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February, 2009

We are happy to present new articles and messages for February issue of Spirit of Ma'at.

Gender/Generation — Seventh of the Seven Hermetic Laws

Number eight in a series of articles from Bruce Rawles

Gender is everything; everything has its masculine and feminine aspect. And according to the Kybalion, gender manifests on all planes. Here in the Earthly realm our tendency to polarize the male and the female principles prevents us from seeing that the two beget the one, or that separation is an illusion. Bruce's article brings gender into a context that emphasizes the unity that lives within the male and the female and discusses the infinitely large circle that includes us all. Sit down and prepare yourself for a good read. Out of all of the Hermetic articles, this one is our favorite!

Tom Kenyon talks about our Hope For The Future

An Audio Interview

In this dialogue Diane Cooper talks with Tom Kenyon about where to keep the focus during changing times. As the world undergoes what amounts to an initiation process, fear is dispelled when we understand that darkness and difficulty are only Light in disguise. Incorporating our security and power issues into a vision that includes the right livelihood of ALL mankind is the key to the realization of the hope that all of us feel right now. To tune in to this great conversation, click here:

Audio Interview WMA (8 Mb, 50 min.)

Audio Interview MP3 (12 Mb, 50 min.)

Tom Kenyon and Judy Sion Talk About Relationships

Diane Cooper interviews Tom Kenyon and Judy Sion

Love in the time of the rise of the Female light puts subtle and not so subtle stresses on the male. Those things have a lot to do with disinheriting the patterns of the past. This interview is great because Tom and Judy talk about their OWN relationship, instead of pontificating from the ivory tower of Guru-dom. Anyone who wants to know what's up between Mars and Venus as they find their way through changing times will get a lot out of this great audio article from Diane Cooper. To tune in, click here:

Audio Interview WMA (12 Mb, 1 hr 15 min.)

Audio Interview MP3 (17 Mb, 1 hr 15 min.)



By Sarah Biermann

The astrology of the coming year seems to correspond with the numerology. Everything is connected. This month, Sarah Biermann does an overview of the Universal Number for the year 2009, and takes a quick peek at the Saturn-Uranus opposition and Jupiter's passage through Aquarius. From what we can tell she's figured out a few things and Sarah's take on the numbers and aspects, while it's just the tip of the iceberg, is a clear analysis of the basics. If you're in the mood for a cosmic update what you find here will probably confirm your sense that it's show time.

Feeling the Optimum Choice

By Sarah Biermann

We didn't want to overload you with techniques and exercises so we were going to save this article from Sarah for another issue. At the last minute our webmaster, Alex, insisted that we include it. Trusting that too much of a good thing can be wonderful, we went along with his suggestion. The following practice will tune you in to the Unified Field — what happens once you're there will be up to you! Those of you who enjoy guided meditation will love this month's contribution from Sarah Biermann.

Creating Prosperity (updated)

By Julia Griffin

It's possible to create prosperity, even during tough economic times by co-creating with Source. Returning Contributor Julia Griffin gives us meditations based on Universal Law for attracting abundance. Try these simple practices to positively change your reality!

One True Self — Julia's Manifesting Exercise

From Julia Griffin

On a day when we were dreaming up the February issue, Julia's manifestation CD came in the mail. Because this time of year is all about seeding visions, the synchronicity prompted us to take a chance and see what might happen if we shared this exercise with all of you. We're living in a time when we're all learning how to create out of nothing. Julia's words will take you to the still point, where thought and manifestation merge. To tune in, dream up a new dream and click here on the link.

Be the Spiritual Master of Your Life

By Stephen Thomson

This month Steve asks us to look at where we’re at with our inner work. Trusting our experience, instead of allowing our minds to manage it, is the key to getting beyond most of the hurdles we encounter when we decide to go within. No book or guru can give us what can only be gained through practice and discipline, but there are certain things that are axiomatic on the spiritual path. Steve talks about the power of the heart and the ability to let the meditative process open the portal to the higher self in a way that will ring true for all of us. Check out this article; it’s a good one!

The New Clear Light Energy

By Norma Gentile

As we shift into higher consciousness new patterns of manifestation are becoming apparent to many of us. How much easier is it to go with the flow? And in doing so, how aware are we that life seems to happen without all the hard work and effort that it once required? Is it possible that all we need to do is surrender completely and allow our experience to take us wherever we need to go? Norma's article seems to suggest that this is where it's at for all of us right now. Read what she has to say about opening to the new clear light energy, and the full extent of our connectedness.

Re-tracing and Healing the Fear Patterns of 9/11

An essay by Norma Gentile

The Twin Towers debacle, the recent Hudson River plane crash, and Obama's inauguration inspired Norma Gentile to wax philosophical on the way the collective mind embraces change. From her perspective it seems as if we have mastered the lessons of the past and are rising from the ashes of a period of darkness and restriction. As the light returns and we embrace the prospect of improvement, Norma and her sister Katie remind us that our communal choices have the power to change the world.

