Spirit of Ma'at: "Partnership with Angels" — Vol 4, No 2

Clear & Simple Lessons from the Angels
with Judith Indira Parsons

by Celeste Allegrea Adams

We spoke with Celeste Adams about writing an article for this month's Spirit of Ma'at, and she suggested sharing with our readers her experiences with John of God in Brazil. We liked that idea (see John of God: The Story of a Modern Pilgrimage), but asked if she might not also have ideas for a piece about angels. She couldn't think of anything.

However, the angels themselves apparently had their own ideas. Shortly after our first talk with Celeste, an advance, prepublication copy of Judith Parsons' Clear and Simple Way: The Angel Lessons mysteriously "appeared" in Celeste's life.

So here is the article that came out of that event, brought to you ostensibly by Celeste from her interview with Judith — but really, brought to you by the Angels.

Celeste: From reading your book, I think I'd first like to ask you to tell our readers how you became a spokesperson for the angels.

Judith: In 1981, I had a near-death experience. An intruder broke into my home. When I tried to escape, he beat and strangled me.

As the last breath left my body, I floated to a corner of the ceiling, feeling very sad that I had died all alone, with no one to hear my cries for help. I noticed my body lying on the floor below me and went to it. I began to caress it, saying, "I used to love you so much."

As I gently caressed my body, I became aware of voices calling my name. It seemed as if they had been calling for a very long time — maybe forever. I turned slowly from my body and was met by two beautiful Beings of Light. These Beings held and comforted me, rocking me in their arms and singing to me. They sang to me for a long time, songs of wisdom and peace. Then they told me it was time to move on.

I did not want to leave them, but they lifted me to another realm, and here an angel met me. She had brown eyes that were deep and luminous and her face was a perfect oval of peace. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the angel, and as I gazed into her eyes, she communicated to me the essence of all angels.

Then she said, "There is no pain here, no fear. Your neck — we will heal your neck." At that moment, I noticed a bright light beyond her right shoulder, and instantly the angel was forgotten — because that Light was Everything: All Wisdom, All Love, All Compassion.

"The Light," I said, reaching for it. "I just want to be in the Light."

But the angel told me, "You must return."

"No," I responded, reaching for the Light.

I understand that some people who have near-death experiences get a choice whether to return. But I was given no choice. My will was no match for that of an angel aligned with the only Will there is: that of God.

The voice of the angel intoned repeatedly, "You must return," and the power of her words propelled me backward through a tunnel to my body, where I woke up, cold, shaking, and coughing.

But as soon as I sat up, a beautiful blue light began to take form before me and spoke, saying, "I am the Blue Angel." The murderer was still in the room, but she told me not to worry. She would help me escape.

With the angel's protection, I was able to run from my house and get help from my next-door neighbor, who phoned the police. They arrived and immediately apprehended the perpetrator, who was taken to jail and later tried.

Celeste: How did that incident inspire you to make the lessons of the angels the focus of your life's work?

Judith: The beauty of the angels and the Light were stronger than the memory of the pain and fear of that night. And the energy of the angels remained with me, helping me to heal.

But as beneficial as the continued presence of the angels was, it was also a bit disconcerting — I have always considered myself a very down-to-earth person, and angels did not fit my concepts. So I wanted to deny their presence. I couldn't figure out what they were doing in my life. I didn't think I was worthy of their love.

But still they stayed, and helped me to heal, forgive, and live my life without fear.

When someone attacks you for no reason in your own home, your sense of safety is completely shattered. I have a lot of compassion for anyone who has been violated in such a way. I know how hard it is to heal, to trust again. I was graced with the presence of angels. It was a complete gift.

And then, as I healed, people who knew my story began to ask if the angels could help them, too. At first I resisted. I had been working as a social worker with abused and neglected children, and angel work just seemed to have no place in my life. Besides, I believed I was not worthy to do such work, and I was worried about what other people might think.

Actually, it was never a conscious decision to focus on angel work. In fact, my conscious decision was not to do that. However, the energy of angels, once it enters your life in a real way, has a transforming quality. All I did was live my life in the moment, doing what was before me. And suddenly what was before me were many people asking for the guidance of angels in their lives.

