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planets and tuning fork
A New

with Donna Carey
and Ellen Franklin

by Julia Griffin
Donna Carey is a pioneer, with Marjorie de Muynch, in the field of harmonic medicine. Joining her in this interview is Ellen Franklin, CEO of Acutonics, which manufactures harmonic healing devices based upon the work of Cary and de Muynch.

Julia: What exactly is Acutonics?

Ellen: We know that acupuncture is simply a system of moving blockage through the channels of the body. Those blockages also can be generational energies, emotional energies, or psychic energy. This is what causes illness in the body.

Simply speaking, in Acutonics we place tuning forks on the meridians which are the energetic pathways of the body. When we sound the forks on the channels or points of the body, it moves the blockages. So tuning forks with frequencies of the planets are placed on acupuncture points or meridians to clear and attune the body.

Actually, however, the system is much more than that. It is a confluence of several different philosophies and sciences.

Julia: Ellen, how did you become involved in Acutonics? What is your position and your interest?

Ellen: Seven years ago, I had an Acutonics/acupuncture session to deal with terrible asthma. I was using an inhaler, and the doctor didn't like it when I said I was reacting to the cortisone.

Just three sessions with Acutonics, plus a change in diet, and I no longer needed an inhaler. Not only was my asthma gone, but I felt as though I had reconnected with my core.

I had worked for Hasbro, and was the chief marketing agent for a technology company. But after these results, I finally left the corporate world to become the CEO of Acutonics. Today, I am pleased to have been the creator of a new model of business. I also have taken the Acutonics courses.

Julia: Donna, I know that both you and Marjorie de Muynch, as the inventors of Acutonics, have backgrounds in Oriental medicine. Also, you are a poet and Majorie is a musician. Can you tell me about how this mutual experience helped you to create this system?

Donna: I was clinical dean of the Northwestern Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. I also have a background in ancient esoteric healing arts. I met Majorie, who also has a background in Oriental bodywork, at an acupuncturist convention. We shared deep interests in music and sound healing. We drew on our backgrounds of music, medicine, world religion, and shamanism to develop our system of healing. The system was pioneered in 1995 to meet some of the energetic needs that are not currently being met today.

Julia: Can you explain how the tuning forks reflect the planetary frequencies?

Donna: The forks are calibrated to the planetary energy, and they are 23 to 33 times higher than the planets. This takes us to the audible range, and it makes the invisible sound of the spheres — the invisible song of the planets in the Universe — audible.

Our forks are made with Space Age metals, not alloys, so they never go out of tune. Also, these are not like other chromatic tuning forks that go up the chakras or go up with A, B, C, D, E, F, G. Our forks reasonate with the frequency of the planets. They are non-linear, and are not based on middle C. Our 5th, or our Zodiac 3rd, is not perfect; there is a space there for movement and change.

The linear music that our culture has now, with its basis on middle C, is music that was constrained by the church. This is a different framework entirely.

The methods that go up the chakras — always with the same color and sounds — don't line up for everyone. I imagine, for example, that if seen from a vibratory perspective my liver appears quite different from that of someone who doesn't have a family history of alcoholism. Nothing is exactly the same for everyone, and there is that room for flow and movement in nature. Our work reflects those natural components.

Ellen: Also, the intervals are important. When you strike two forks, there are two notes or sounds, and there is an interval between the sounds. The interval is the space or resonance between two notes, and that's also a vibration. The sound makes powerful waves or frequencies on the spine or acupuncture point, and — because the body contains a large percentage of water — it reverberates through the body. Sound travels four times faster through the body's water content, and so this energy of the planets or the cycles of the solar system is brought into the body in a powerful way.

The planetary vibrations from the tuning forks actually realign the body with its own natural cycles and bring in the Divine Blueprint.

Julia: Can you give me an example of how you could bring the planetary vibrations through the body?

Donna: We sometimes use the Eight Extraordinary Vessels that combine the Inherited Chi with Acquired Chi, or Heavenly Energy with earthly energy. There are eight confluence points that connect to the Eight Extraordinary Vessels.

