Vol 2 Nov 2000       

Drunvalo Healing with Subtle Energy

If a person wears leather shoes, the whole world is covered in leather.

-- Hindu saying

We have discussed Mother Earth's environment and her New Children. Now it is time to look at ourselves. For we must heal ourselves in order to have a positive effect on the world and the people around us. If we are out of balance, everything else appears to be that way, too. The healing of the world begins in our own heart.

Models of Healing: Official Medical Science

During the past century, we have developed in the West a model of healing that perhaps has extended our lives, but which has also taken our personal power and ability to heal our own bodies away from us. This model says that the essential skills of healing can be possessed only by a cadre of elite beings who have received nearly a decade of complicated scientific education and training. Our bodies are no longer our own. If we have a serious physical condition and refuse to turn our bodies and those of our children and loved ones over to doctors and hospitals, we are considered by many to be ignorant, willfully neglectful, or even insane. We are taught to believe that, in a health emergency, if one of these elite beings cannot be located we will probably die. The innate resources of the body to heal have almost been completely ignored by official medical science.

The ''scientific method'' of this official medical science is called allopathy. Based upon the ''germ theory'' of disease, allopathy is directed at destroying the organisms within the body that are seen to be the cause of the presenting symptoms. When the germs are gone, the symptoms usually disappear. If no germs are present, then allopathy cannot explain the appearance of disease, and simply attempts to treat the symptoms themselves.

Allopathic medicine, for example, has no idea why cancerous cells begin to appear in one person's body and not another's. The cells themselves can often be destroyed, whether via chemicals or by simply cutting them out of the physical body. But they usually reappear.

Allopathy is actually an outgrowth of ancient forms of healing that relied upon physical means. But instead of using the gentle, natural vibrations of crystals, stones, rods, trees, flowers, herbs, oils, colors, sounds, and water -- natural substances that can help by using subtle energies -- allopathic medicine took off in another direction. It started creating artificial medicines. And these have very powerful, unnatural vibrations. These unnatural vibrations are a part of the problem with modern medicine, for they produce side effects that are sometimes more serious than the diseases they were meant to cure.

An example is antibiotics. This method of healing only removes the offending organisms. It cannot remove the source of the weakness in the body's immune systems that allowed these organisms to reproduce in the first place. Instead, the drugs continue to weaken the body's immune systems -- weakening our own, innate ability to create and maintain health.

And so, although the allopathic medical community has made tremendous headway in understanding the physical vehicle -- the human body -- allopathy does not address the source of disease. It will always be a hit-or-miss proposition, for it excludes what all true healers and most psychologists know to be the true causes: mental and emotional disturbances created through the choices we have made in dealing with life.

And these distorted emotional and mental patterns further create distorted energy patterns in our bodies and surrounding fields. And until these distortions are removed or balanced, even if we seem to be free of symptoms, we will become sick again, developing perhaps a different illness, but one whose cause is the same as the illness we had before.

The Energetic Model of Healing

Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared: e=mc2. What this says is that since the body has mass, it is energy. And if the body is seen only as energy -- a valid perception based on quantum physics -- then healing becomes a problem solved with energy and by energy. This is the basic ground of being for all subtle energy healing.

The model of health and wellness relied upon by alternative therapies acknowledges that health means ''balance'' of this energy within our bodies and its associated energy fields. It is a model of life energy, or ''chi,'' flowing gently, smoothly, and powerfully through the body and the energy fields that surround it. No matter what the alternative therapeutic modality, this energetic model lies behind and beyond every form of alternative healing.

Chiropractors seek to remove physical blocks by adjusting distortions in the musculoskeletal system, in order to balance the flow of this energy. Rolfers remove the blocks and balance the muscle system that then corrects the skeletal system, but with a different philosophy. Practitioners of chi kung (also spelled qi gong) balance the energy by using the mind, heart, and body to ''move'' the energy into and out of places where it is lacking or congested, and by ''seeing'' the imbalance becoming balanced.

