Vol 4, No 2 

inside Notre Dame
Calling In the Angels
with Tom and Isis Ringrose
by Julia Griffin

Tom Ringrose and his wife, Isis, are grounded in the hermetic teachings or mystery schools that came to us from Thoth and the Emerald Tablets (Thoth was Hermes, the root of the word "hermetic"). Rosicrucianism and Freemasonry, still very much alive today, are modern examples of these ancient teachings.

Familiar spinoffs of the hermetic tradition with which most of us have at least a nodding acquaintance are astrology, Tarot, and numerology. More importantly, the alchemists of the High Middle Ages worked within this tradition, and actually developed what we know today as the "scientific method," including many of the tools now used in scientific laboratories.

Tom and Isis discuss the nature of Angelic forces and the concrete ways in which humanity has worked with them down through the ages.

Q: I understand you have something really interesting to tell us about how Angelic energies were used by the Ancients in the construction of buildings, temples, art, and music. But first, I wonder if you could just give us a basic overview of the Archangelic Realms as you see them.

A: Since the beginning of time, the angelic forces have surrounded the presence of God. This hierarchy is composed of the Thrones, Principalities, Seraphim, and Cherubim. It is the structural energy force of Revelation. God is the Highest Force, and the Principalities protect the presence of God. This is something that is ongoing. It is always happening.

The Archangels were created from the beginning of time, and they do not diminish. Their presence of power always exists and is all-encompassing. The Archangels and angels carry out the law of God.

They don't deviate or make judgment. They are servants of the most High God.

Q: What are the Archangels responsible for?

A: Each Archangel and angel has a job.

Archangels and angels are above the third dimension, so they are eternal, and in general their job is to lead us where we really want to go: into the presence of God. Archangel Michael has always done battle with the Archangel Lucifer and Satan. When war occurs, Archangel Michael is often in the midst of the conflict.

Lucifer and Satan are one entity that split into two after the banishment. Lucifer stayed in the dimension above, and Satan was cast into the Earth. Lucifer is male, and Satan is female. It is the third dimension that creates this split into male and female, or duality, so it is this duality that creates the "battle." The duality of third dimension is the cause of unhappiness, illness, and death.

If we allow it, Archangel Michael can lift us above duality or conflict with his sword. Archangel Michael guards our way or road out of duality, into Oneness or wholeness or Heaven.

At the time of the birth of a child, Archangel Raphael travels through the message world of bringing souls into the Earth. He is the messenger of the spirit. Raphael is the etheric aura of the Earth, and he creates music and invests into the Earth, as a spirit, what is going to happen.

When a woman is in labor, Archangel Gabriel brings the audible message of the child. Gabriel came to Mary and told her of her pregnancy.

Many angels are under the command of each of these Archangels.

Q: How does angelic energy influence our lives and how can we call it in?

A: When we meditate or silence ourselves to be receptive to the angelic world, things begin to change. The greatest lessons we learn in life are about changing and bringing the angelic world into the Earth.

Chanting and prayer are very simple methods of bringing these vibrations or energies into our daily lives. These are simply spiritual basics, and we always return to basics: that everything that is inside us can become reality. All we have to do is center ourselves every day.

Chanting and prayer are ever rejuvenated. What this means is that although you may chant or pray for fifteen minutes, the next time you do so, you are beginning all over again. Reality changes, and we ourselves change, so we are not the same as we were the last time we prayed or chanted. It is always new.

Chanting aligns us with the vibratory system of the Earth, and prayer puts us into the vibratory system of the Divine. By being in harmony with both, by having this balance, we are able to bring the angelic presence into our being and our affairs.

The Kyrie Eleison is the first chant you would want to use — chanted for one to five minutes, it will bring that angel into your room.

Q: Perhaps this is the time to speak about the use of the Kyrie Elieson in Ancient and Medieval times.

A: If you look at any architectural building, any civilization, any component in evolution, in man and woman, in society, you will see that it reflects spirit. But this reflection of spirit was a living reality in Ancient Civilizations. This relates to an age-old metaphysical concept, associated with the Kyrie Eleison, that we can create an angelic structural grid through the use of sound and ceremony. This chant summons certain angelic energies that are "brought down" and incorporated into physical matter.

In ancient times, the Freemasons were actual masons, schooled in the mysteries, who built the esoteric grid energies into the exoteric structures of temples and cathedrals. The great cathedrals were built by these Freemasons who understood the angelic and secret powers they were using. Chanting, prayer, and meditation were a vital part of the construction process. And in their building practices, the Masons would "call in" the angelic energies through ceremony and through the chanting of the sounds, thus incorporating them into the physical realm in the equation that pervaded all hermetic lore: As Above, So Below.

Thus, the connection between the mystery schools and the Masonic heritage was originally a practical one, and the Knights Templar were keepers of these mysteries concerning, among other things, the construction of temples and public buildings.

The Kyrie Eleison (Greek for "Lord have mercy") is a very old chant included in the Latin Mass. It is thought to have come from the East and to predate Christianity. The Kyrie Eleison was the black-and-white ritual, used for laying the energetic gridwork of the temple or building foundations. The familiar tile motif of black-and-white squares represented, and still represents, these energies. The foundational structure was partly accomplished through the squares themselves, which created an energetic grid through their very form.

The next chant upward in creating the energetic temple structure was the Gloria in Excelsis Deo (Latin for "Glory to God in the Highest"). Ceremony and the chanting of the Gloria created the energetic counterpart of the columns that supported the building and the minarets or dome that capped it.

