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Purification or Destruction —
What Does our Future Hold?

February, 2007

We are happy to present new articles and audio interviews for our February Spirit of Ma'at issue.

Cal Garrison
Inconvenient Truths

The movie, "An Inconvenient Truth" is opening people's eyes to things that we at the Spirit of Ma'at have been concerned about for a long time. Al Gore is to be commended for finally making Global Warming a household word — but his "Inconvenient Truth" is just part of the story. Read what Cal Garrison has to say about the rest of it, and see if her thoughts on what we can do about the environmental crisis ring true for you.

Drunvalo Melchizedek
Interview with Drunvalo by Marie Allizon

Marie Allizon, our old friend, shares her recent interview with Drunvalo this month. Drunvalo, as usual, is full of new insights and information — and Marie is at her best, with all the right questions.

Drunvalo's website: www.drunvalo.net

Cal Garrison
The Bock Saga

Cal's article on 'The Bock Saga' blows the lid off secrets that the Finnish people have kept well hidden for millions of years. This information is directly related to the Flower of Life — and the Truths it appears to contain, when and if they are fully disclosed, may hold the key to our survival.

An Audio Interview with Adam Yellowbird

Diane Cooper's audio interview with Adam Yellowbird — Adam is the founder of Earth Dance, a Multicultural Gathering that brings together people from all over the world. Those of you who took the journey into the Grand Canyon know that Adam's Spirit is bigger than the sky. Hear him talk about why the indigenous elders see the next 5 years as a time of purification. He also discussed the Gathering of Elders at Lake Titicaca, Peru and the importance of our participation with the Earth Mother at this time.

Audio Interview WMA (5 Mb, 35 min.)

Audio Interview MP3 (5 Mb, 35 min.)

Bridging the Americas - Short Video Inteview (Credit RDakota / Worldviewz)

Contact Information:

Web: www.earthworksforhumanity.org

Email: info@earthworksforhumanity.org

Phone: 928-646-3000

An Audio Interview with Tom Kenyon and Judy Sion

Diane's audio interview with Tom Kenyon and Judy Sion — Tom and Judy have much to say about our current situation. Having returned from extensive travels globally, they share their unique perspective on what's happening outside the U.S. and talk about the new recording from the Nuns of Tibet. Tune in to this conversation — it will inspire you!

Audio Interview WMA (15 Mb, 1 hr. 45 min.)

Audio Interview MP3 (15 Mb, 1 hr. 45 min.)

Materials by Tom Kenyon from previous Ma'at issues:

Sound Transformations. Opening the Window of Perception

Unwinding Your Emotions with Sound

Our Task as Spiritual Warriors. Responding Coherently to the Coming Times

Truth and Lies in Global Politics. The Push for Higher Evolution

Website: www.tomkenyon.com

Website: www.soundhealingfoundation.org

An Audio Interview with Slim Spurling

Cal Garrison catches up with the man who invented the Light-Life™ Tools. Hear Slim talk about his original Vision, his Storm Chasers and their impact on the 2006 hurricane season, the Light-Life™ Tools and their healing effects, the difference between the Sacred and the Lost Cubit, and his latest discoveries, the BTS Rings, and the Venus Mirror Rings.

Audio Interview WMA (7 Mb, 50 min.)

Audio Interview MP3 (7 Mb, 50 min.)

Amazing Stories of Light-Life Technology, by Slim Spurling

Slim's Geobiology Tools, Book, Video, CDs and tapes
are available at: Spirit of Ma'at Shop

Websites: www.slimspurling.com; www.slimsuniverse.com

News and Announcements

Viacheslav Bronnikov Update

Conference, Trainings, Master Classes led by V. Bronnikov in the Netherlands in February — March 2007.

Bronnikov developed a method which helps people to heal themselves, feel more energetic and vital and to digest more information in a quicker and efficient way. The method is simple and is easy to learn.

The Bronnikov Method: Teaching Blind Children to "See"

Bronnikov Update: Developing Genius Abilities

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