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1923 Labyrinth in Siam

As Sacred

with Marty Cain

by Celeste Adams

Marty Cain is an artist and intuitive ''seer'' who has been building labyrinths all around the world. She believes that the labyrinths she constructs are ''sacred sites,'' and as an authority on dowsing she tries to construct them along what she perceives as the changing Earth Grid.

The New Earth Grid

In order to fairly describe Marty's work, we will in some cases be conveying her intuitive information, even though much of it cannot be proved. Her perception of the ''new grid system'' is in this category.

According to Marty Cain, the grid system is a natural Earth energy system that can be compared to our own nervous system. She has ''seen'' the Earth in the past as having mostly a glowing white color. The new grid that she sees coming in will, she feels, balance the masculine energy, so that there will be a sharing between male and female, rather than a struggle for dominance. Marty explains that in her visions of this new major grid, it is rose-pink in color and ''smells like roses.'' She says that it is the Marian energy, or the feminine essence of God, and calls it ''Lady Nada'' (from the AuraSoma essence of the same name).

The vibration of the emotion love

Marty feels that love energy has a ''pi'' vibration, or 1:1.618. She has found that cathedrals and ancient megalithic sites she has visited seem to have been built over energy fields that carry this vibration, places where we feel good and are able to heal. ''Sacred sites,'' Marty said, ''were very practical places where the energy between the physical form and spiritual form intermingled, much as chakra energy affects the physical form in our own bodies.''

Gridlines are shifting

''The Earth is shifting the location of her grid," said Marty. ''I've researched ancient megalithic sites for a very long time, and some are activated and some are not. When I asked if I should bring love in and activate those points, I got a 'no,' that I am not to do this because the points had to shut down. They have to be quiet so that the Earth can make a gentle shift to the new grid system.''

The pink gridline that is coming in, Marty said, is going all around the planet to new sacred sites and some old ones as well. ''Also, the magnetic North Pole is changing. I was told by a pilot that the commercial airlines have a new North Pole location every week or so because it moves so much.''

Ask the Earth what it wants before taking action

Without asking the Earth, Marty said, we cannot know exactly what to repair and what to leave alone. Because we are naive and lack sensitivity to the life force, she said, we often act without checking to see whether we are actually helping. ''I always ask that whatever I'm doing be in the highest good or be in greatest compassion with the divine plan so that my good ideas don't cause mischief.''

Marty pointed out that the ego can't possibly know the ramifications of its choices. ''We need to go into our subtle body and ask our Higher Self to make the decision. It is in touch with all of the universe and knows the right path to take.''

Oceanic energy lines protected by whales and dolphins

''The whales used to sing the song-lines under the water,'' Marty said. Now, as we know, many whales and dolphins are being killed by sonar testing. ''Their whole navigation system is built on sound and so they are very sensitive to sound vibrations,'' she explained. So these experiments are killing off the sentient beings in the ocean. ''I don't know if it's on purpose,'' she said. ''Whales, porpoises, and elephants are more intelligent than most politicians.''


As one of the co-directors of the basic dowsing school of the American Society of Dowsers, Marty teaches two-day classes in the rudiments of dowsing. ''Dowsing,'' she said, ''helps us understand where to build the new sacred sites.''

Reading energies through dowsing

Marty explained that dowsing sticks can be compared in some ways to geiger counters — in essence, when you perform dowsing you are asking your subtle body to respond to whatever is coming into your auric field.

You have to ask a very specific question, she said, and then you walk over the area that you are concerned with in order to discover where there might be beneficial or detrimental energy related to that question. ''Ask the rods to point to the closest energy line, and then walk in that direction. You can walk into the energy, and you can discover the width of the line and the direction it flows.''

She has found that some lines flow in two directions, ''so they're an intertwining, ribbon-type thing.''

Our bodies always notice the different sensations related to the energy around us, Marty said. It's just a matter of being aware of this and then paying attention to it. ''Once you begin to pay attention, you can distinguish the different kinds of energy around you.''

Answers come when our brainwaves slow down

In order to dowse, Marty explained that she asks a question with her conscious mind, then waits in a meditative state for the response to come. In this open, waiting state of consciousness, Marty said, ''your body is moved by your subconscious mind, not your conscious one. You don't try to manipulate or control your reactions — it's a waiting and observing kind of feeling, and almost everyone can do it.''

We can dowse for anything in the universe

Marty relates to aura system of seven layers. ''These auric fields,'' she said, ''give us the ability to dowse for anything on the planet or in the universe.'' In the system she uses, the first auric layer detects energies about an inch from the body, and the second layer reaches to the dimension of our fingertips with arms extended. ''The third layer,'' she said, ''would be about the distance from New England to the Mississippi River, and the fourth layer would extend from the planet to the moon. The fifth layer is our solar system, and the sixth layer is everything we can see. The seventh is everything else there is.''

She said that this system is why someone in Maine can find a well in Bermuda without going there. ''In fact, you can dowse for anything, because your aura already goes there — you already encompass all of this.''

The New Sacred Sites

Marty believes that since the gridlines are shifting, many indigenous people are no longer keeping up with their rituals at sacred sites. ''Native Americans would make little fires at their sacred sites on the holy days,'' she said, ''but some of them have stopped doing this in the past few years.''

