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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I try to print articles, some of them are cut off on the righthand side. How can I prevent this?

A: Any page that might not print properly has been reformatted as a "Print Version." The print-version links are at the bottom of the page of each article they apply to. So that you will be able to get maximum print speed, photos have not been included on the Print Version pages.

Q: Can't you please just e-mail me your newsletter?

A: Well, it's not a newsletter. And it's not really a magazine, either. It's a WEBZINE. We do not have the technological capability to transmit something of this scope.

Q: Can't you please just send me your magazine in the mail?

A: The answer to the previous question is applicable here, but there is more.

Magazines like ours that contain many photographs and graphics, but which are printed and mailed to subscribers, have start-up costs in the millions of dollars. Hundreds of thousands of subscribers dollars per year are required in order for them to survive not to mention the hundreds of thousands of trees that must be sacrificed to accommodate such a venture. The paper, printing, and mailing costs alone of just one of our magazines would be more than our entire semiannual budget. And when information changes or proves incorrect, a print magazine will not do what ours will and keep abreast of these new situations.

If you have a color inkjet printer, you have the same technological capability that we do to print the magazines, and you are welcome to do so.

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