Setting Sacred Space: The Timelessness of Tradition

By CC Treadway

In this article CC Treadway delves into the energetic structure of setting sacred space. Why do the traditions of old still offer us the best way to do this? What is it about the circle and the Four Directions that resonates so deeply in our cellular memory? If you have ever wondered why we call in the directions before beginning a ceremony or giving a healing, CC's words will shed some light on the matter.

Going Divine in 2009!

By Phoenix Rising Star

Three men. Drawn together by the use of a sacred symbol and vibration. Living their passion and joy. Changing the consciousness of the planet, one frequency at a time. Meet Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Courtney Milne, and Scott Huckabay — warriors and artists, fulfilling their quest for wholeness. "We are healing this planet, creating a paradigm shift in a way the 'cryptocracy' can't ignore or destroy… The Spiritual Renaissance is the Achilles heel of the Illuminati." Sound interesting? To find out more about what Dr. Horowitz, Courtney Milne, and Scott Huckabay are up to, check this article from Phoenix Rising Star.

Aerosol and Electromagnetic Weapons
In The Age Of Nuclear War

By Amy Worthington

Amy Worthington wrote this article five years ago. We post it here to remind you that what came out of the Star Wars program is still with us. Most of our allergies, designer illnesses, and feelings of depression or general malaise are a direct result of the chemicals that are being dumped into the sky on a daily basis all over the world. If you're sick and can't seem to find a cure, or if you have a hard time believing that any of the current, so-called natural disasters are in fact Mother Nature's handiwork, take the time to read this. Hopefully, Amy's words will inspire you to get on the ball and bug your congressmen to call a halt to this conduct once and for all.

Thomas Jefferson — 200 Years Later

Some quotes to reflect upon sent in by Bill Coleman

Bill sends us all kinds of information. When this message came through we weren't sure if it was appropriate to get too political — but we decided to post this piece because it is a definite sign of the times. And in some way it is a good example of how important it is to keep an eye on the temporal power structures that purportedly exist to support the continuation of life. Thomas Jefferson's words may chill you to the bone, but the truth is always harder to hear than what we want to hear. Unfortunately, at this point, none of us can afford to hide from the truth.

Links and Video


From "GOOGLE" Video

We tried to run this video in a previous issue; right before the deadline the Esoteric Agenda was pulled from the GOOGLE website. When this link came through we decided it must be Kismet. If you're a diehard conspiracy freak or one of those people who is clueless about these things, Esoteric Agenda is well worth the 2-hours it takes to watch it. For a crash course in how the system works, click on the link.


A "Google" video, presenting Dr. Leonard Horowitz with his thoughts on what we don't want to hear.

Phoenix mentions Dr. Leonard Horowitz in her February article. Coincidentally, Bill Coleman sent us this YouTube link, featuring Dr. Horowitz addressing the secrets and lies that have subjected the human race to experiments and initiatives that involve the deliberate use of biochemical warfare. Seen by the powers that be to be the most efficient method of population control, bio-terrorism permeates every aspect of our reality. What we don't want to hear may be upsetting — but knowledge is power — and we can't do anything about this atrocity until we make ourselves aware of it. Give yourself two hours to take this in and click on the link.

Alex Jones and David Icke on the Current Financial Meltdown

From YouTube

Alex Jones and David Icke have been pushing the envelope for quite some time. Notorious for their efforts to expose the activities of the secret government, these two gentlemen may be controversial, but, Mr. Jones and Mr. Icke are so good at it, it pays to listen to them. If you've been speculating on some of the changes that are tossing the financial markets around, the following ten-minute video will give you plenty to think about. To tune in, click on the link.

Natural Disasters — Floods in the North Western U.S.

PowerPoint slides presentation

The floods in Washington State are nothing compared to some of the earth changes that have come down on the world in the last decade. Natural or otherwise, when a disaster hits this close to home, it sends a clear message. Bill Coleman sent us this YouTube clip. We are including it here to remind you that we're not in Kansas anymore. It's time to wake up and keep the focus in the Heart. To tune in and view this gallery of photographs, click on the link.

News and Announcements

For information about Drunvalo's 2009 schedule and upcoming workshops go to www.drunvalo.net

The workshop in Sedona July 6–10 will have Spanish translation. Please let your Spanish speaking friends know! All details are also found at www.drunvalo.net


February 3–14, 2009

Ceremony~Fire & Spirit — a Shamanic Horseback Ride for Women in the Andes of Chile
Join Grandmother Luzclara & Diane M. Cooper on a unique journey in the breathtaking nature of the Andes in Chile. Breath in the Clean Air as you Absorb the Pure Light from an elevated position in the Andes.


