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By Cal Garrison

The cat is out of the bag. Enquiring minds all over the planet have finally been informed that John Travolta is gay. For over forty years, ever since he showed up in the guise of Vinnie Barbarino, the aging movie star has been packaged and sold to the sleeping masses as one of Hollywood’s sexiest ladies men. Now, all of a sudden, anyone who didn’t figure it out a long time ago has to face the fact that Mr. Travolta likes to dress like a lady, and when it comes to sex, he prefers men.

Hey, it’s OK with me. I wish to God it was OK with him. And I wonder; now that he’s fat and old, and in the midst of an identity crisis that would bring anyone to their knees, how will his agents, and the people who tricked everyone into believing he was sexy and straight, manage to keep the myth alive until it finally goes up in smoke? Poor John; doesn’t he know that it’s the lies that kill us?

And what about Tom Cruise? Another one of my favorite Hollywood, “Let’s pretend we’re not gay”, sex symbols, a week after the photos of John Travolta in drag showed up on the front page of the National Enquirer, the same paper published snap shots of Tom Cruise making out with ‘two beautiful brunettes’. They sure didn’t waste any time making it seem like he was an oversexed, two-women-at-a-time-kinda-guy. What was the rush? Did they think that poor Tom would be next on Hollywood’s homosexual hit list?

One has to laugh at these things – but as you can see, the checkout line is where I collect a lot of important information. The last time I went through, I picked up a copy of “LIFE” Magazine’s, special edition on, “The Hidden World of Secret Societies”. And what I bought thinking that it was a sign that the mainstream media might actually be blowing the whistle on a few things, turned out to be a lot of old photographs and a pack of lies.

Poring through this overpriced piece of deception I realized that anyone with five-cents and half a brain could poke holes in what got spun out to dupe the public into believing it is the last word on the subject. And then it occurred to me that I had been born and raised on “LIFE”s original brand of programming; all of us Baby Boomers might as well have been Guinea Pigs in an experiment that was designed to fill our heads with misconceptions. Because the pack of lies that has been telling us about “LIFE” since 1936 has never been what it appears to be - and it has a lot to do with the fact that we get confused whenever it comes time to see the truth.


You may ask; why am I so wound up about lies and their consequences? Of late I have been forced to look at a situation in which a lot of people who should have known better wound up lying about a few things. Watching them go through the business of saying one thing, doing another, and dressing it all up to look righteous, as everyone played their part, I noticed that it was the lies that were tripping everyone up, and that my own behavior and responses weren’t exactly transparent. After a few days of rehashing all the stuff that goes on whenever we start pointing the finger at everyone but ourselves, I got to a place of understanding that feels a lot better than where I was at before all of this came to a boil.

Unfortunately, I am under certain constraints – because much of what happened came to pass in a ceremonial atmosphere, and its details are confidential. But I wouldn’t take you this far down the path if I wasn’t going to make it worth the trip. As far as this story goes, the best I can do is talk about what I learned from the experience.


The whole concept of separation is a fundamental lie. We fell into that state, otherwise known as polarity consciousness, approximately 25,000 years ago, when we left the heart and started living in our minds.

The ego is a product of the mind; it is its first-born child. Just like the mind, the ego is polarized; it divides us into factions. It tells us ‘we are right and they are wrong’, it sees everything as ‘good or bad’ and it lives to make sure we never see things any other way. Rooted in the lie of separation, this aspect of our consciousness would cease to exist if we remembered the truth – that we are all One. Born and raised to make sure that everything remains polarized, when we operate from the ego lies pretty much go with the territory. vRelative to the situation in question, it was my anger that made it obvious to me that I had to be stuck in my ego – because the deeper part of me knows that it does no good to get angry with people when their ego instructs them to reinforce their sense of separation with a lie. When anger, contempt, righteous indignation, and/or pride keep us from remembering that when we find fault with someone for whatever it is that makes us see them as ‘separate from us’, we are immersed in our ego just as much as they are, providing our share of fuel for the very same lie.