We can stimulate the Inherited Chi, or jing, which is ordinarily difficult to replace, with Heavenly Energy, or the energy of the planets, and strengthen the bodily systems. Notice the number eight. This relates to the eight on its side, or the symbol for infinity — ∞. It is possible to bring the energy of the stars into the body. This is a form of alchemy studied by the Taoists.

Julia: Obviously, acutonics is based on the esoteric science of music and geometry, along with Oriental philosophy and the science of acupuncture. Can you tell me how these schools of thought work together?

Donna: If we take the knowledge of the traditional Oriental medicine, which is accepted today, and combine that with Eastern and Western traditional medicine, then we have a significant knowledge of the body and its energy centers. Acupuncture is a theory of blockages in the meridians or pathways of the body, and modern medicine recognizes that theory. The study of Oriental medicine is related to Taoism, so you also have that philosophy.

Acutonics also combines the Egyptian tradition that goes back to Sumeria and perhaps through the stars or universes. Astronomy was a key component in all of the ancient systems. Astronomy and the natural cycles are an obvious focus of the early civilizations. This knowledge came into the Western world through Pythagoras and his understanding of geometry. Kepler figured out the velocity of the planets around the sun.

Hans Cousto took this further and transposed the frequency into hertz. Cousto stopped his investigations with the planet Pluto, but we've gone further and figured out the frequency of Chiron and Niburu.*

The natural frequencies as reflected by the velocity of the planets in their orbit around the sun are calibrated into the tuning forks that we use. But we can't explain the Egyptian esoterica in those terms. The archetypes that are represented by the planets and their energy expressed by their forms is another part of the healing modality. This is the focus of our work, using the mathematics, archetypes, and frequencies to change the energy of the body.

We are looking at the equation "As above, so below," the Hebrew Star of David, and the Wu Chi or the Grand Ultimate — the highest level of spiritual energies. We're speaking of the Devachuan, the invisible world of sound and light. We are using the Oriental equivalent of bringing Heaven's energies through to the physical body or the Earth.

Our work brings the divine into physical form. When we bring that into the body, the Divine Blueprint is automatically activated, and we encounter "FA," the Egyptian word that means "to remember." What we are remembering is who we really are, the blueprint of our souls — what we came here to do.

Julia: I know that in acupuncture the blockages in the meridians, or channels of energy, are moved through the use of needles. How are they moved through Acutonics? How is the energy changed?

Donna: The vibrations from the forks move the energy, but they move it within a natural pattern of the cycles of the Earth and planets that activates a deep cellular level of healing.

Julia: So you are saying that you move the energy from a lower state to a higher state, and that the frequency of the body moves to a higher frequency?

Ellen: That's it. We're talking about frequencies and energy states. When we increase the vibratory rate, we move through the blocks in the channels.

Donna: This method is very successful with inherited disease — what's called "grandfather-grandson" in Oriental medicine. What has happened with inherited disease that the organism has simply passed the vibratory rate of the disease from generation to generation. But the higher frequencies of the planets can move away the vibratory rate of inherited tendencies.

Poor habits — and I'm speaking of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual tendencies that perhaps we learned from our parents or in past lifetimes — hold the blockages in place. Acutonics brings back the vibrational balance, and then we begin to remember and hold these higher vibrations.

Every level of the self has a listening device. We begin to remember our cosmic blueprint.

Julia: I know you use the spiritual or shamanic energies, sometimes in archetypal form, in Acutonics. Can you explain to me how you might use the archetypal energy of a planet for healing?

Donna: Chiron is the wounded healer. He was half human, half animal, and immortal. He is the centaur — the Hierophant in the Tarot. Because of the subconscious association of the wounded healer, Chiron frequencies are effective for clearing intergenerational patterns or wounds that travel through many lifetimes with a person or persons. It is a useful frequency for crossing over into the animal kingdom and healing animals because of Chiron's appearance as a centaur or half-horse.