Angels never say no and so eventually I gave my first "angel reading," offering to another the profound spiritual guidance and inspiration of the angels. And after a while I was asked to work in India and Europe, and my work expanded to include workshops and lectures: transforming lives with the love and guidance of the angels.

"I" really did nothing to make all this happen. I never had a desire to do any of it. I just followed the energy.

I ended up living on the island of Maui for six years, and it was here that I woke up one morning with the sudden knowledge that I must write an angel correspondence course. That day, I wrote the first lesson in what would become The Clear and Simple Way — The Angel Lessons — even though at the time I had no students and no idea of how that would happen.

Of course, the students appeared. I kept writing, and sent one lesson a month to each student. And after doing that for two years, I knew it was time to stop. So one day, I just put all the lessons together, and with surprise exclaimed, "I have written a book!"

That is how The Clear and Simple Way came about. Simply by reading the lessons, you imbibe the wisdom, compassion, and love of the angels.

Celeste: What about people who are murdered, who really die? Where are their angels?

Judith: Angels are always there. I really want to spread this message to those who have lost someone due to a tragic and sudden occurrence, such as murder or accident. Especially in the case of murder, survivors can be left with such horrific pictures of the crime, imagining what the last moments may have been like, wishing things could be different, maybe feeling guilty or caught up in "what ifs."

The angels always say, "There are no what ifs. There is only what is." Dying can be painful, but the moment of death is peaceful. Beings of Light and angels surround you with comfort and love. You experience great joy and peace. In the same way that mothers forget the pain of childbirth, at death the torment of the body is forgotten. The body is not who you are. It is a temporary vehicle in which to live out this movie called life, as you evolve back to God, your true nature.

Qualities of Angels

Celeste: Can you share your understanding of the emotional life of angels? Do they even feel emotions?

Judith: Emotions are simply energy. Human beings run after and hold onto what they consider to be a "good" feeling, and try to get rid of anything they judge as "bad." Angels have no such judgments. Angels accept everything that is, as it is. Angels are completely without judgment and attachment.

So angels live in the present, without regret or worry, and do not become involved in thoughts or feelings the way human beings do. Feelings do arise, but they serve their purpose, then dissolve.

Angels always come to us at times of great stress, such as at the moment of death, or when there are accidents or deep sorrow. Even when you cannot see them, they are there. An angel has the ability to touch the anguish in a human heart, to feel that pain, and to give of its own strength to the person who suffers.

The suffering of human beings allows compassion to arise within the heart of an angel. From this deep compassion, angels know exactly what to do. True service arises spontaneously from compassion, without a sense of personal doership. The will of God simply flows through angels. This is true service. This is true worship. Since angels never forget God, everything they do is an act of worship.

Celeste: What does it feel like to communicate with angels? How do their voices sound to you?

Judith: I don't hear actual voices. It is more a sense of presence, an intuition. I have been intuitive since I was a child, and now that intuition is guided by the angels.

I am very visual. I "see" what the angels put before my eyes. It is true that I "listen" when I am giving a reading, but what I "hear" is silence. The silence gives me the answers. The Silence is the answer. The deepest truth is conveyed in silence, not words.

Communion with angels fills me with exquisite feelings — deep joy, compassion, love, wisdom, and peace.

Wisdom of Angels

Celeste: In your book, the angels have a lot to say about the nature of love and action. Could you talk about that?

Judith: Here is something about love from my book:

Anyone can say the words I love you. But if the words come from the mind, they have no meaning. No feeling. No substance. No heart. They are just another story told from the mind.

In this world of new-age mediocrity, certain truths have been turned into meaningless, mindless clichés. "Love is all there is." "All you really need is love." "Love is enough."

The fact is, love is not enough. Love must be accompanied by certain actions. Otherwise, it is just an ego puffing itself up with a false sense of itself. It is just the mind telling a story about love. Stories told from the mind never withstand the test of time. Only love that springs from the heart is real and lasting. This love is all there is. This love is enough. This love has no need; it is sufficient unto itself.

In true compassion, in the beauty of the heart, there is no separation between the lover, the beloved, and the act of loving. There is no "I" to love "you."

Celeste: You speak a lot about the mind. Ideally, what is the mind's purpose?

