreats, and healing trainings. She has been featured on radio and television talk shows and has authored two books and produced three videos. She can be contacted through her office in Tucson at 4740 East Sunrise Drive, PMB 397, Tucson, AZ 85718, Email: dunningjo@aol.com, phone: (520) 299-0260, fax: (520) 299-0290.

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Susan Barber, C. Ht.

Susan Barber, a certified hypnotherapist since 1975, graduated from Stanford University in 1963 and began a career in mainframe software analysis and programming. Upon completing coursework and supervision at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI), she obtained California state certification as a hypnotherapist, and until leaving California in 1987 she practiced hypnotherapy, owned and operated a school of hypnotism in Marina del Rey, and was a faculty and staff member at HMI. She was official hypnotist for Dr. Thelma Moss's parapsychology research group at UCLA, for the 1976 Women's Olympic Track Team, and for the LA Rams, and served on the California State Examining Board for hypnotherapists.

In the '90s, while continuing to do spiritual counseling, Susan returned to data processing and has designed and installed database interface software and served as a private systems consultant.

In April 2000 she moved to Arizona to serve as webmaster for the Spirit of Ma'at.

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Masaru Emoto, Phd

Masaru Emoto was born in Yokohama in July 1943. He was graduated from International Relationships Course, Department of Humanities and Sciences at Yokohama City University, and became a licensed and certified doctor of alternative medicine in 1992.

Dr. Emoto's encounters with the study of water began at UC Berkeley when he became acquainted with Dr. Lee H. Lorenzen, developer of ''clustered water.'' His work with Dr. Lorenzen and the Magnetic Resonance Analyzer proved to him that physical condition could be improved by water.

In Japan, Emoto developed a method of photographing water crystals. His aim is to carry on research of various types of water, such as that in the human body, in daily life, and water on the Earth, from the point of view of water's personal aspect.

At present, he is president of I.H.M. General Research Institute. Besides The Message from Water, he has written many publications and edited a book entitled The Prelude to the Hado Age (Sun Road Publishing Co., Ltd., June 1999).

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