March 1st, 2009

MerKaBa Brushup course at the Sedona HeartWalk Center, Sedona, Arizona
Regarding the March 2009 Earth-Sky-Heart Workshop here in Sedona — Flower of Life facilitators Leon Pelletier and Phoenix Rising Star will offer a MerKaBa Brushup course at the Sedona HeartWalk Center. Those of you who have learned the MerKaBa Meditation from the instructions in Volume II of the 'Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life' will find this tune-up session with Phoenix and Leon to be invaluable. The course takes place at the Sedona HeartWalk Center, on March 1st, from 7-9PM. Please contact Phoenix and Leon at 928-204-5589 or email them at sedonaheartwalk@yahoo.com, or go to www.SedonaHeartWalk.com for more information regarding this event.


April 18–28, 2009

The Return of the Ancestors Gathering ~ Northern Arizona
Last year Institute for Cultural Awareness sponsored Bridging the Americas — Reuniting the Eagle and Condor Gathering in Peru. During this event, ICA's President, Adam Yellowbird committed to host the Return of the Ancestors Gathering in Northern Arizona in the Spring of 2009. This gathering will also host the 4th reunion of the Continental Council of Indigenous Elders and Spiritual Guides of the Americas, a Council formed by Mayan Elder Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, "Wandering Wolf".

Yes it's happening! Indigenous elders from all over the world will gather to here in Northern Arizona this spring.

Those of you who wish to be part of the Return of the Ancestors gathering will be pleased to know that Diane Cooper is arranging lodging and transportation as a service to anyone who wants to simplify the logistics of getting around for this event. If you're planning on coming to the Elders gathering in April and you'd like to make it a smooth ride, contact Diane and Marcie at SOLARHEART@aol.com and solarheart2@aol.com for further information.


New in the Ma'at Shop

"BREAK THROUGH POWER — How Quantum Leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World"

A new book by Jeane Manning and Joel Garbon. Those of you who wish to better inform yourselves about the history of alternative energy and its long overdue emergence from the weird science closet will love this groundbreaking new book.

Sculptured Star-Tetrahedrons

Beautifully crafted in bronze, these sculptures embody the Creation Pattern; their geometries etch wavelengths that move outward from the center, like ripples in a pool, imprinting those frequencies in the surroundings. Great for creating Sacred Space, the Star Tetrahedrons can be hung in any corner of the house, or even in the garden, to generate a field of protection and light that uplifts everything in the environment.

Elements for Life

Life Enhancing Products — a source for Foods, Elixirs, and Supplements that have been carefully researched and developed with sustainability and a deep care for the Earth and it's inhabitants.

A Sound Healing

Spiritus Sanctus

Monthly Sound Healing
From Norma Gentile

The natural flow of cleansing in order to welcome the new is sometimes challenging when we are in the release portion of the cycle. This song, sung by Norma in a live healing concert, invites us to sink back into the embrace of Spirit and find the support that is always and already with us.

See also Norma Gentile's CD 'Songs Of Spirit' — Live Sound Healings.

The Astrology of 2012

Chapter Twelve from
"The Astrology of 2012 and Beyond"

An excerpt from Cal Garrison's latest book

When Cal Garrison set out to write "The Astrology of 2012…" she didn't know what she would find. Dissecting the aspects that are coming into play in the next few years, it took a while for her to see that a pole shift will be part of our experience. We've been talking about the possibility of a pole shift coinciding with our entrance into the Age of Light for a good 40 years, but very few of us really know what an event like this entails. When it came time to write the chapter, Cal decided to call Drunvalo in to explain things in detail. Titled, "Shifting Poles", chapter twelve, from "THE ASTROLOGY OF 2012 AND BEYOND" includes a transcription of the conversation that took place between Drunvalo, Claudette, and Cal in the fall of 2008. Originally called "Pole Shifts for Blondes" the following article will give you a down to Earth look at what actually happens when the poles shift.

See excerpts from other chapters of Cal's book in our previous issues.

A New Book

Angel of Auschwitz

A New Book From Tarra Light

Tarra Light surprised us with an email inviting us to include a review of her book, "Angel of Auschwitz" in our February issue. The title threw us off, until in a spare moment we took the time to read it. Since our ability to trust our healing gifts and share them with our brothers and sisters is becoming more and more important, Tarra's story becomes a point of inspiration. In the most extreme conditions where does our healing power come from? "ANGEL OF AUSCHWITZ" is Tarra's account of her lifetime as a healer in one of the worst situations in history. More than just an intriguing look at reincarnation, her words are a reflection of thoughts that will remind you that God is everywhere working through us, all the time. Let the following excerpts sink in; there is much more to them than meets the eye!

Sacred Earth

New Mexico, USA

A photo essay from Martin Gray

Known today most commonly by the name Shiprock, the 1700-foot eroded volcanic plume is sacred to the Navahos as Tse Bi dahi, or the Rock with Wings. This name comes from an ancient folk myth that tells how the rock was once a great bird that transported the ancestral people of the Navahos to their lands in what is now northwestern New Mexico.

See Martin Gray's book Sacred Earth — Places of Peace and Power and DVD.

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