Judith: We need a good working mind to function effectively on this Earth. One would need a keen intellect just to read and understand the words I am speaking now.

The mind can help us get to airports on time, learn languages, laugh at jokes, write stories. The mind can be a very good friend. It can also assist us on our spiritual path. A clear and focused mind is needed to understand the teachings of truth.

We need to use the mind's powers of discrimination. But what we do not need is a mind that constantly judges, criticizes, and condemns. Thoughts are simply stories told by the mind. If we believe all the stories, we live in contraction and fear, separate from the heart — from God and those we love.

The mind is a tool that can take us to the heart. In the heart, we find peace. We find love. The pain of separation is healed. At its highest service, we need the mind as a tool to reach the heart.

Celeste: What guidance do the angels have in terms of how the body should be treated?

Judith: The teaching here is very simple: We are more than the body, but the body is the temple of God. Just as we would honor a holy temple with the greatest respect and love, so we would want to honor the body.

The needs of the body are simple: a healthy diet, pure water to drink and bathe in, clean air to breathe, adequate exercise, and effective ways to release stress and to relax.

We need to take the best care we can of the body, while at the same time knowing that it's temporary. No matter how well we care for our health, the body may fail us due to illness or accident. No one is guaranteed a life without challenges. But if we take care of ourselves now, we can better handle any future problems that may arise.

If we make our relationship with God a priority, we build up a vast reservoir of spiritual strength that will be there for us if there should ever come a time when we are particularly challenged. If we treat the body with gratitude, the body will respond with gratitude. All the little cells will be so happy; they will vibrate with gratitude and our whole being will be uplifted.

Celeste: How do angels suggest that we find the way to live harmoniously in the world?

Judith: The Serenity Prayer is a perfect guide for living harmoniously in the world: "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference."

When we try to live by our own small, separate will or ego, we do not have harmony or happiness. There is only the Will of God. Coming into harmony with this Will means living harmoniously with all life. It means recognizing our divinity and consequently our worth.

As we become more peaceful, others will begin to notice this. Our life and relationships will become more harmonious.

Celeste: Can you offer suggestions that will help people see life the way the angels do, without making judgments?

Judith: Of course, we cannot really imagine how the angels actually "see." But it is "as if" they are perceiving everything as different colors all making up a painting by the Master Painter.

So we can practice looking at everything as though it is simply a color God is using to create a painting. This is a good practice for "just seeing" — not trying to figure anything out. Not judging. Not trying to change the color into one you happen to like better.

As you do this, trust that if a color needs to be changed or added, God will provide the means.

If all you see is blue, perhaps God will bring red. Then you can have red and blue from which purple can be created, too!

As you practice just "seeing," notice the vast array of colors that God has put in your life: bright colors, muted colors, drab colors, pastels, dark shades. These colors manifest as the people with whom we come in contact, the thoughts and emotions we experience, our environment, the angels we may or may not see, the challenges and joys of life.

By looking at everything as colors, we practice "just seeing," without judging, condemning or criticizing.

Celeste: Can you briefly describe Lesson 18 from your book regarding the presence of angels?

Judith: That's my favorite lesson. I wrote that lesson while I was working in Germany. It was a very cold, gray day, and I was having trouble feeling light and happy. I was having trouble connecting with angels.

So I was sitting upstairs in this cold room with my laptop, looking out the window at this gray scenery, feeling totally dismal.

But I had to write Lesson 18! Despondently, I put my fingers to the keys and a question came: "Are angels with us always?"

The next words were, "Yes! Always! No matter what we think, how we feel, where we are. Angels surround us in the air, in nature, in cities, in our sleep, in our homes."

The lesson continued to describe the many kinds of angels, and unfolded to great spiritual wealth.

I love this quote from that lesson: "Some people scoff at the idea of angels, declaring they do not believe in them. What they really mean is that they have not seen an angel or had an experience of one. Once you experience an angel you can never forget it, never go back to old ways of thinking and being."

I also love the ending: "While angels do not insist that you read about or contemplate their existence, they are wise enough to know that their presence in any form serves to expand and uplift human consciousness. The energy of angels can bring comfort in the moments when you cannot feel the sun shining in your heart. So as long as you are hanging out on this small blue planet revolving somewhere in space, involved with human thoughts and emotions, you may as well fill your mind with angelic inspiration. You may as well contemplate that which fills you with light and love and all the energy you need to take your next step."