There also is the important myth of Chiron's descending into the underworld to rescue Prometheus, who held for humankind the divine spark or fire. Chiron had been immortal, but he gave up his immortality in order to rescue Prometheus, whose liver was being plucked out each day by vultures. Chiron did rescue Prometheus, and thus he returned the divine fire to humanity. So Chiron can be used to overcome a fear of death.

Also, we use Niburu, the planet that was left here from the last (or next?) solar system. Niburu is the planet of crossing, and its frequencies can speak to us about that, about crossing over into the divine or being left here from another solar system. It's also a crossing point if we are experiencing a natural and spiritual crisis. We're like the planets. We orbit around until we find something that reflects our souls.

Also, Acutonics works with asteroids, which bring in energy from other solar systems and universes.

Julia: There was a reference to destiny and the idea that sound could align people with their destiny. Do you mean astrological destiny as referred to in a chart? Or another type of destiny?

Donna: I mean both. We can clear the astrological chart. The chart can reflect that you should be an artist or musician, and for some reason, you have become stuck in your life, and we can move the energy to get you unstuck. But sometimes the chart is just a reflection of who you think you should be, or what your soul remembers and thinks it should be. In that case, we bring in the true blueprint of the soul as it was when it came in. We activate the soul to find its highest potential.

Julia: Can you also use Acutonics to clear a disharmonious aspect in an astrological chart. For example, what if Saturn, the planet of limitation, is conjunct or in opposition to the person's Sun, or persona?

Donna: Yes, certainly, if we regard astrology as a mathematical science, we can clear disharmonious aspects. With the aspect you mentioned, there would probably be joint problems, autoimmune imbalances. Emotionally, there would be constraint and an authoritarian tendency. We could balance this energy with the frequencies of Jupiter. On the other hand, if someone has too much Jupiter energy, as with eating disorders, for example, or trouble with the hypothamalus, we can bring in Saturn energy to balance that. In this case, the parental, restrictive energy of Saturn would be useful.

Julia: Tell me about a healing session with Acutonics. What would take place?

Donna: A session usually takes about one hour. It begins with diagnostics, and the diagnostics vary widely depending on the type of practitioner.

I use numerology on a soul level. Others — physicians and acupuncturists — may use other systems according to their background. There is an intake and diagnosis, with an energy-based correspondence. We use the Oriental system of hot and cold and the 5 Elements principle.

After this, we use different forms of bodywork to integrate sound. Oriental medicine, with meridians and points, is the framework for the application of sound. So this is really an Oriental method.

Acutonics usually involves working on the spine, because the marrow is found in the spine and holds much of the body's energy. Also, we work on the immortality channels — for example, the microcosmic orbit — described by Chi Kung, or the Sea of Chi, two finger-widths below the navel.

Julia: Can you describe some of the energies of the forks and how to treat common maladies with them?

Donna: The Ohm fork, for example, is the sound of the Universe. It is reflected in the songs of the wolf and the whale. The Ohm in unison with Earth moves through the four seasons. Keep in mind that this is not a perfect 5th interval. Each of these intervals is a tiny bit off so that there is room to move within the paradigm.

Two Ohm forks can be used for meditation in yoga. They work well for people who use a computer all day, because computers make holes in the etheric field and cause tension. They are good for restoring electromagnetic fields and for easing insomnia.

The Solar 7th plus the Sun can be used on the Tan Tien to build the core and kidney energy. This gives a person more vitality and energy. The Zodiac 3rd with the Ohm fork is the energy of the Earth going out into the Zodiac. It can be used to relieve tension.

The New Moon in the 5th would be used to relieve emotional distress, as opposed to physical tension. A New Moon in the 5th combined with Ohm in the Four Seasons takes us to a window in the sky. We often use this energy for women with menopausal problems. It opens and reactivates old connections.

Egyptian mythology states that the Star Teachers were said to be open to us at the time of the new moon. The ether is thin at the time of the new moon, and we can connect with these teachers. And it is important to be open to new energies during menopause. We often use these forks over the throat for this energy, because in women the throat is shut down. Women have trouble saying what they want to say.

