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Messages From The Tiny Space Of My Heart: The Role of Compassion (Deutsch)

By Phoenix Rising Star

I awakened remembering a dream that was so real, it took me awhile to process it.

I was packing things in boxes, ready to move. There were lots of us in this large hall, sort of like a school gymnasium. We were all picking, sorting and packing, chatting as we worked. We were all preparing to go.

In my dream, it was very clear to me that we all knew where we were going, but when I awoke, I didn't have a memory of where that was.

As we prepared to take our boxes outside to the cars, one of the workers said, "Watch out for the skunk!"

We nodded, carefully walking and carrying boxes out to the cars.

As I and two other workers packed my car with several boxes, we were looking around us carefully. It was dark. We needed flashlights. The light was on in the trunk of the car, which helped us to see how to organize the boxes.

Suddenly a black furball shot past us. It was almost flying, it was moving so fast. Its legs were not visible, just black fur.

"Look out! It's the skunk!" Someone shouted.

Immediately there were screams, sounds of dropping boxes, and people running back to the building.

We carefully stayed aware, looking around, not in fear and finished our car packing. Then we hurried back to the building.

We continued to pack more boxes, as people around us were nervously talking about the skunk.

"We've got to be careful! We don't want to be sprayed!" They said to each other. The fear was growing in the building.

This time when we took the boxes outside, there were fewer people with us. And those that were, were in definite fear, practically tiptoeing around as though to not make any sounds that would enrage this skunk.

All of sudden, here it came again! The black furball flying through the air. Going first in one direction, then another. More people were screaming, dropping things, running, definitely out of control.

At that point, as I was placing a box in the trunk, the skunk came past me and paused nearby. The poor thing was exhausted from running. It was shaking and trembling. Its tail was wet where someone's box dropped and liquid spilled on it. I could see it was shaking its tail to dry off, causing more people to panic, thinking it was going to spray them. I intuitively understood it was more afraid of us than we were of it. That's why it had been running around. It was afraid, and everyone's reactions made it more afraid.

That's when I began to send it compassion and love. Poor thing! It was tired, confused, and didn't know how to change the situation around it. I just stood there, sending love, and it calmed down and stopped shaking.

I awoke at that point and realized that the skunk was completely black. It did not have a white stripe.

As I pondered this dream, I also realized the skunk, in many metaphysical and natural interpretations, means polarity or duality because of its normal two main colors, black and white.

As this skunk did not exhibit a white streak, that meant to me that only the dark part of polarity was being represented. In this case, the dark part of polarity was fear. Skunk represented fear to people. And people reacted with more fear. Showing me that fear is actually contagious. It is a process of our thoughts, our brain function, which is also polarized. What we put out there comes back to us. And when we create from the polarized brain, we get what we are choosing, and what we are not choosing. When we experience fear from our brain, we are putting fear out into our energy field. And what we get is more experiences of fear, plus whatever else we're not choosing.

As I further meditated on this, I realized that my having compassion for the skunk actually helped to diffuse any fear I might have felt, plus the skunk's fear and the fear through the collective.

Demonstrating to others how to diffuse fear and other dark aspects of polarity. Through compassion. Through unconditional love. Through our hearts. The path of unity.

Whatever the brain creates, the heart can transmute it and heal it. Through love.

Taking us from polarity to unity consciousness. Very quickly.

Next time I experience fear, I will choose love instead.


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