Now there are other ways of working with human subtle energy, but they require an outside agency. Homeopathy and flower essences are designed to ''teach'' harmonious vibrations to the energetic organism in whatever area correction is needed. Aromatherapy uses the powerful olfactory system to trigger the body's own healing responses. Light, sound, dance, massage, color, and so on -- all of these modalities are designed to ''entrain'' our physical bodies into energetic balance by supplying the missing vibrations and releasing excess. However, in this issue we will speak only of energy healing that does not use an outside physical object (except the AuraMeter, which is a diagnostic tool rather than a healing agent).

Dealing with Foreign Entities

Further, there is another possibility that will not be addressed in this issue now, but will be in a future update. Sometimes, our unhealthy choices manifest in the form of what appear to be discarnate spirits. Hypnotherapists and people who ''see'' energy fields encounter this phenomenon all the time.

I believe that while some of these beings are self-created by witchcraft, extreme hatred, or other human emotional distortions, some of them are real, third-dimensional or higher entities who need to be removed and sent back to the light. Others believe that they are all constellations of anger or fear that the individual could not deal with or picture within the self and so ''created'' a being to represent this. But whether these little energy beings are self-created or of foreign origin, when we find them and learn how to make them leave the energy field, we often can achieve dramatic shifts in health and well-being.

But even where entities are concerned, they cannot be in our field unless some disturbance or distortion allowed them entry. So we come, as with all persistent dis-ease, to the questions, ''Why is my field distorted in the first place? What is the source of this unbalanced vibration?

''Why me?''

Healing with Love and Wisdom

In order to begin providing answers to these questions, we are concentrating in this issue on the energy fields themselves, and on healing through the mind and heart -- moving the subtle energy fields without benefit of physical devices or substances. For no matter what the healing approach, the goal is to nourish and balance the energy field. If we start at the level of pure consciousness, we will be able to know, intuitively, which physical methods might help us to replenish our life force energy once it has become exhausted, and release that which we do not need.

And, unsurprisingly, when we look at the physical body in this way, we become aware once more that it is our own choices -- the way we have chosen to handle our life experiences, our emotional traumas -- that have created the energetic disturbances we need to correct. For less severe problems, we can simply move our fields into balance. But for problems that are serious or persistent, we may need to look inside, learn how to dialogue with ourselves, and find out how we may have developed an unhealthy pattern of responding to life's challenges.

This is where the ''love and wisdom'' comes in, for in order to know what an unhealthy pattern is, we have to have a concept of what a healthy pattern looks like. Which brings us, as always, to love. Acceptance. Allowing ourselves and others to be what they are, without judgment, without fear, without anger. Knowing that we are magnificent, eternal beings who have within us the power to accomplish whatever it is that we deeply want to accomplish ... to create in our lives whatever it is that we deeply long to create.

When we know who we are, there is no more anger, for there is no one to be angry at. When we know who we are, there is no more fear, for there is nothing to be afraid of. We are the only power in our own lives, and we can learn how to use that power to achieve our hearts' desires.

When fear and anger are gone, what remains is the natural energy of the soul, and that is called love. We once studied about 100 healers, using many different techniques, to see if they had anything in common. We had a computer-enhanced microwave receiver, to see where the various healers were centered in their bodies while they were doing healing. We discovered that every healer was located in the same place within the body, in what is called the universal heart chakra -- just above the sternum. This center is a focus for universal love, or what many call unconditional love. So we can conclude that love, once again, is the most important ingredient. In healing, whether it is ourselves or another person, love is more important than technique.

This Issue Is Only a Beginning

We are going to address the more physical modalities of alternative healing in a future issue of the Spirit of Ma'at. This November issue thus will provide a theoretical seed for a continuing body of knowledge we will collect and present to you, concerning all forms of alternative healing: how they work, where they are most useful, and why.

It is our hope that in reading this issue you will feel a sense of grounding in the unified field of energy healing, and a sense of inner certainty and peace from knowing more completely than ever before how alternative healing really works. For when subtle energy is understood, one is able to manage the health and well-being of self and family. A doctor becomes necessary only when an accident happens or all else fails -- not every time a cold or something simple breaks out.

The understanding of subtle energy is a natural and innate ability within every person alive, which we have forgotten because of the way that society has developed. We have the ability to heal anything whatsoever, if we only can remember who we are.

In love and service,
Drunvalo Melchizedek

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