Vol 2, No 2

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Spirit of Ma'at  Volume 2, Number 2    "Immortality" Cover
EDITORIAL:  The Meaning of Immortality    Reincarnation, resurrection, ascension. What do these words signify? Does it matter which path we choose? Drunvalo
A Scientific Blueprint for Ascension   Did you know that the moon is developing an atmosphere? That particles near tornadoes go through glass without breaking it? That Evolution has been disproven? David Wilcock ties these and scores of other fascinating facts into the coming planetary ascension. Wilcock
The Universe According to Ra    Channeled information about planetary ascension and how it fits into the struction of All That Is. Wilcock
A Physicist Explores the Multiverse    Oxford's David Deutsch, with his theory (and proof) of parallel worlds, brings science one step closer to a worldview in which immortality makes quantum-physical sense. Barber
Help for People in Spiritual Crisis    With the escalation of planetary ascension, mainstream psychology no longer speaks to us. The Spiritual Emergence Network is helping people to integrate their spiritual experiences. Trueheart
Mer-Ka-Ba: A Vehicle of Ascension    Once a carefully guarded secret, Mer-Ka-Ba meditation enables us to use Sacred Geometry not only to ascend, but to do anything we choose — so long as we are coming from love. Drunvalo
Reincarnation and Karma: Freedom of the Self and from the Self    Best-selling author and seminar leader Dick Sutphen tells of his exciting adventures with regression, group reincarnation, and one particular past-life memory. Sutphen
Awakening Compassion: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying    This month, we introduce Sogyal Rinpoche's Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, and his powerful meditations that prepare us for ascension. We think you will find great value here. Staff
As We Have Descended, So We Must Ascend: The Gnostic Perspective on Personal Ascension    Gnostic Bishop Stephen Hoeller looks at the topic of Ascension: Who we are, where we're going, and what we will have to do to get there, by . Hoeller
Immortality Comes to Human Cells: Scientists Discover Skin Cells that Do Not Die    These cells appeared totally by accident in a university lab. They're called NIKS — and they are immortal. Staff
Past-Life Decision Therapy    A hypnotherapist poses the question: Are past lives really real? And if so, is there any value in remembering them? Barber
Bringing Heaven to Earth: Diana Cooper on Angels and Ascension    In the depths of despair she called out to the Universe — and was answered by angels. They have been guiding her ever since, and they want us to know they are here. Cooper
Off Topic Feature  Children of a New Time: The Gift of the Indigo Child    Carolina Hehenkamp, whose book on the Indigos has just appeared, has been working with Indigos in Germany, where cultural differences offer a new perspective on what they are here to do. Hehenkamp

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