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January, 2008

We are happy to present new articles and messages for the New Year issue of Spirit of Ma'at.

Pluto and the Apocalypse

By Cal Garrison

Major astrological transits form the basis for new frequencies to inform us with new patterns for living. Pluto's upcoming movement into Capricorn heralds changes that one way or another, will turn us inside out. Cal Garrison's article was inspired by two loose pieces of paper she found hiding inside an old notebook. Those of you who wonder how the next four years will unfold will be stirred by what she has to say.

Be a Co-Creator in the New Year

By Steve Thomson

This month, Steve Thomson talks about New Year's resolutions from a spiritual perspective. What we want for our selves can include a re-dedication to our inner work. With 2008 vibrating to the number "One", this year gives us all the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and become who we are all over again. The voice of the Higher Self is much clearer in a "One" cycle. Being more attentive to that voice as we enter this time of New Beginnings is as important as any other resolution we might make. Steve's article will remind you to put the emphasis on your inner life as you ring in the New Year.

The Evolving Complexity Of Being — Part Two

By Steve Thomson

The growth process is filled with lessons that teach us how to balance the Soul wish with the wishes of the ego. This is easier to grasp intellectually than it is to actualize within our selves. Steve Thomson poses the question, 'When it comes to actually living our Truth, where do we begin?' His thoughts on the subject will help you clear up the lines of communication between the ego and the Higher Self.

The Mayans — a Human Homecoming

By CC Treadway

CC Treadway is one of the 60 people who traveled to the Maya Land with Drunvalo last month. Her experience with the Mayan and the Hopi Elders was powerful enough to inspire her to share it with us. From the perspective of Mother Earth, this trip was a big one. Everything that happened in the ceremonies that were part of this journey will allow the power of long forgotten truths to reemerge for the first time in 13,000 years. Those of you who wonder where the human race is headed will be heartened by what CC has to say.

Electric Sacred Geometry

By Phoenix Rising Star

Sacred Geometry forms the matrix for everything that comes into being. We tend to think of it as an abstract thing until we bear witness to the power it wields over everything we do. Phoenix Rising Star writes about the forces she unleashed on a day when she happened to be playing around with her compass and a piece of paper. What began as a simple exercise taught her more than she bargained for. Her essay will inspire all of you to set up a play date with your Sacred Geometry tools and conduct some experiments of your own!

Spiritual and Astrological Motifs Related to Light

By Kent Bentkowski

Astrotheology is the closely-held secret that stands behind all of the world's religious systems. It is the template upon which every religion is based. The first clues that this might be true show up in the seemingly coincidental similarities between all of the worlds major belief systems. In an attempt to expose the ways in which the Global Elite has manipulated our minds, Kent Bentkowski examines the ways in which the word 'light' has been embedded in our language and our consciousness.

A Biography by Kentroversy



Andrew's Garden

Beautiful Photo Gallery

A Gift from Andrew Ciccarelli

The darkness of this time makes it hard to believe that life will return in the Spring. As a treat, we decided to include a photo gallery of flowers in this month's issue - something visual to turn on the 'Right Brain'. All of these pictures were taken by our good friend, and constant gardener, Andrew Ciccarelli. Andrew's spiritual work is his garden. His place in upstate New York is a wonderland of beauty, tended with love and care by a man whose Soul lives within each flower. We hope it will remind all of you that as we find our way through the darkest season, there is light on the path ahead.

Our Beautiful Earth — A Slide Show

As we contemplate the idea of New Beginnings we thought it would be good to include the Great Mother in our thoughts. What must She be going through right now - and is there a New Beginning in store for Her as she moves through this critical time in her evolution? This slide show of planet Earth will move you to get outside of your selves for a few minutes and remind you that our Mother can, and will be reborn if each one of us keeps doing our Heart Work.

You need Power Point Player to view this Presentation.

Click here to watch facinating video clips and interviews on WorldViewZ.net.

News and Announcements

For information about Drunvalo's 2008 schedule and upcoming workshops go to www.drunvalo.net


New in the Ma'at Shop

Vitalzym Enzyme Supplements

Drunvalo introduced us to the 'Vitalzym Enzyme Supplements' a few weeks ago. He is so excited about what these products do to restore human health he insisted we carry them in the Ma'at Shop and make them available to all of you as soon as possible. Contrary to what we've been taught, enzymes do way more than aid digestion — according to Drunvalo whole body healing and rejuvenation cannot take place without them. More information about Vitalzym Enzyme Supplements

Songs of Spirit — A Sound Healing CD by Norma Gentile

Our friend, Norma gentile has graced the Ma'at Shop with her latest album, 'SONGS OF SPIRIT'. With 20 healing chants that are designed to help the listener release everything that no longer serves their Soul's purpose, Norma's voice will take you home to your Heart and assist you in bringing more light into your world.
More information about the recording

Sacred Earth — Places of Peace and Power by Martin Gray

Martin Gray's new book is a masterpiece that puts a capstone on 25 years of research. Filled with full color photographs of sacred sites around the world, 'Sacred Earth — Places Of Peace And Power' includes short essays on each site, along with maps that show the viewer where each location aligns with the Earth Grid. More than just another 'coffee table' book, this one literally 'takes you there'. Anyone who loves the Great Mother will be awed and inspired by what they find inside these pages.

