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Vol 3, No 4

Table of Contents

Spirit of Ma'at  Volume 3, Number 4    "Ending the Cycle of Revenge" Cover
EDITORIAL: Ending the Cycle of Revenge   Whether personally or as a political strategy, forgiveness works. Learning to "end the cycle of revenge" may be the only chance we have to heal our world. Drunvalo
Heroes of Peace
People "in the trenches" creating unity
From Gangbanger to Teacher of Peace    Former gang member Bob DeSena got his "epiphany" when an important mentor committed suicide. Today, he helps create miracles in New York schools and streets. What he says will tug at your heartstrings — and fill you with new hope. DeSena
Wounded Spirits in a Promised Land    Ibrahim Abuelhawa is a Palestinian Muslim. Eliyahu McLean is an Israeli Jew. Together, they work for peace, traveling the world to tell us that the news we hear is not all there is to know. There is hope, and we can help. Abuelhawa
and McLean
The Amazing Story of Sierra Leone    Through a decade-long civil war and its aftermath, this African country has experienced the extremes of hatred and forgiveness. Told by a woman who grew up there and has spent her adult life helping to heal her people. Sesay
Heroes of Peace    Here are five ordinary people doing extraordinary things to bring forgiveness, peace, and hope to their corners of the world — and a documentary project designed to balance the media's focus on war with true stories of all the good that is happening. Travis
You can do this
Defusing Anger and Rage    James Messina, PhD, has spent his life learning and teaching how we can go from anger to peace and forgiveness. In this article, he supplies us with processes we can use to achieve inner harmony. Messina
Forgiveness: It's Good for Your Health    The Stanford Forgiveness Project has proved conclusively that forgiveness not only improves your life, but also strengthens your physical body, reduces stress, and increases your energy. Luskin
A Cathedral Forgives    The strange story of the bombing of Coventry Cathedral in WWII has fascinated and inspired many writers of fiction. Today, Coventry has become a world leader in the study and support of worldwide forgiveness and reconciliation. Rigby
Teaching Compassion
Learning to walk in another's shoes
Compassionate Listening    An experience from Gene Knudsen Hoffman's Quaker heritage launched her into a project and a teaching that's making a difference all over the world in helping people to understand each other. Hoffman
Alternatives to Violence    The Alternatives to Violence program transforms the lives of men and women in prisons as they learn to role-play the people who have formerly been their adversaries. Told by a woman who has been teaching these workshops for almost three decades. Floyd
A Pacifist's View of Revenge    Dot Walsh of the World Peace Abbey — where James Twyman got his start — discusses the skills of ending cycle on revenge, and how we can teach them to ourselves and our children. Walsh
Conscious Evolution
A new kind of human
Transforming the Unified Field of World Consciousness    A renowned physicist whose life was changed and redirected by his experience of meditation is making inroads in our government toward a radical approach to ending terrorism and achieving global peace. Hagelin
It All Comes from the Heart    It's a scientific fact that heart-based thinking can change our world. The HeartMath Institute is providing tools for us to evolve into heart-centered, rather than head-centered, beings. Martin
Conscious Evolution: From Ego to Essence    Barbara Marx Hubbard is co-creating a new mythology of conscious evolution, in which connectedness and compassion, not separation and revenge, are the guiding forces. Hubbard