Julia: You use healing temples in your work. Can you tell me about that?

Ellen: We use gongs, geometry, and Tibetan bowls along with shamanic objects in harmonious placements to create a place of healing. The energy of the objects and the geometries encourage healing.

Donna: One of my interests is in creating healing temples for the whole family. Sometimes one person clears, but other family members want to stay in their comfortable places. A healing temple can smooth out their differences. In a family healing temple, family members can work not only on healing all of the issues between them, but on global healing.

I also wanted to build a temple based on the Flower of Life. But in practice, we usually take the gongs and bowls to hotels and other public venues, and the sound creates its own geometry.

Julia: In your material, there is a reference to healing the world through Acutonics. Can you explain this?

Donna: I think we are in crisis in the natural world. There is a disharmony of ourselves that is reflected all around us. When someone can clear their personal patterns of disharmony and come into harmony with their own Divine Blueprint, their patterns of energy clear.

Each time we clear our own energies and realign with our natural patterns, this clearing takes place for the planet as a whole. This goes back to the "As above, so below."

Julia: Some of your products are used for self-healing. How does that work?

Ellen: For people who want to begin at home without training, we do offer a series of products with instruction booklets. These are for common ailments, and the booklets offer specific points for treatment. The products can be ordered from our website and used to transform energies in the body.

We also offer a certification program that has worked well for acupuncturist, chiropractors, massage therapists, and vets. This is a modality that complements many healing systems.

You do not need a background in medicine to work with Acutonics. Many Reiki and intuitive healers have been quite successful using our methodology. Our program offers a framework in meridians and acupuncture points that complements their knowledge.

Donna: Many musicians also are interested in our program. Music, on its highest level, is healing. So musicians often become healers. Today's psychology just doesn't have the answers for healing. I'm impressed with the combination of soul retrieval and artistic expression that is currently coming to be used in traditional psychology. But for true healing, there has to be an introduction of tools that connect with the soul.

Julia: In closing, is there anything else you want to say about Acutonics in general or your plans for Acutonics in the future?

Ellen: It's not only Acutonics. We're not being competitive about this. We just want to emphasis the importance of sound. If you play a sad CD, everyone reacts to it. If you play a happy one, everyone taps their feet and takes on a lighter mood. Sound affects everyone substantially. We use sound in a scientific and intuitive way for reconnection with the Higher Self.

Donna: Sound moves the spirit. It has a profound effect on a level that everyone understands. Acutonics is a modality that fits into many healing systems and can also be used at home for self-healing.

But it is also much more. It is using forks that are calibrated to the actual orbit of the planets so that those natural frequencies vibrate through the body. They bring in different energies that cause healing on a deep cellular level. We also use didgeridoos, gongs, and chimes. These all produce layers of sound in a system of harmonic planetary medicine.

In the future, we want to create a different form of healing based on energy. In this new form of healing, there won't be any more dissection on the body. We already know what the body looks like. Instead, we will learn how to perceive and see the energy of the organs. We will use sound or energetic methods of healing for the children of the next generation by combining geometry, mythology, and astronomy. We want to go to the next level of healing, and share this with as many people on the planet as possible.

The deeper message of this harmonic attunement is Love.

Donna CareyDonna Carey is the co-founder of the Acutonics System of Healing and Education. She and Majorie de Muynch pioneered these studies in harmonic medicine.

She is co-author with de Muynch of There's No Place Like Ohm: Sound Healing, Oriental Medicine and the Cosmic Mysteries. The book will be released by Devachuan Press in October, 2002. Donna may be reached by email at donna@acutonics.com.

Ellen FranklinEllen Franklin is the CEO of Accutonics. She may be reached at 505-587-2689 or by email at Ellen@Acutonics.com.

For more information about acutonics or acutonic practitioners in your area, call 505-587-2689 or visit the Acutonics.com website.

*For more about Cousto's work, see PlanetWare.de/tone/cosmic.html.

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