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Messages from my heart: The 'Over-Flow Room'

By Phoenix Rising Star

All night in my dreams, I was trying to problem solve a perceived financial problem.

Finally, I woke up saying, "Wait a minute! I AM abundant! I know that! Why am I wasting my time and energy on something I already know?"

I guessed I wasn't quite complete with the abundance lesson yet if I was worrying about it.

I decided to go to my heart, where all knowledge is stored, all lessons are already learned, and all things are possible to complete this lesson. I used Drunvalo's method of moving my awareness to my heart, then Jesus's method for moving into my heart.

Once in my heart, I moved around the various rooms, feeling my way, and seeing with my inner eye. There is an Akashic Records Room in my heart, storing all my lessons, dreams and aspirations. There is also an Abundance Room, storing all representations of abundance and prosperity. Piles of money, golden budhas, artifacts representing wealth, and much more are located here. Sometimes I take some of the objects and decorate the rest of my heart with them. It makes me feel more abundant.

This time when I went to the Abundance Room, I discovered I had an Over-Flow Room.

A room where apparently I had stuffed things in haphazardly. A make-shift small closet, with rough board shelves. Loose papers representing ideas, wisdom, and lessons were stuffed in helter-skelter. A bare light bulb lit the space, giving it a harsh glare.

I knew what this was. This is the place where, when I get too busy, I just stuff things in. Very much like my clothes closet in my house. Or like my desk in my writing room. There's probably an aspect of me that is stuffed with stuff I haven't dealt with.


I wondered if I really wanted to go there.

But here I was, so a part of me must have been ready for this.

Apparently this was a more recent lesson to be learned. If it had been ancient wisdom within me, I would be in the lush Akashic Records Room. A room with high ceilings and subtle lighting, dark, rich, deeply polished wooden book shelves, the volumes all bound in gold-edged leather, and a resonant hush of reverence and understanding.

I understood I was here, in this Over-Flow Room to relearn the abundance lesson and to make room for the new knowledge and experiences in the way I chose. Not hastily, haphazardly and unorganized.

I grabbed a loose volume with paper sticking out of it and went from the Over-Flow Room to my Tiny Space of my Heart.

This Tiny Space is my Heart is my most intimate connection with God.

Here, all things are possible.

Here, the connection from my heart to my brain, along with my Leonardo sphere, the smaller sphere around my head, and my light beams create a transmitting and receiving of information to and from the universe.

All in alignment with my soul's purpose, my higher self, my higher wisdom, my higher mind……

Normally my Tiny Space of my Heart looks like a bare kiva. Occasionally there will be writing on the walls, at least half way up the walls from the bottom. I can't read it literally, but I sense it has to do with history. My history as well as the history of the world.

Sometimes when I enter the kiva, there will be pictures of my loved ones plastered to the roof.

Today was completely different. The Tiny Space was opulent with an ornate brass lighting fixture. Different colored lights were in each of the eight arms of the fixture, and it hung over my prana meeting place. Rich tapestries, statues and portraits were all around the space. Beautiful high sounds, and feelings of warmth, comfort, love and peace were pervasive.

I looked at the loose papers from the volume I had taken from the Over-Flow Room.

I began to read, "It isn't about believing. It's about knowing you are abundant.

Every cell must embody this knowing.

Even one cell in denial or with lack of understanding can disrupt the harmony of knowing and accepting abundance.

It is in the receiving that one truly embodies this wisdom.

Not the giving.

Giving creates a false sense of judgment, control and conditions. As in, I give to you what I think you need or should have.

Receiving allows.

Receiving indicates an acceptance of what is available for all.

Receiving opens the heart to giving unconditionally.

This is the true giving.

No strings, attachments or control.

Allowing for the true receiving.

Knowing there is enough for all and no strings attached or conditions are connected. Embodying the TRUE giving and receiving embodies abundance.

I give because I can.

I receive because I can.

There is enough for all."

I realized the only thing keeping any of us from the TRUE giving and receiving is our personal cellular memory. Cellular memory is the retaining of all experiences, along with the impressions, emotions, belief systems, etc. that are a result of those experiences. Having a cellular memory of poverty, for instance, whether it's from this lifetime or any others, creates the same conditions in this lifetime over and over until the memory is healed by something greater or higher in frequency than the original memory imprints. Having a cellular memory of not being good enough creates those same conditions and limits our receiving, over and over until it is healed. Having a cellular memory of lack and limitation, prevents our receiving and controls our giving. And that's only a few ideas of the types of cellular memories that could be involved in limiting our abundance.

Fortunately we don't have to know and recognize all our cellular memories to heal them. It's possible to just choose to heal them with new beliefs, emotions, and ways of living that serve us better. Those that are more in alignment with our true nature, our higher selves. It's possible to allow the creator, intercessors, or pure energy to heal us and transform us in whatever way is for our highest good and healing.

And when we put that desire out from our heart, all things are possible.

As I pondered this, asking for healing, my Over-Flow Room began to change. Still from the Tiny Space of my Heart, it was as though a window opened up, showing me the Over-Flow Room in transition. First, the harsh light became softer. The volumes of loose pages were 'sent out for binding', according to what I heard.

I realized my intentions could alter this space, so I asked for additional space in the Akashic Records Room, eliminating the need for an Over-Flow Room.

Immediately, the Akashic Records Room became a long hall. The walls all lined with the same dark rich wooden bookshelves. All the volumes bound together and edged with gold. The lighting was soft, the hush was profound, and the walls went on and on into a deeper recess that was unlighted. I knew when I went there, I could ask for there to be light. And there would be.

But for now, it was enough to know I had healed whatever needed to be healed, concerning the TRUE giving and receiving of abundance. And by putting it in my Akashic Records Room, it became ancient knowledge that is embodied within me.

I felt so good, I just stayed there in my heart for awhile and enjoyed it.

And when I brought my conscious awareness out of that space, I began to clean the closets in my house. Preparing for give-away.

That also felt really good.

Respectfully yours,
Phoenix Rising Star

About Phoenix Rising Star

Phoenix Rising Star


Phoenix Rising Star is co-director of HeartWalk: Healing and Training Center in Sedona, AZ. She and her partner, Leon, are Master Instructor Trainers for the Integrated Energy Therapy® modality, that gets the ‘issues out of the tissues’. Phoenix and Leon are also facilitators for Awakening the Illuminated Heart®, Drunvalo Melchizedek’s workshop that has succeeded the Flower of Life. Phoenix is an angel channeler, author, and loves to offer guided meditations for healing. Visit her website at: www.PhoenixRStar.com

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