The new sacred sites Marty sees being built all around the world include labyrinths, gardens, sites for vision quests, and new stone circles. ''People are being guided to make new places sacred, which then become part of the new grid anchor. I'm placing the labyrinths where the Earth says to put them. Whenever I put one in, it creates a water dome or blind spring where it has that double helix, connecting to Heaven and Earth. People can walk in that healing vibration of unconditional love.''

Constructing the labyrinth

In creating the labyrinth, Marty dowses from the center outward. The Earth tells her where to put the center and each of the rings, and she completes each ring before going on to the next. Each ring, she said, has a different intensity of vibration. And in order to receive what is there for you, the journey to the center has to be taken in a certain sequence.

''You go into ring three.'' she said. ''Then you come out into two, and then one. So you go into more intense areas, and then back out. It's almost as though your body is adjusting to the intensity of energy before you get to the center. You go in, back off a bit. You go in to the fourth ring, which is midway, then to the seventh ring. Then you back off two more rings. It is ring five that leads into the center.

''It's almost the same as when divers come up from the deep sea. They can't come straight up or they'll get the bends.''

Rings of the labyrinth and the chakra system

A friend of Marty's, Ian Stevenson, thinks that the rings of a labyrinth correspond to the human chakra system. In investigating this idea, Marty said, Stevenson learned that he could, for example, find out a lot about the relationship of a horse to its rider by having them ride through a labyrinth, then studying how the horse related to each ring.

If the horse tripped on the third, or mental ring, Stevenson found, then there could be a problem on the mental plane in the relationship between horse and rider (for example, the rider might not have realized how intelligent the horse was). If the horse tripped on ring seven, there could be a problem regarding the spiritual connection between horse and rider.

Labyrinth perfection is on the energetic level

Labyrinths are not based on sacred geometry. The length of the walkways and the width of the rings in the labyrinth are not perfectly symmetrical, and sometimes they will push out to include a tree or a rock. Marty feels that this is because ''the consciousness of the tree or the rock wants to be part of that labyrinth, and so the labyrinth takes on an organic shape.''

Marty is conscious of creating her labyrinths so that the phi, or Golden Mean, ratio vibration, which she feels relates to unconditional love, can occur. ''When I dowse, the perfection that shows up is in the vibration that comes out of the land. When we think of perfection, we think of perfect geometry or mathematics. But the phi ratio is an unending number, which means it continually approaches perfection but never reaches it.''

And like the Golden Mean ratio, Marty feels, ''The things that are most able to grow and increase in intelligence are things that are unending and that do not reach perfection.''

Transformative effects of walking the labyrinth

When we walk through the labyrinth, Marty said, we communicate with the Earth. ''If we center in love, that centering feeds the Earth. When we walk a labyrinth, we create loving, healing energy in the Earth Mother, and she will take this love that we give her and take it wherever it's needed.''

Marty said that she has seen remarkable things happen to people when they walk through a labyrinth. ''Many feel calmer and become relaxed. People often become inspired, develop new ideas, and find answers to some of their problems.'' She said that she has seen people with Parkinson's Disease stop shaking, and kids with ADD become relaxed during the time they are in the labyrinth. One boy who couldn't say a word began to speak in sentences.

She hopes that people will start researching the transformative effect that labyrinths have on people who walk through them.

Divine wisdom to those who walk the labyrinth

Marty said she would like to see labyrinths in every schoolyard, in all healing centers and hospitals, and in the yard of every political leader to help them make wiser decisions. Her experience has told her that the labyrinth opens up the ability to listen, that ''the membrane of conscious, or the barrier between human consciousness and the Earth and Heaven, is extremely thin when you are in a labyrinth, so you are better able to get that communication from the universe and from your Higher Self.''

From working with hundreds of people in walking labyrinths, Marty reports, the communications that people receive may come in the form of images and symbols, or vivid dreams at night. She mentioned that an ancient King of Scotland would walk a labyrinth before making a major decision.

Several years ago, working with the Labyrinth Society, she built a labyrinth on the east lawn of the Capitol building in Washington. Although that labyrinth remained there only temporarily, she said that she would like to see a permanent one on the lawn, because ''walking it could give our political leaders greater insight in solving our nation's problems.''

Marty CainMarty Cain is one of the best-known labyrinth designers in North America. To date (9/7/20001), she has created over 95 permanent labyrinths and numerous temporary installations, from Prince Edward's Island, Canada, to Kauai, Hawaii, and from Lewistown, Montana, to Austin, Texas.

She is a founding member of the Labyrinth Society, an international organization of labyrinth builders and keepers. In March of 2000, the Labyrinth Society sponsored an exhibit titled ''Labyrinths for Peace: 2000,'' created by Sandra Wasko-Flood and Marilyn Larson in the Rotunda of the House of Representatives.

For more information about Marty Cain, you can visit her website at: MartyCain.com, email her at marty@sugar-river.net, or write to her at Park Street Studio, 55 Park Street, Newport NH 03773. Her phone number is 603-863-7343.

The quotes in this article were from an interview on September 7, 2001.

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