Vol 1 October 2000

The Indigo Children

Update by Drunvalo, Oct. 1, 2000 ---- The first new child that we will explore is the Indigo Child. Below is what I wrote about them in my second book. To learn what is happening now, you will find in this issue a preview from Lee Carroll and Jan Tober's soon-to-be-published new book on the the Indigo Children.

We also are offering the perspectives of two doctors and a psychologist on the issue of so-called Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, which in many cases may be the application of a disease label to a perfectly healthy, creative Indigo Child. Drs. Virtue, Upledger, and Baughman propound sane, humane alternatives that can actually help our children, instead of using addictive, mind-altering drugs to make them ''behave," and they describe the shocking effect of Ritalin and other prescription drugs, including a horrific toll in childhood death by heart failure.

Finally, we present two late-breaking news stories, one about the governmental enforcement of Ritalin use upon parents by the courts, and the other concerning two lawsuits that have alleged a conspiracy between psychiatric groups and the pharmaceutical industry to diagnose our children with a nonexistent disease.

It is our prayer that you will have new information that you will share with our readers that can help enlighten us about the nature of our New Children, and help all of us to solve the intriguing problems that have arisen by their very existence. It is up to us, the adults, to find ways to communicate with our children and learn how to fulfill their needs, so that a truly new way of existence can be birthed and unfold upon this Earth.

from The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life,
Volume II
, by Drunvalo Melchizedek

The Indigo children, as they are now called by science, were first traced back to the year 1984. This was the year when suddenly a child appeared with very different human traits. As of 1999, science has suggested that approximately 80 to 90 percent of all the children born in the United States are Indigo children. I believe it probably will rise to nearly 100 percent in the future. You and I are obviously being phased out. These children are being born not only in the U.S., but also in many other areas of the world that seem to be connected with the wide use of computers.

Lee Carroll and Jan Tober have written a book called The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived. It is a book of compiled scientific studies, letters and notes written by medical doctors, psychologists and scientists who have been studying these new children since they were first discovered. It is the first book in the world, I believe, to discuss these new children. I have been aware of these children for the last ten years or more, and I have been discussing them with hundreds of people and children's groups that have also noticed the change. Yet no one officially recognized them until this book appeared. So I thank Lee and Jan for this timely edition. Please read this book if you wish to know more of the details.

Now, how are these children different? Science has not yet figured out exactly what the specific DNA change is that has taken place in this new race, but it is obvious that one has happened. First of all, these children have a different liver than ours, which means there has to be a DNA change. This liver change is, naturally, a response to the new foods we are eating. The new liver is designed to eat, of all things, junk food!

Sound funny? Why? We would all become increasingly unhealthy or even die if we continued to eat these kinds of foods on a long-term basis. What happens to cockroaches when you feed them poison? At first they get sick and die, but then they mutate, change their DNA and end up loving our poisons. We have to keep changing our poisons because they keep adapting to them. Do you think that human beings are any different? We continue to feed our kids poisonous junk food, so they have to adapt to survive.

But this liver change is nothing compared to the other revisions in human nature and genetics. First of all, these Indigo children are brilliant. They have an IQ that averages around 130, and I do mean average, as many of these kids are way up in the genius range of 160 or higher. A 130 IQ is not a genius, but it used to be that only one person in 10,000 had it. Now it is becoming normal. The intelligence of the human race has just jumped into a new range.

Doctors and psychologists studying these children have found that the computer seems to be an extension of these kids' brains. They are far more able to function within the parameters of computer software than anyone ever before. Where this will lead we can only speculate.

What I find fascinating about these brilliant new kids is that our teachers and the educational system found them defective when judging this new human race. In the beginning our educational system didn't realize they were so intelligent. They have actually thought they were problematic.

They diagnosed them with attention deficit disorder (ADD) because they thought they could not stay focused. The problem is now becoming clear. It is not the children; it is the educational system itself that is not prepared to educate these gifted children. The children are simply bored with the speed and nature of the delivery and the content of the information. We need to adapt to this exciting new race of children. Give an Indigo child who has been tagged as ADD or ADHD something to study that he or she is interested in, and you will see the brilliance unfold before your eyes. There is so much we need to learn in order to allow the great potential of these kids to come to light.

It is clear to people studying these children that they also have very heightened psychic abilities. They can literally read their parents' minds. They know what you are thinking. These and other differences you can read about in The Indigo Children have led researchers to realize that a new way of raising these children is mandatory. If you have had a child or are raising a child born after 1984, you need to read this book.

Who the Indigo children are, of course, is in great debate. Many psychics are saying that they are coming from the indigo ray, a very high level of consciousness not of this Earth. I also feel this is true, for when I first met the angels in 1971 they began talking about these new children that would come in the future and change the world. They told me many details about them that are coming true at this time.

Also, many psychics I have discussed this subject with feel that there are actually two different cosmic sources for these children. One is the indigo ray and the other is the deep-blue ray, similar but different. Wherever they come from, it definitely is a diversion from the normal human evolutionary track.


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