Vol 1 November 2000

Table of Contents

Spirit of Ma'at Vol 1 Nov 2000    "Energy Healing" Cover
Editorial: Healing with Subtle Energy    The healing of the world begins in our own heart. Drunvalo
The Promise of Bioenergy Fields: The End of All Disease?    Dr. Valerie Hunt's aurameter not only proves that these fields exist, but shows they can be used by physicians to diagnose and prescribe. NEW 12/9/00  Photos from Dr. Hunt's video, showing the aurameter and illustrating her points. Hunt
The Hidden Treasures of Dreaming    Self-healing with ancient teachings from a tradition nearly lost. Shainberg
Healing with the Human Energy Field    Removing our energy blocks to fulfillment. An interview with Barbara Ann Brennan (reprint). Brennan
The Heart Is More Than We Know    Revolutionary research shows that the brain-in-the-mind is only one aspect of our thinking mechanism. HeartMath
The Secrets of Hypnotherapy    Trance is not required. By understanding suggestibility, you can make any healing approach more powerful. Barber
Healing from the Core    Suzanne Scurlock-Durana teaches us how to dialogue with the inner mind, reclaiming our innate ability to heal ourselves. Scurlock
Profound Healing of the Pulse    A new technique of energy entrainment that helps healers to clear distorted fields and promote healing. Dunning
More Messages From Water    And more great photos. Dr. Masaru Emoto talks of how water molecules mirror human consciousness. Emoto
Biographies    Biographies of this month's contributors to the Spirit of Ma'at. Bios
In Closing: Healing with God    Eloquent words from a Reiki master on the magnificence of our power to do and be perfect health and love. Marcus