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The "Mid-Winter" Issue

February, 2010

We are happy to present new articles, videos and messages for the new issue of Spirit of Ma'at.

Announcing the Activation of the Solar Disk — February 14, 2010 — Lake Titicaca

By Jo Mooy

Thousands of people from all over the world, along with Elders and wisdom keepers who have been called to conduct the ceremonies will come together at Lake Titicaca to activate the legendary Solar Disk. If your Valentine's Day is open you may want to consider taking part in the ceremony. To read what Jo Mooy has to say about it, click on the link.

2010 — A Time for a New Order

By Stephen Thomson

Whether we know it or not the universe has presented us with a whole new list of considerations. As everything goes off its rocker who we are at the core becomes more important than anything else. How do we get back to what's essential when life demands that we keep all of our attention on the periphery? Steve Thomson takes a good look at how staying true to ourselves when things are going at warp speed depends upon how willing we are to release everything that keeps us rooted to the past.


An excerpt from Cal Garrison's new book, "The Weisers' Field Guide to Ascension"

Due out in March, "The Weiser's Field to Ascension" examines the Ascension phenomenon from a number of different perspectives. What was meant to be an overview turned out to be more of an instruction manual — because the prophets have told us the time has come and the signs are everywhere. In Chapter II, entitled "Connecting the Dots", Cal introduces the reader to the connection between the fall of Atlantis, the Christ Mission, and our entrance into the Age of Light.

Pioneering the New Earth and Money

By CC Treadway

CC Treadway boldly takes on a subject that many would prefer to sweep under the rug. How are we to move forward in the New Earth if our victimhood and anger around money are not transformed? CC takes a look at the major beliefs that hold back great visionaries from accomplishing their goals. If you find yourself full of wonderful ideas for the planet, but are unable to achieve them because of your issues around money, read on.

More About the Alignment of Your Heart: The True North of Your Soul

By Phoenix Rising Star

In the second installment Phoenix continues to explore the concept of the alignment of the heart as she investigates the true north of the soul. Where do we locate ourselves? And is it our origin or is it the point of our return? At a time when even the surveyors don't know where north is Phoenix seems to think that it's easier to find it when you're guided from within.

Letters from the Soul

By Julia Griffin

Julia surprised us with a 'question and answer' article this month. Reading it over we realized that at a time when we're just beginning to ask the real questions, having someone like Julia there to answer them is a blessing. There's no doubt that all of us are moving through changes that require more from us than ever before. For rock solid answers to your deeper questions, check out 'Letters from the Soul'.

Honoring the Healing Process in our Lives and in Haiti

By Norma Gentile

In the wake of the Haitian earthquake millions of hearts have been raised to the call for help. Norma Gentile looks at the aftermath from the perspective of; "what if, instead of aligning ourselves with the grief and suffering of the Haitian people we began to tune in to what we can do to help them heal it?" This piece came in at the last minute and it includes an opportunity for all of us to make more than a heartfelt contribution to those who are sorting through the rubble as we speak.

The Fork in the Path

By Norma Gentile

Did you ever get to a crossroad and know that it didn't matter which road you chose? Or has making the right choice always mattered more than anything to you? Norma examines the fear that comes over us whenever choices confront us with decisions that we don't feel clear enough to make — and she suggests that ultimately the fear of failure is what makes these things harder than they have to be. Check out this article — it's a good one.

2010: The Year of Authenticity and Authority

By Sarah Biermann

Sarah's insight into the numerology for the year 2010 underscores the need to get in touch with the authentic self and with being able to bring all of who we are into every experience. She goes on to talk about what this means and suggests that any situation or relationship that disallows it will be challenged by forces that seem to be calling all of us to remember what we're here for.

A Conversation On a Winter's Day

By Caroline Myss

About a week before the deadline Steve Thomson forwarded this newsletter on to us, along with a short note telling us it was a good read. Well known to anyone who has an interest in spiritual growth, in this particular article Caroline Myss expresses her feelings about where life on this planet is headed from a personal point of view. Articulate and well written, her words mirror thoughts that all of us can relate to; especially now as unprecedented changes call into question everything we have come to believe in.

Elixir of Love — a Vision

By Heather Fraser

This article is really a beautiful vision that Heather had recently and she shares it with us here, offering her interpretation of what she feels it means for all. Breathtaking and powerful, Heather's vision conjures up a feeling of joy and unity, and perhaps precious validation, that we are indeed heading in the right direction as a whole.