Looking at the ways in which I had tricked myself into believing that these people were ‘lesser mortals’, unevolved beings who were struggling with issues that had nothing to do with me, I saw how I was feeding my sense of separation by:

1) Thinking I was superior

2) Thinking I was more spiritual

3) Knowing for sure that it was ‘their problem’

4) Having not one ounce of compassion

5) Being totally unwilling to forgive them for not knowing better

6) Pretending to be wise

7) Knowing I was right

How about that for an over inflated ego? Whew! Do you believe it? This point of disdain and superiority is where I was coming from. When I got down off my high horse I could see that no matter what you put on to make it look like you’re living there, when you’re higher, better, overly righteous, and unforgiving you know for sure that you’re not in your heart.

Too much was at stake for me to ignore what was right in my face. We had all entered this arrangement knowing that its success depended on everyone coming to the table from a place of oneness, co-creation, and unity. By the time I saw the light, I was so far from it I looked exactly like the ones whose actions had prompted me to say; ‘How could they possibly be in this position if they don’t know enough to leave their egos and their developmental issues at the door?’

Once I came to my senses, I dropped into my heart and from there, everything looked totally different. The ‘I am right and they are wrong’ attitude morphed into knowing that ‘I am them and they are me’. I knew that I was there to help them, that we were all one single soul; that we were all in this together, on the path at a critical bend in the road.

When one of our fellow travelers trips over their ego, their trial is as much ours, as it is theirs; it does no good to leave them flailing around in their lies just because they forgot about walking their talk and didn’t know enough not to tell them. We’ve been in their shoes. We should know better - because it doesn’t help them when we judge. It doesn’t teach them anything, and it prevents us from seeing that those of us who understand the ego and its pitfalls, are there to give them a hand, there to help them understand that a better world and the unity we seek will never be real for any of us if the ego, its lies, and the separation they require keep us from returning to unity consciousness.

Don’t ask me what it was that made John Travolta, Tom Cruise, and “LIFE” Magazine the springboard for this epiphany. If I take my inspiration from the mundane, when I started writing I was thinking about what happens to us when we lie, and why lies become so much easier to tell than the truth. By the time I got to the part about the Guinea Pigs, the lies in my own back yard took me on a detour that at this point makes me wonder how I got here in the first place.

Maybe it doesn’t matter – and maybe it just comes down to this: I wish the ‘Let’s pretend we’re not gay’ movie stars didn’t have to lie. I wish the ones who bribe them to be something that they’re not could get rich without messing up people’s lives. I wish the media moguls would have a complete, and total spiritual awakening, and stop filling our heads with bullshit- and I wish all of us understood that if the truth hurts, it’s the lies that kill us, and at this stage of the game ‘Stayin Alive’ has everything to do with surrendering to the truth, and living from the place that makes it possible for the collective soul to remember Unity.


Cal Garrison
Sedona, Arizona
June 27, 2012


Post Script:

I use the Sabian Symbols to help me figure things out. On the day that my ceremonial issues finally fell into place, Saturn, the planet that governs the boundaries of the ego was moving ‘Direct’ at 22 degrees, Libra. The Sabian Symbol for that degree of the Zodiac reads like this:

“’A CHILD GIVING BIRDS A DRINK AT A FOUNTAIN’ - Keynote: The concern of simple souls for the welfare and happiness of less evolved beings who thirst for life renewal”

About Cal Garrison

Cal Garrison


Cal Garrison is a practicing astrologer with 40 years of experience. At present she goes between casting horoscopes, writing books, and working as the personal assistant to Drunvalo and Claudette Melchizedek. Editor in Chief at Drunvalo's online magazine, 'The Spirit of Ma'at', Cal is also a syndicated columnist for the Associated Press. An author with five books to her credit, and another one on the way, Ms. Garrison is well known for her affiliation with the late Slim Spurling. Out of love for her mentor she continues to support his research with her dowsing, through her articles, and as the spokesperson for Slim's tools at all of Drunvalo's workshops. A single mother with three grown daughters, Cal lives happily in the Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona. She can be reached at: cal.garrison@gmail.com

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