Now, a very angelic thing just happened when you asked this question! I wanted to find the exact words in Lesson 18. And I happen to have the final proofreading copy of the book right here in front of me, and when I went to look up Lesson 18, I saw that the first paragraph had somehow been deleted!

I never would have noticed that if you hadn't asked me this question! Thank you, Celeste, for being a perfect vehicle for the angels to make sure I get their words right!

Yes! Angels are indeed with us always. Always!

Accessing the Wisdom of Angels

Celeste: How have you learned to tell the difference between the wisdom that comes from the angels and the ideas that come from your own mind?

Judith: Well, I have been doing this work since 1981, so I have had a lot of practice. Writing the lessons was very helpful because I was able to put down in words the wisdom of the angels, to imbibe their energy in a new way.

The process of learning to hear with the heart and speak from the heart is ongoing for all of us.

Celeste: How can people break old habits and begin to open up to the compassion and wisdom of angels?

Judith: One way is by reading The Clear and Simple Way. Simply by reading at least some part of the lessons on a regular basis, you begin to imbibe the compassion and wisdom of the angels. This allows the deeper meaning of the words to penetrate your being and dissolve negative habits that keep you living in fear and contraction.

Celeste: You say in your book that people are sometimes "stunned into silence." Can you explain how being "stunned into silence" can help us finally receive angelic messages?

Judith: This comes, again, from my favorite lesson: Lesson 18.

You can be "stunned into silence" in many ways. By reading the right words, by music, art, or nature — by the touch of a child or the compassion of a stranger.

When you are stunned into silence, thoughts disappear. These are moments of complete absorption when the ego disappears. You do not have to do anything during these moments to make the ego vanish. It just happens.

This is complete concentration. It is meditation. It is Unity. It is a moment of enlightenment. The pain of separation vanishes, at least for a while. And this is the primary goal of angels in our lives: to help heal the pain of separation and take us to God.

Celeste: One of your stories contains beautiful wisdom on learning to hold oneself in unconditional acceptance. Can you please share the story of the oyster from Lesson 17?

Judith: A tiny speck of dirt enters the shell of the oyster and begins to irritate its soft interior. If the oyster had a human mind, it might think, "Why did this happen to me? What did I do wrong that God is tormenting me so? How can I get rid of this pain? Why must I suffer? Even after all my seeking to know God, still I find myself in this unhappy condition. I am so ashamed. How can I ever find acceptance?"

Imagine that the oyster suffers in this way for a long time. Then one day, a very wise grandmother oyster comes along and says, "Oh, little oyster, stop blaming and criticizing yourself! Simply accept everything that is within you. Everything seeks acceptance. Accept what you cannot change. Allow the tiny speck of dirt to exist without resistance. See your own worthiness. You are complete and beautiful as you are, even with this tiny speck of dirt that causes you so much pain. You just are as you are. The world just is as it is. See what is. Accept what is."

Suddenly, the oyster understands! A deep peace comes over him, and the tiny speck of dirt is gently surrounded with a soft fluid that becomes a lovely smooth pearl. "Ah!" the little oyster sighs serenely.

Of course, the oyster does not think, as far as we know. It simply is. It does not have to try to get rid of the irritant. Instinctively, it surrounds the irritant with a substance that protects its soft interior, and in doing so, creates a precious pearl.

Listen! Can you hear? The angels are whispering words of love and wisdom into your heart even now. Yes! They have been whispering for eons. The teaching of the angels is simple: Accept what is, whatever is. See what is.

Accept what is... See what is... Accept what is...

Angel Meditation

We asked Judith Parsons for a meditation that might help us access the wisdom of angels. This is what she shared.

  1. Find a comfortable position and relax as much as possible. Allow your breathing to be deep and even.

  2. What would it be like if an angel looked into your eyes? Can you imagine? Yes! Imagine! Imagine for a moment sitting across from an angel, an angel completely in love with you, within the love that always is, that is all there is.

