Vol 1 October 2000

The Children of AIDS

Update by Drunvalo, Oct. 1, 2000 ---- These New Children are different from the other two groups in that their new ability -- to disappear the AIDS/HIV virus from their bodies -- is a physical response to outside influences, rather than a response of consciousness. You will read more about this in our article about the ''World's Oldest Profession,'' about a group of African women who have developed AIDS immunity.

The intriguing corollary is the relatively recent discovery that human DNA can change at any time; it doesn't have to happen at birth. The term for this is ''spontaneous genetic mutation,'' and it is so thoroughly accepted by microbiologists now that it needs no proof or reference. So is it possible that you, or someone you know who has AIDS/HIV, may live to witness the disappearnce of this disease from his or her body? The stories you will read in this issue of the Spirit of Ma'at prove that the answer is a definite ''Yes!''

from The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life,
Volume II
, by Drunvalo Melchizedek

The Children of AIDS are a special grouping of mostly children who have made their DNA change because of a different problem. It was not food (if that is a cause) that changed them, but AIDS/HIV.

I recommend that you read a book by Gregg Braden called Walking between the Worlds: The Science of Compassion. Mr. Braden was the first one to report this new race in a popular publication. I quote from him:

''If we define ourselves genetically, this new species looks different in terms of specific DNA, though their bodies may appear as the familiar bodies of friends and loved ones. On a molecular level, beyond the seeing of the naked eye, they have allowed themselves to become genetic possibilities that were not available just a few short years ago. In the open literature there are reports of a phenomenon that scientists have named spontaneous genetic mutation. They are called spontaneous because they appear to have developed during the course of an individual's lifetime in response to a life challenge rather than appear as a new form of the code detected at birth. In these instances, the genetic code has learned to express itself in a new way that serves the individual's survival.''

There is a report of a young boy in kindergarten who was born with HIV. As quoted from Mr. Braden's book [page 81].

''Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Medicine report unambiguous evidence of a boy who tested positive for HIV twice - at 19 days of age and one month later. Yet by every measure, this kindergartner appears to have been HIV free for at least 4 years'' [in a quote from an article in the April 1995 Science News].

The study was reported by Yvonne J. Bryson and her colleague in the March 30, 1996,* New England Journal of Medicine .... ''The virus is not lying dormant within the body, opportunistically awaiting an external cue to become active; it is eradicated from the body!''

*Correction:  the year was 1995. The article appears on pages 833-838.

This new resistance to HIV infection is so strong that in a few of the cases it was 3000 times more resistant than what it would take to infect a normal person. In all cases their resistance to HIV is noticeably higher. If this were just one small boy showing these changes, it would simply be an interesting phenomenon, but this is not the case. From Walking between the Worlds: ''A study released in the August 17, 1996, issue of Science news reports that about 1 percent of the population tested now have developed genetic mutations that make them resistant to HIV infection!'' In October 1999, the United Nations reported that the six-billionth person was born, which means that 1 percent of the population (60,000,000 children and adults worldwide) have altered their DNA to become resistant to HIV.*

*CORRECTION:After reading the original document of the study released in the August 17, 1996, issue of Science News, we have discovered that only members of the white population were tested. So, in other words, the actual number of people that are positively known to have these mutations is only about 1 percent of the white population. The rest of the population has not yet been tested -- at least not to our knowledge -- and we will not know the actual worldwide figure until this testing is done.

Exactly what has changed in the DNA of these children is known. It has to do with codons. In the human DNA there are four nucleic acids, which combine in sets of three to form 64 codons. Normal human DNA has 20 of these codons turned on, plus three others that act much like the stop-and-start codes in software programming. The rest of these codons are inactive. Science has always thought that these unused codons were from our genetic past, but now that theory is changing. Perhaps they are actually from our future. These children have turned on four more of these ''un-used'' codons, giving them 24, which has completely altered their resistance to HIV infection.

The potential of what this means is staggering. These children appear to have superheightened immune systems. As they are being tested for other diseases, it is becoming clear that they very well may be disease resistant or even immune to many other, if not all, diseases. Testing in this last area is not yet conclusive.


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