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Request from the Institute of Cultural Awareness

Donations needed for the "Return of the Ancestors Gathering" — April 18Ė28, 2009

As we prepare for the Ancestors Gathering, there are many things, great and small, that need to come together. This request is being posted to ask all of you if there is anything on the list below that you would like to contribute to this event. Ten days of ceremony are likely to burn up a lot of sage — the rest of the ceremonial items on this list will be just as essential to the work at hand. Those of you who canít be there in person and wish to be there in Spirit can use this as an opportunity to let your presence be felt in the flame of a candle glowing in the dark, the scent of the incense rising on the wind, or the light of a crystal shining in the sun. Whatever you have to give will be part of what it takes to return the world to balance — so look around; see what you have to share, and letís do what we can to bring all that we are to this timely and important gathering.


We would be grateful if you could send:

1. Candles 6Ė8 inch long, 1/4 inch diameter, all colors, 5000 pieces

2. Clear Quartz Crystals, Small to medium sizes

3. Sage bundles or loose sage

4. Flat cedar or juniper

5. Cinnamon sticks

6. Copal

7. Frankincense and myrrh


Please ship to:

The Institute for Cultural Awareness

PO Box 1502

Cornville, Arizona 86325


More information about the event

A Message from Drunvalo