The Eucharist followed these ceremonies, representing the transubstantiation of the spiritual into manifest, physical form. Secret prayers for consecration followed the Eucharist, and the energy called forth in the ceremony was released through the Rosetta windows, which were always sited directly behind and in front of the altar for the specific purpose of dispersing these energies.

We can see the physical embodiment of the black-and-white squares in the Vatican, the United States Capitol, Parliament, the Senate Building, the churches at Notre Dame and Lourdes, and in Westminster Cathedral. Mozart and Bach used the Kyrie Eleison as themes in their symphonies. (Note: Today, Drunvalo uses it as the final element in his workshop healing rituals. —Ed.)

The black-and-white grids correspond to the planetary Consciousness Grid. Temples and cathedrals throughout time have been constructed on specific points of this grid (see The Michael-Mary Connection, where Archangel Michael explains how he and the being we know as Mary originally constructed this grid).

The Catholics often built their cathedrals directly on top of Roman temples simply because the siting was critical and could not be changed. Notre Dome, for example, was built right over the Roman temple of Isis. The word "Isis" can still be found inscribed upon its base.

It's also interesting to note that where Princess Diana died, in France, in the tunnel, she hit the thirteenth pillar, which is the exact spot where that temple had been dedicated to the Roman Goddess Diana. Spiritual energies do not go away.

A correlary to "As Above, So Below" is that nothing materializes on Earth unless it is in the Heavens. When we look at any architectural building, any civilization, any component at all in the evolution of man and woman and society, we can realize that it had to have arisen from spiritual work. And much that we see, particularly from ancient times, was built in conscious and purposeful cooperation with Archangelic Beings.

Q: Thank you. That's really fascinating.

Can you give us an example of how the Archangels' work in our individual lives?

A: One way is in the case of hardship — illness, accidents, difficulties of all kinds. These test us, but with each test that occurs in life, there also comes an angelic presence to change us, to attune us to the angelic world.

When a person suffers a severe test, life is never the same afterward. And if a person wants to respond by changing — be it through food, meditation, music, alternative healing modalities, mantras, or simply through the right friends, the right people coming through — when this happens and we change, we alter our vibratory rate or atmosphere. And these vibratory rates all represent angelic presences. When you bring in angelic forces, the atmosphere has to change. And things are never going to be the same.

Q: Can you give examples of this on a planetary level?

A: If you have climatic happenings, such as fires or hurricanes, then there also are angels or Archangels involved. Nothing happens on earth except that which is given. When we look at the velocity of a hurricane and the vortex and that power, we must realize that this kind of energy cannot happen without angelic presence.

Many things happen to change the direction in which mankind is going. Sometimes we need climatic changes, or events like the Trade Center, in order for us to change and tune into the angelic energy.

I would say that no one will survive the next fifteen years who does not take on this spiritual structure. Everyone will have to find a spiritual component in order to survive.

We have to have the meditation, the essence, the channeling, the prayer, the service. The average person will be the one that God works through to create our next revolution. It is the average person who will stand up and say,"We will not take this anymore."

I would like to give an example of an ordinary person who was led by the angelic forces. Joan of Arc led a whole country from ruin to salvation. She is an example of the physical proof that angels and Archangels do exist. She devoted her life to chastity. Whether or not God was pleased or not pleased, she always strived to do God's will. She did lead the population of France to victory, but it was the common, everyday occurrences that led her there — the things that she lived, breathed, and slept.

Everything today is for the average person to accomplish. This is the important aspect — it is the presence of the angels in our day-to-day lives that will lead us into the presence of God.

Q: Jesus said that we can learn to do what He did, that we can create miracles. And our magazine is about partnering with the angels. So how can angels help us to create miracles in our lives?

A: Besides the many angels that surround each one of us, there is an angel for each of our chakras. So when we activate this spot, an angel comes in. Then, all we have to do is allow the angel to do its job.

It's important to understand that we must invite the angels in. We must call upon them. We have a right to their service, but we have to ask.

And then when we receive their help, it's equally important to understand that we must give back gratitude. We must thank the angels for the miracle.

Jesus would thank the angels and God before the miracle occurred! For example, as Lazarus lay there, Jesus thanked God for the miracle of his resurrection before it ever happened. So that is the kind of faith in which miracles occur. Thank your angels for the miracle before it happens. In this way, the faith center is activated and becomes open to that which comes to help you.

Q: What is the Archangels' and angels' purpose at this time?

A: The Archangels' purpose is that man and woman become who they really are. We have fallen from the Garden of Eden, fallen from that consciousness. We are being reminded of our true Presence in front of God.

The Archangels and angels are sent into the earth to remind us, help us, to pick us up. They remind us that our physical body is not what it's about — it's all about our soul. We're encased in our physical body, but we have to break through it to remember our true existence. We are visitors in a strange land.

We must remember that the Archangels are the connection between God, man and woman. They are a continuum. They do not stop. They unceasingly chant before the throne of God.

Connecting with Angels can help us begin to understand the power that there is in the Presence of God.

Tom Ringrose has for many years channeled what he refers to as "service-oriented, higher-dimensional entities." His channeling abilities began in his teens. More than 700 of his readings are available on his website at HigherForces.Info, where you will also find his research, artwork, and a forum. He offers channeled readings for individuals.

Isis Ringrose, whose readings also are available on the website, is a spiritual counselor who uses clairvoyance to help identify the energies and spiritual components of relationships, past and future experiences, and dreams.

You may contact either of the Ringroses by phone at 434-831-2354 or email to www@higherforces.info.

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