  3. Now, imagine that the angel before you is gazing back at you. What does the angel look like? Keep looking until the angel is very clear. The angel can look any way you want, because it is your angel. If you have trouble seeing the angel, just be patient.

  4. Focus on the eyes of the angel. What do you see as you gaze into the shining, luminous eyes of the angel? Notice the compassion and acceptance in the angel's eyes. Now, notice the thoughts and feelings that pass through your mind, and notice that the angel continues to look at you with exactly the same love, compassion, and acceptance, no matter what you are thinking or feeling.

  5. You may find your thoughts spinning into the past, focusing upon mistakes and failures. You realize that the angel is aware of all your thoughts and feelings, of the things you are ashamed of or regret. Fear may arise, fear that the angel will not love or support you, that you are not worthy of an angel's love. Just keep looking. As you continue to look into the eyes of the angel, you realize the angel is not judging you. You see a glimmer of amusement in the angel's eyes, because the angel sees the past as it is: past, gone, burned in the fire of time.

  6. Think of the future, some secret fear or hope, and become lost in those imaginings. Then suddenly notice the eyes of the angel, pulling you into the present, into the moment.

  7. Ah! You breathe deeply, inhaling the love of the angel, exhaling the past, inhaling the beauty of the present, exhaling the imaginary future. As the angel continues to gaze at you with complete love, you begin to experience what real love is. Not the falling in and out of love of human beings, not a conditional love, not a love based upon outer appearances, not a love you can or must earn through being "good." Suddenly, your mind is stunned into silence. Yes! The angel just loves. The angel loves. And keeps on loving. The angel gazes at you with the eyes of a child, wide, luminous eyes without ego — but these eyes hold a wisdom you have never seen in the eyes of a child. Yes, these are the shining eyes of an angel, shining with wisdom, shining without ego.

  8. Notice how the angel stays with you — really stays. This is not false intimacy, not someone pretending to be with you. The angel is completely with you, aware of your every thought and feeling. These are the eyes of wisdom. The eyes of compassion. The eyes of absolute love. The eyes of unconditional acceptance.

  9. You feel your heart opening. Yes! You become aware of a sound in your ears, a buzzing, a humming: the Chant of God, the Sound from which all Life springs.

  10. Your body begins to feel light, yet more alive then it has ever felt. Yes! Your body is vibrating, alive with sound and energy. Each cell is vibrating. You feel universes circling inside of you. You are all universes. Everything you are is everything that is. Yes! Your heart is opening like a flower. Even as you gaze into the eyes of the angel, your vision expands. You can see universes in the angel's eyes. You can see your own heart. It is a flower! Yes! Your heart is a flower, radiating, unfolding, blossoming, opening into a myriad of colors — a perfect mandala.

  11. Yes! Your heart is opening! You can feel it. You can see it in the eyes of the angel sitting kindly and patiently before you. An angel is always patient and kind. An angel is willing to wait forever for you to come home to your heart, home to God. To an angel, forever is only a moment, because angels live beyond time.

  12. In this timeless state, in this moment, you suddenly feel the angel's touch, softer than a moonbeam across your face. Your eyes close with the touch and you sink into a depth of peace you never knew was possible. You feel a soft brush of angel wings as a silent song fills you.

  13. Stay like this for as long as you like, feeling the lovely vibrations as the flower of your heart chakra expands with colors so vibrant they sing. Yes! Now you know the meaning of an angel's love: complete and unconditional. An angel looks into the dark center of your true vision and sees the tiny spark of light shining there.

Judith Ann Parsons, MSW offers private consultations, lectures, and seminars worldwide. Her work provides valuable insight into both the practical and spiritual challenges of life in the 21st century.

She currently resides in Los Angeles where she maintains a private practice and continues to write. Judith's earliest memories are of seeking God, first of all in the Christian religion in which she was raised.

In 1977, she survived a car accident that initially left her paralyzed. After a miraculous recovery, she made the first of many trips to live and travel throughout India, where she immersed herself in meditation and the study of Advaita, Kashmir Shaivism, and Vedanta. In India she received the spiritual name of Indira. She also apprenticed for two years with a Cherokee teacher and was initiated into the Star Sisterhood of the Shields.

Judith can be reached by email at ClearAndSimple@Earthlink.net.

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