More information about the book

The Serpent of Light by Drunvalo Melchizedek

We are happy to announce that Drunvalo's fourth book, 'The Serpent of Light' is on its way to the printer and will be available in the Ma'at Shop in late December. A true account of all the work that has gone into ushering the Earth through the Great Shift of the Ages, 'The Serpent of Light' is Drunvalo at his best!

More information about Drunvalo's new book

The Angel Quest of the Heart by Angela McGerr

At this point in time we feel that it is extremely important for all of us to be more attentive to the daily practice of going within, and more conscious about what happens when we get there.

A two-book set, Angela McGerr's 'Angel Quest of the Heart' takes the reader through a labyrinth of spiritual discovery that is both inspiring and practical. Beautifully presented with full color plates by Richard Rockwood, 'The Angel Quest of the Heart' includes a journal/workbook with seven, guided imagery meditations that bring you straight to the heart. A wonderful growth tool and a perfect gift for all the spiritually inclined people on your Christmas list, the book is available now, in the Ma'at Shop. More information about the new book

Sacred Chants — The Nuns of Gyantse

The Sound Healing Foundation, led by Tom Kenyon and Judy Sion, went to Tibet to record the sacred chants of the Nuns of Gyantse. Never before have these sounds been heard outside the walls of the Lhatse Ani Gompa Nunnery. This 2-CD set is full of frequencies that will resonate deeply with anyone who listens to them and it is available now, in the Ma'at Shop.

More information about the recording

Vibrant-Vital Water Energizer (New and Improved!)

We are happy to announce that Randy Hatton's new and improved Water Energizers have finally made it through the production phase. Tested with Kirlian photography and other subtle energy instruments, the upgraded version of the product comes with a new arrangement of magnets. At 5,000 surface gauss each, the new magnets are twice as powerful as the old ones — multiplied 4 times, that gives this unit 20,000 surface gauss of high-powered neodymium magnets. The increase in magnetic energy loans greater potency to the water as it spirals through the vortex. Thank you Randy, for always seeking ways to make things better — your super-powered Vibrant Vital Water Energizers are a blessing to us all.

More information about the product

Tibetan Prayer Wheel Pendants

Our new Prayer Wheel Pendants are miniature versions of the wheels found in and around the Buddhist monasteries of the Far East. Filled with the mantra, OM MANI PADME HUM written and repeated 2.2 million times, one turn of the wheel is reputed to harmonize the environment, increase compassion, encourage a peaceful state of mind, and assist the wearer on their path to enlightenment. Handcrafted in Tibet these beautiful necklaces are designed to spread light and blessings all over the world — and they are available now, in the Ma'at Shop.

More information about the product

Messages from Angels

The Heart Quest Angelic Message from Raphael.

A Message from Raphael

Through Angela McGerr

Raphael is the Angel who, among other things, bestows the power to heal. What he teaches is that we need to heal our selves before we can heal anyone else. The need for self healing is something we all understand, but the extent to which we are able to work on our selves is often limited by internal blocks and subconscious resistance patterns that make it difficult to heal others. This month's angelic message is a channeling from Raphael that will help all of you ignite the solar force within, and open the space for balance and harmony to reign over your healing work.

See also Angela McGerr's new book The Angel Quest of the Heart.

A Sound Healing

'Journeying Into Grace' — A Sound Healing

From Norma Gentile

Norma Gentile has bridged the gap between her music career and her work as an energy healer. Renowned for her ability to channel Spirit with her voice, Norma has graciously offered to contribute a monthly sound healing to the Spirit of Ma'at — this is a listening experience that our readers can turn on any time and be blessed by energies that come straight from the angelic realms, and often from her Hathor guide, Atamira. Norma's January 2008 healing is titled, 'JOURNEYING INTO GRACE'. Tune into a healing session that will touch your soul and open your heart.

See also Norma Gentile's new CD 'Songs Of Spirit' — Live Sound Healings.

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February 17th
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A Gathering for free spirited Innovators from all over the planet to Celebrate Imagination and Create Cultural Unity Through Diversity.

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