Be Not Ashamed Woman …

By Heather Fraser

Goddess energy; the force of all creation — what does it feel like when a woman learns to embrace this within herself? What does it feel like for a man? In this article, Heather shares with us her insights on the journey to becoming all that we are, whether Divine Goddess or Peaceful Warrior. Heather reminds us that we have to know who we are, how we cannot play small...how we must know the words in which we speak, and even the touch we so gently provide...even a glance...a look from our eyes, can cause more growth and more change in one single Being than a lifetime of knowledge. This is what Goddess energy unleashed can do.

The Truth Beyond the Secret

By Leslie Scheuler

Those of you who follow the Abraham-Hicks teachings will be interested in what Leslie Scheuler has to say about the Law of Attraction. If our thoughts are the originators of every experience and every other event and circumstance that comes into our lives, at the dawn of a new era what is it that we need to be manifesting? The 'Dream Home' and the fancy sports car aren't what they used to be; at a time when change is the operative word how can we change our visions to reflect a greater sense of what we want our lives to be.

The Future of the United States, Systemic Fraud, Corruption And Financial Instability

By Global Research through Craig Harris

Most of us have a friend or a relative who has been impacted by the systemic changes that are altering our lives — either that or we've been affected by these changes ourselves. Closing our eyes to the lies underlying the economic catastrophe in the U.S. only makes us vulnerable to more of the same. Gullibility is a handicap at a time like this. The following article written by Craig Harris outlines the state of the financial union with hard facts that will give you pause to wonder, "what's going on, and where will it go from here?"

2010 — TIME'S UP!

By Jo Mooy

If things are changing and you feel like life is shifting you're not alone. Somehow or other our habitual way of relating to the one reality is being altered by forces that are way bigger than we are. Those of you who sense that there's some truth in this will be inspired by Jo Mooy's essay on the Children of the Sun and the planetary wakeup call that is heralding our entrance into the Fifth World.


Links and Videos

Conscious Media Showcase

The Spirit of Ma'at February 2010 Video Showcase

We've got everything from Norwegian Spirals to the secret life of ants; and for those of you who follow Gregg Braden's work don't miss his seven part series on the "Science of Miracles". Our conscious media showcase is a great resource for information and inspiration; to tune in to this month's selection of videos, click here.


News and Announcements

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Drunvalo's upcoming workshops

Drunvalo's 2010 schedule includes a series of six workshops all of which will be held in Sedona, Arizona. Three of those workshops will be advanced courses for those who have already completed the "Earth-Sky-Heart" workshop. All of these seminars will be held at the SEDONA CREATIVE LIFE CENTER, in the heart of the Red Rocks.

The dates are as follows:
MARCH 1-5, 2010 — Earth Sky Heart
APRIL 12-16, 2010 — New, advanced course
JULY 5-9, 2010 — Earth Sky Heart
AUGUST 16-20, 2010 — New, advanced course
OCTOBER 4-8, 2010 — Earth Sky Heart
NOVEMBER 8-12, 2010 — New, advanced course

Registration, information, and accommodation forms can be found online at www.onelotus.net or www.drunvalo.net

Earth/Sky and Living in the Heart Workshops update

In order to make the Earth/Sky and Living in the Heart Workshops available to more people, Drunvalo has decided to keep the price for 2010 Earth/Sky and Living in the Heart Workshops (March, July and October) the same as it has been for the past several years: $555 USD for check or money order and $585 USD for credit card or wire transfer.

New in the Ma'at Shop

Selenium Humicin®

We’re always searching for ways to bring you cutting edge health products and our latest discovery comes out of Hungary. Those of you who have already experienced the benefits of our liquid Fulvic and Humic acid products will be delighted to hear that Fulvic and Humic acid are now available in a tablet. For more information, click on the link and read what Drunvalo has to say about our “SELENIUM-HUMICIN”® Fulvic and Humic acid tablets, now available in the Ma’at Shop.

New Book by Gregg Braden: FRACTAL TIME: The Secret of 2012 and the New World Age

We love this book and we love Gregg even more. This amazing man has opened the minds of so many people. His latest book, "Fractal Time" is a beautiful piece of research. Check it out here in the Ma'at Shop.

A Sound Healing

A Call to the Sacred Masculine

A Song from Spirit
by Norma Gentile

We are gifted with an opportunity to invite the Sacred Masculine to Enter Our Presence. Tune in to something wonderful as Norma Gentile raises her voice, along with chanters from the Naqshbandi-Haqqani Sufi Order (www.haqqanisoul.com) to invoke the limitlessness of the Male Principle.

See also Norma Gentile's CD 'Songs Of Spirit' — Live Sound Healings.

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