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Elixir of Love — A Vision

By Heather Fraser

I can see before me a jewel encrusted, golden chalice. The hand that holds it is ancient and withered. Through the mist I can make out the outline of a face. It, too, is ancient, yet has the softest eyes of loving compassion.

She beckons me to take the chalice, but I hesitate. "How can this possibly be for me? What I have done to deserve such a gift?" I think to myself.

Instantly, my head explodes at the sound of a thundering voice, "Receive! Now!"

I obey. Slowly, my hand reaches out to receive. The jewels sparkle in the radiant light that surrounds everything.

The mysterious Being silently motions for me to drink. I lift the cup. It feels smooth and cool against my lips as I take a sip of the sweetest nectar I've ever tasted.

Suddenly, the Ancient One dissolves into a swirl of smoke and fire. When it clears, I am stunned at the Goddess standing before me.

She is me. I am her. I am facing Creation.

She speaks...

"The rhythm of life beats through your veins like a primordial drum. You have danced among scattered atoms, swirling this way and that, who have kissed the sweetness of others before you. Swept up in the arms of life, you have been carried along invisible threads, carefully woven to the pattern of me. Know that your next breath, and each one to come, will capture infinity. You have become the goddess. From now on, you will inhale…exhale…and move through this world…to the sound of a beat you've heard before."

I can't breathe. Her voice is echoing through every cell within me. My eyes are filled with tears.

"We are One now," she continues. "We are one voice, one song. Drink deeply from this cup of love. Allow others drink here too, for you have received it on behalf of ALL. It will remain overflowing for eternity as long as it is shared."

In an instant she vanishes into the nothingness.

Chalice in hand, I vow that I will humbly offer it up to anyone who thirsts, and that I will do so for as long as I am walking in this world.

I had that vision recently. It feels to me like we are all holding that "cup of love" now. We've been so greatly gifted.

Nothing can stop the waves of change undulating across our hearts these days. I think we are being asked to raise our chalices in holy regard and reverence for each other and our Great Mother Earth. We are being asked to drink up the love contained in Beauty, Joy, Appreciation, Integrity, Humility, and Compassion. We are being asked to walk in a new world, as instruments and bearer's of God's Benevolent Grace.

It is a holy mission. It is essential. It is what we came for.

One Voice. One Song.

Let's usher it in Great Gods and Goddesses.

Feels like One Love is being birthed from within...

Copyright 2010 Heather Fraser — www.heatherfraser.com Ontario, Canada

About Heather Fraser

Heather Fraser, born December 30, 1962 in Toronto, moved to Africa at the age of 9. It was here that Heather began to understand the connection to all living things and come to know the grace and wisdom of both the natural and esoteric world. Her healing, infinite journey of transformation has lead her to the richest, most sought after destination anywhere — home — to the soul. This place of deep awareness and self-acceptance of her special gifts of sensitivity, empathy, and intuition has given her all the passion and inspiration needed to write and teach what she has learned about honoring the Self and nurturing the soul — the true purpose of our existence. Heather specializes in counseling, re-educating, and profoundly validating those that are highly sensitive, intuitive, empaths, helping them to accept these traits as the gifts that they are and to express them proudly and shamelessly.

She is a gifted, prolific, successful published writer, poet, and speaker with a readership spanning the globe, as well as a Reconnective Healing Practitioner, a Level III Touch For Health Practitioner, and a former Holistic Nutritional Consultant, RNCP. Heather is the proud mother of a daughter she names Sage, who is also a highly intuitive, sensitive empath. They live together in Ontario, CANADA with their lazy cat and hilarious lovebird. For more information, or to contact Heather, please visit her website at www.heatherfraser.com