Vol 2 No 4

Table of Contents

Spirit of Ma'at  Vol 2, No 4    "Sacred Sites"   Cover art by Roy Young. Cover
EDITORIAL:  Sacred Sites: A Message Down Through the Ages    Are Sacred Sites an ancient, random phenomenon, with no meaning in today's world? Or are they all linked in some way, and do they have a purpose that speaks to us now? Drunvalo
Vortex Mechanics: The Energy Around Sacred Sites   Objects rolling uphill. Palpable sensations. Perfect circles of greenery. These and many other vortex phenomena are especially strong near Sacred Sites. Drunvalo
Carl Munck: Sacred Sites – Deciphering the Code    The inventor of the science of archaeocryptography demonstrates, with a few examples of the hidden messages in Sacred Sites, his inescapable proof that they were created on a single plan, by a civilization higher than our own. Munck
Ahmed Fayed: Exploring the Chakra System of the Nile    Fascinating information from the world's premier Egyptologist about some of the spiritual meanings of the ancient sites along the River Nile. Fayed
Zecharia Sitchin: Sacred Sites and Ancient Places    This famous and controversial author talks to us about Jerusalem as a sacred site, and its relationship to extraterrestrial "gods." Sitchen
Martin Gray: Sacred Sites, Transformational Travel, and the Awakening of Spiritual Consciousness    In this veritable feast for the eyes and the heart, Martin Gray shares with us his wisdom and knowledge of the meaning of Sacred Sites, plus a gallery of his incredible photographs from all over the world. Gray
An Archaeological Whodunnit: Egyptian Artifacts in the Grand Canyon    Some of the puzzle pieces are still missing, but there's a fascinating mystery here! Barber
A Russian Theory of the Energy Grids    Our Kiev correspondent Kostya Kovalenko has tracked down a study by Russian scientists that offers an interesting explanation for the energy grids that surround our planet. Kovalenko
Dick Sutphen Presents Sedona    Experiences of people who have attended Sutphen's Sedona retreats include parallel visions, healings, and physical awareness of the vortex energies. Sutphen
Labyrinths as Sacred Sites — with Marty Cain    Like the energy grid itself, Marty Cain's labyrinths circle the globe. For Marty, walking the Labyrinth is a way of healing not only ourselves but Mother Earth as well. McCain
Chief Arvol Looking Horse: We Are At the Crossroads    Chief Arvol Looking Horse's pleads for our Mother Earth's health and for Peace. Reprinted here from Messages of Hope because it concerns our Sacred Sites. Looking